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  • imperfection_ 1w

    खुशी का तो झूठा दिखावा है,
    असल में तो सिर्फ आँसू ही बहाए हैं।
    माना कि दिल से एक हैं हम,
    हकीकत में एकदम पराए हैं।
    अब चाहत भी नहीं किसी रोशनी की,
    आँखों में काले बादल जो छाये हैं।
    सच कहुँ तो नये नहीं हो तुम,
    मुझसे जुड़े हर शख्स ने दर्द पाए हैं।
    क्या गिले शिकवे इन इंसानों से,
    भाग्य तो सबके ऊपर वाले ने ही बनाए हैं।
    इस दुख के सफर में हम अकेले नहीं ,
    नियति ने सबको ये खेल खिलाये हैं।
    थक तो हम पहले ही गये थे,
    कदम अब जाकर लड़खड़ाए हैं।
    हो सके तो माफ़ करना मुझे,
    मजबूरन तुमसे दूर चले आए हैं।
    सिर्फ निगाहें ही फेरी हैं तुमसे,
    दिल में आज भी तुम्हें बसाए हैं।

  • imperfection_ 5w

    Revealing questions that hurt the inner me

    Is it really true that you're valueless when you try to keep others glad..?
    Is this world full of leg puller..?
    Is following ourselves a vice..?
    Does living yourself make you devious..?
    Is it compulsory to torture a wretch..?
    Can't I extract myself from the compulsion of living like a convict..?
    Can't you stop repressing my inner emotions..?
    Am I the only one who is in search of compassionate people...?
    Am I on this earth to revolve around restrictions..?
    Anyways.... I'm all set now to run myself down in their plan without Letting them know what I lost in order to find the thing inside them that doesn't even exist....
    I dropped,dropping and will always drop my favourites for them...

  • imperfection_ 9w

    Today unwillingly I opened my drawer
    Inside which...
    Hidden beast of memories quietly roar
    It possess many undesirable but ecstatic stuffs..
    Also it has pierced marks of our intoxicated puffs
    Ohh.. My diary glad to see you..
    I know once I brawled with your owner
    ( in order to purchase )
    Only because you had a message of
    I'm so incautious that I turned you slightly pale
    I see, ink of blood on your pages are now scattered
    Only you know I left but never flattered
    Hey ex.. In my diary
    I found your rose of Valentine's Day
    Hearing an echo "one day I'll make you mine, bae"
    Flowers along with thorns are totally dried
    Couple of long tales of love are now died
    Mistress petal are separated with Mr. Sepal
    Your ring still gleams but only as a metal
    My drawer.. Has same window before it
    from where I still watch your way
    I'm always ready to celebrate your home coming
    So if you wanna return you may...
    Yes I smile, but oblivious from joy and pain
    I see your image in every drop of rain...
    I can feel our past walking in my yard..
    (Thundercalp compelled me to look down)
    My sight caught your "Wedding Invitation Card"

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    You're no more mine
    amd I'm not yours
    You were a boon
    May be I was a curse
    We had an ill-will with luck
    So, time defined us
    Exact meaning of "worse"

  • imperfection_ 10w


    आज न तो खुश हैं हम
    और न ही कोई गम है।
    सब कुछ है हमारे पास
    फिर भी कुछ कम है।
    सूख गया है दरिया मुस्कराहट का
    कमबख़्त आँखें आज भी नम हैं।
    दिल से देखे हुए सच होते हैं सपने
    यही दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा वहम है।
    नफ़रत हो गयी है खिले हुए गुलों से
    पसंद सिर्फ मुझे अब मातम है।
    गिले शिकवे नहीं है किसी से
    हम तो खुद से ही तंग हैं ।
    रोशनी जरूर है चारों तरफ
    नजरों में आज भी बसा तम है ।
    रोक सको तो रोक लो मौत को
    देखेे तेरी दुआ में कितना दम है ।
    यूँ तो सोए हम भी बहुत फूलों पर हैं
    सेज श्मशान की राख की सबसे नरम है।
    और तुम न छूना हमारी लाश को
    अगर बची जरा सी भी शरम है।
    न देखो इतनी हैरत से....
    जो मर गया वो भी "हम" हैं
    जिसने मार दिया वो भी "हम" हैं।

  • imperfection_ 10w


    क्यों आज मैं अपने लिए...
    अपनो से नहीं लड़ सकती?
    क्यों उन्हें रोकने के लिए...
    मैं जिद पर नहीं अड़ सकती?
    क्यों आज ये मेरी बाहें....
    उनकी बाहो को नहीं पकड़ सकती?
    क्यों शर्म की बेड़ियां ....
    बाजू-ए-कातिल को नहीं जकड़ सकती?
    क्यों ज़ालिमों के जु़ल्मो पर....
    आज नियति नहीं बिगड़ सकती?
    क्यों ये लाचार कनीज़....
    इन खबी़जों पर नहीं अकड़ सकती?
    क्यों सब कुछ लुटा कर भी....
    उम्र हमारी चाहत की नहीं बढ़ सकती?
    मैं पूछती हूँ खुदा...
    किस दिन के लिए सत्ता संभाली है तुमने?
    क्यों आज हमारी जुदाई पर तुम्हारी
    प्रलय की बिजलियाँ नहीं कड़क सकतीं?

  • imperfection_ 10w

    Srashti: Law of Nature?
    Is nature so brutal that it's separating two
    Aarav: Taking it wrong..
    Law of Nature -
    Night after day and day after night
    Birth after death and death after birth
    Pleasure after grief and grief after pleasure
    Meeting after separation and separation after
    This binds the entire universe..
    We must face the pain of tyranny to taste the
    sweetness of good days

    (I silently nodded in response to yes)
    Aarav: Srashti
    Srashti: Hmm..
    Aarav: come on! It's Time to give me gift
    Srashti: What do you want?
    Aarav: Say goodbye with smile
    It's hard to see you go..!! and harder to
    survive with your memories only
    Aarav: My strong baby will manage everything
    Srashti: I love you and will always do... and I'll miss
    Aarav: I too love you and also going to miss you
    very badly
    (With a bright smile filled with pain he disappeared)

    Shocking!! Whole scene turned..
    I discovered me laying on the thresold of same window...
    Was it only a dream??
    I saw my table dead man in the image was still smiling and rays of sun was touching him....
    There was a paper near him with a message "BE READY TO WAIT FOR NEXT 24 FEB"
    and his gifted ring was gleaming on my hand ...

    Two days passed I'm still confused.. "Was it real or a dream"
    If it was real than thanks for coming and keeping your promise and if was only a dream then thanks for encouraging me to face this year in your absence..
    All those moments are now beautifully printed in our book of love as a chapter of history....
    I don't know what was that
    I believe still it was "A NIGHT OF MYSTERY "

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    Night of mystery

    The end..


  • imperfection_ 10w

    Aarav: I have something for my mistress
    Srashti: Really...!! Show me please
    (He opened an attractive wooden box and at the very next moment I saw an alluring ring between my middle and lil finger)
    Srashti: hey.. Winsome!
    Aarav: Do you like it?
    Srashti: No, I don't... Instead I'm loving it. It's just
    Aarav: Thank God
    You're getting spicier day by day..
    Srashti: I'm sorry I have no present for you
    Aarav: I don't need any... You yourself are a divine
    gift for me...
    Srashti: I love you..!!
    Aarav: I love you too...

    Time was flying and we both were totally occupied by our frenzy confab.. I can feel the lines of tensity dissipating from my forehead...
    My heart was welcoming the home coming of old days and absolutely oblivious from the world I with my man was adoring our ecstatic moments....

    (Deeper breaths, Faster heartbeats, cold breeze, bright moonlight, Eyes in eyes, tighter hugs, Arms in arms, meeting of two souls who later turned into one, closer bodies occupied by pure love showering by amorphos kisses)

    And then once again the horrible demon of distinction reached there...

    Aarav: I'm sorry but it's time to leave..
    Srashti: No you can't.. Please don't go.. please!
    Aarav: Stop obstinating like child
    Try to understand
    We can't violate the "law of nature"

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    Night of mystery

    Time to leave....


  • imperfection_ 10w

    When I opened my eyes.....I found my most special man before me...
    His doe eyes quietly responded my all questions and his magical embrace melted by choked throat..!!
    and then my agonized ears finally heard their most favorite pleasant voice..... When we started confabing heart-to-heart.....!!
    Aarav: Happy Happy anniversary darling..!!
    So, how's my sour candy??
    (I was quietly starring him)
    Aarav: What happened? Aren't you glad?
    Say something...
    Srashti: I thought........
    Aarav: Shhh..!! I know.. what you thought...
    Well, tell me... How can I dare to forget our
    After all, I don't like that scary face of my
    angry bird...
    Srashti: Aren't you verbalising?
    Aarav: Ummmm.... "No"
    Srashti: You can't even guess how much I missed
    Aarav: Wait, It's unfair..!! I too did...
    Srashti: I know....
    Aarav: Don't you know what are we doing..?
    Srashti: What do you mean?
    Aarav: We're beautifully squandering the merry
    moments of celebration ....
    Let's go....!!
    Srashti: Are we really going to celebrate it?

    By hushing me... He took me in a chamber where my sight was catching only erotic views...(rose petals scattered on floor and bed, burning candles, heart shaped balloons, romantic music)

    Aarav: How's it?
    Srashti: Beautiful..!
    Aarav: not more than you..

    After cutting the muffin......

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    Night of Mystery

    Meeting with him

  • imperfection_ 10w

    After completing all the chores,I came into my chamber and picked a photo frame and suddenly started asking many questions...
    "Can't you see rain falling from my eyes? "
    "Can't you feel my pain?"
    Today's 24Feb...our anniversary...!!Did you forget?
    Don't you remember your last words before giving up life..."I promise, I'll come to meet you on our special day and we will celebrate it together"...
    So, is this the way you're keeping your promise??...
    By embracing his image and with moist eyes I said...stop smiling please...!! Where are you now?
    Why did you leave me?.... Wiping the watery pain from cheeks I kept him back on table and sat near the window...lost in deep thoughts of all the fanatical partics I spent with him... I was detecting with sulky mood that everything near me was frozen and time was also attempting to stand still...
    I was feeling a strange but known presence around me and was lil bit confused between 'letting in' and 'kicking out' the message carried by blowing wind.....
    In the stock-still surrounding, I perceived light disturbing my vision....Oppressed by my hasty nature I leaped out of window and finally found the abode of coming light....
    It was a shooting star and I plead to met him and turned my steps back to home.....
    But my feet were pierced in snow and I tried hard but couldn't extricate myself from there.... My lips were continuously shivering and chilly winds were making my body numbed.... Attack of snowy environment turned my yellowish bare hand into blue....and I fell down and became unconscious and
    When I opened my eyes......

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    Night of Mystery

    To be continue.......


  • imperfection_ 11w

    Rest in Peace

    It was 3AM..
    I was sitting at same place,
    that once was our meeting site...
    Playing with hot flame of candle,
    Memorized all our erotic fights...
    "Tick-Tock",the only disturbing voice
    was breaking the mysterious silence..
    Occupied by a horrible darkness,
    I was squeezing the mischievous patience..
    Badly displeased by blow of life,
    I carved all my piteous wounds....
    Shocking...!! In place of blood,
    an unperceived rage I found....
    Pain,pain everywhere.. was crawling...
    My mind and heart both were brawling....
    I think you listen.. Don't you??
    (crying) I miss you, I need you ,I want you...
    (a spark generated on dark clouds)
    I felt a relaxing hand on my head,
    "Finally, you're here"I said...
    Darling...shh!! A finger on my lips he kept,
    Peacefully in his lap I slept....
    Next morning, with my love next to me,
    I was in New world...
    Control of elation made my eyes whirled..
    On earth, I found my body wrapped in a white fleece,
    and suddenly a person said..
    May you..."Rest In Peace"