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    Jo is a teen
    Turning eighteen
    She is as comfy as feather
    She is as kind as a knight
    Healing with her smile
    She cast her spells
    With her inks and pens
    She is a never ending tale
    As immortal as
    Her verses

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    Every soul is equal irrespective of there skins...

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    Faith is Betrayal
    Hope is Myth
    Trust is Lie
    Love is Disease
    Truth is Punishment
    God is Devil

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    Every bird flies with
    Their own kind,
    Eagle with eagle's,
    Crows with crow's.

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    This world is like a school,
    Each of us is tested separately and our only teacher is God

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    Never let your sorrow welcome the grave of your happiness and kindness

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    The tears we shed,
    Water the gardens in our hearts

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    Today I want to devote this for every warrior amongst us.We all are brave warriors. Everyone is battling for something...some for seek peace serve food on the table to save someone's make their life's bring the joy and happiness at home... grieving from someone's loss....healing their deep all are not alone..just keep faith in those hands of sky who helped you to survive by now...surely those hands will give you the courage to face this hard's all about time...let it heal you...let's we just pray for well beings....


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    As long as you follow the path of God ,
    You will never be alone.
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