Not a perfect being Imperfect

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  • imperfect_girl 98w

    The Broken Me

    My broken soul
    Sheds tears every night
    Cries out quietly every night
    Searching for peace
    Searching for solace
    Can u feel the pain
    Can u feel the agony
    My little broken heart

  • imperfect_girl 101w

    I gotta find some way to forget you
    to forgive you, but why can't I let my feelings go, why can't I think nothing other than you

  • imperfect_girl 102w

    Crazy Me

    I am the crazy weird sensitive childish girl
    I am the pinnacle of happiness, nadir of pain
    Tired of seeking happiness from others
    Tired of pleasing others
    Tired of fighting with myself every time to smile in front of others

  • imperfect_girl 104w

    I know you will never be mine
    I want you to stay always fine


  • imperfect_girl 104w

    An Imperfect Girl

    Falling for you was my mistake
    But I don't want you to stay back