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  • imeldyey 2w

    The Untold Love

    I gone along way to face the truth,
    you are not mine but I dispute.
    Over mantle and core
    you are my crust beneath my gore.
    Your smile makes me Heal
    over my imagination that looks unreal.

    Shaking like a new breed
    following the noise you have lead.
    I don't know if this is love
    when it hurts me so much.
    The blinking nerve you've brought
    never fade just what I wrote.

    I hope you feel the burn over the rain
    but don't get me wrong for the pain,
    it's the love why you feel so,
    even this is only a raw.
    Believe me this will be long
    since love will never be wrong,
    help me singing this song,
    even I am not belong.
    A lyric that do not exist
    but my heart resists,
    just to make an axis.

    But how can this be happened?
    if your heart is already fastened.
    How this love can be true?
    if someone already got you.
    I know I can give you life
    but your man wants you to be his wife.

    How can I refuse? if you loved it too
    should I cut the view?
    so you can make a review,
    but I guess it's over now,
    because you finally said, “No”
    Even I didn't say, “Hello.”

    Today, tomorrow and forever I'll be still a fan
    I can be a teacher of your little Christian,
    He looks like you even more,
    Even somehow I dreamt to have one,
    But trust me, you have a good son.

    For the first time you smiled at me
    but why it came at age 30?
    It was a dream way back teens,
    but it just happened this kind of scene,
    where life seems telling us to say “goodbye”
    but I guess it's just the beginning of “Hi”
    I hope I can have now the energy,
    to say the feelings I kept in my artery,
    So, I can now sleep on my bed and have a rest,
    like a prince without a quest,
    but suddenly smiled again,
    that looks fine well.

    How to unseen your beautiful face,
    triggers me for you to chase,
    your lips are amazing,
    complementing your heart within;
    and just to cut this fun,
    I started to say, “Goodbye,”
    but she said, “hello” in reply,
    I don't know why? but I should say “Hi.”

    And now everything is fine,
    and this is all started with
    a simple, “Hi.”


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  • imeldyey 2w

    Happy Valentine's Day!

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    I prefer the green backgrounds, ratherthan the blue sea and white sand.
    Yes I like campfire
    Not on the seashore
    But on the middle of nowhere gasping unlimited fresh air.
    Of course, I also want to hear that wonderful music.
    The wave of the sea? No.
    It's the unique notes of the birds under the trees.
    Want to know what's my favorite part?
    And you know what I love the most?
    YOU. Holding my hand and watching sunset together...
    Serenity with your Love is definitely the best scenario.... in my imaginations.

    O Yes! I forgot .It's just an illusion.

    Until our path find their way back to home.


  • imeldyey 3w

    Do not dwell into that problem alone.
    Can't you see? You have me.


  • imeldyey 3w

    Thank you for loving all my unlovable angles.

  • imeldyey 4w


    And if I am not as important as before...
    then it's better if we call this a lesson learned.

  • imeldyey 4w

    Hindi ka naman talaga galit.
    Madalas nalulungkot at nasasaktan ka lang.


  • imeldyey 9w

    Twenty twenty-one

  • imeldyey 11w

    Always praying for your happiness

  • imeldyey 11w

    I am always here if you need me


  • imeldyey 15w

    been my comfort.
    my diary.
    Thank you.