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  • in_some_dreams 12w

    Sitting in front of you
    Looking into your cute eyes behind those specs
    Listening to your innocent talks
    Seeing you taking your first sip of coffee.

    I wish this coffee moment comes everyday
    I wish I could tell you
    I wish you could feel what I feel
    I wish you could see what I see
    I wish you could know how special you are

    I loved the way we were sitting at the coffee shop
    I loved the way we were talking to each other
    I loved the vibes
    I loved everything !

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    Since the day we met....

    Shyness became my favourite jewellery
    The silence became my favourite sound
    That moment became my favourite memory
    The the coffee we had....
    The coffee became my favourite drink.

  • in_some_dreams 13w

    Unpredictable situations
    Unpredictable ways
    You have to be stronger
    You have to stay.

  • in_some_dreams 13w

    They don't always ask for the expensive gifts, not even someone's inspiring words. Sometimes what they only ask for is to cry silently on someone's shoulders and someone's arms to hide themselves in.


  • in_some_dreams 14w


    I don't want your hard earned comforts
    I want to make your journey easier

    In a crowd of thousands
    When I'll be alone
    Will you come
    Will you fill the emptiness.

    When I'll be scared of the heights
    Will you hold me
    Will you take me even higher.

    When there will be freezing cold
    Will you provide me warmth
    Will you rub my hands against yours.

    When my eyes will get tired
    Will you tell me how the moon is looking at us.

    When I'll not believe in myself
    Will you tell me how much you do.

    When I'll not fall asleep
    Will you tell me your childhood stories.

    When you'll be with your friends
    Will you save the last bite of cake for me.

    When you'll be among many
    Will you still remember me.

    When I'll be hungry in the middle of the night
    Will you go and bring me chocolates.

    When I'll get weak
    Will you be my strength

    When I'll get old
    Will you still treat me as a kid.

    When my skin will get wrinkled
    Will you still call it pretty.

    When I'll be at my worst
    Will you still call me yours.

    When I'll be standing still
    Will you promise to travel the world with me.

    I don't want your hard earned comforts
    I just want to be an inseparable part of you.

    I don't want anything more
    But I surely want to be in all your Stories.


  • in_some_dreams 14w

    I wonder

    Sometimes I wonder why the mornings are so special ?

    Does the bird sitting on the tree makes it beautiful or the song that the flowing water sings makes it beautiful?
    Does the rising sun half visible behind the mountain makes it lovely or does the warmth it provides during chilly days makes it beautiful?
    Does the hope of new beginnings it brings along make it beautiful or are the fading memories of the past make it special?
    Or is this just the feeling that is special?

    Sometimes I wonder!

  • in_some_dreams 14w

    To My Mother

    When I was scared of dark you became my light.

    When I was not good, you became my better.

    When I dropped a tear , your hands were there to catch it.

    When I said I will not be able to do it , you made me believe in magic.

    When I couldn't find the way, you were there to make the path.

    I was worried about the destination, you made my journey beautiful.

    I was asking for a star, you bought me the whole Galaxy .

    Thanks for being my mother.
    Thanks for being my guide.
    Thanks for blessing me with infinite love.

    __ a proud daughter!

  • in_some_dreams 14w


    In the silence of the night
    Under the beautiful sky
    Lying next to each other
    Hands in hands.

    With your desires in my heart
    I want to take you into a world, a world of ours..

    where l'll believe what you say

    I'll be looking into your bright sparkling eyes

    Where there will be no boundaries
    and we'll be surrounded by the walls of love

    When you'll whisper my name
    I want to hear it infinite times
    a world where your dreams will be mine, where my eyes will take all your sorrows
    where we will be smiling
    where everything will be real

    Do you trust me enough to go where I want to take you?