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  • incorrigible 2w

    I observed... not sure whether I follow.........but one day it definitely matters me most.

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    Small things....not negligible

    Small things make a difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary.
    Everyone of us choose extraordinary over ordinary.
    Our choice turned from one to
    other, because of that small
    So just always hangout on that small things, which makes you high nor makes you to loose deservable moments.
    Sometimes, its hard to impart that small things within us.
    But there is always a way to learn from those who have already done.

    This small thing might make you to discover, a new side of world of respect, happiness and wealth.
    If not, leaves you in the other side of world, where you merely become an idol of mediocrity.

  • incorrigible 3w

    We can't paint all the canvas.

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    Expectations fool

    Expectations on uncertain things, always gifts you great disappointment.

  • incorrigible 4w

    Limited, irreversible,powerful,magical..........

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    Use wise

    I am giving out my time,
    But one day there is nothing left to give.
    As I have used it all the days , since i am alive.
    After my eyes dived deep into the darkness caused by heavy sleep.
    I wish to awake, I dream to regain a moment.
    A moment, in which my heart wants to bridge the gaps of my entire life.
    But the gaps neglected while I was alive will be alive.......

    So write a book of your like,
    When you are alive,
    If a book one's get closed...
    It can't be opened and can never be edited.
    It will take any one path among worthy or vague.

  • incorrigible 4w

    Struggling mind with your aspirations

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    There is infinity to be done
    But has to start from one
    This humongous number
    makes me bewilder....
    And makes me loss my way.

    No secret exists nor shortcuts
    Rather than doing one after one.
    This journey never ends
    But becomes beautiful,if wisely organized and tackle with them.

  • incorrigible 4w

    Easyness sometimes makes you to loose your dignity and ends up you leaving in bizarre paths.

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    Easy but foul

    I took up a path.
    I thought it is a CHOICE that can be taken,
    But it is the space, for those people who had left with NO CHOICES.

    I took up the easy path .....
    but later known it is exclusively for cheaper and who have no dignity.

    ##homo@bhadri movie

  • incorrigible 4w

    Your vision and senses never win all the time.
    we have to expect their impact on us rather than our expectations on them.

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    When I am thirsty,
    Went in search of liquid.
    And found water and acid.
    Both looked alike.
    When I started to quench my thirst.......
    It Lead me to Scream.
    It Lead me to roll out my tears.
    It continued....
    Until it stopped it's war against tiny tissues on inner lining of my mouth.
    Then that 'it'...
    Has made me realise how things look alike
    But shows different impact on us.

  • incorrigible 6w

    It's my personal,not for anyone

    Srikanth Thella.........perception(his attitude/my negligence......made a great difference in results)
    Sameer...positiveness, logical
    Nagabhushanam math.....perfection

  • incorrigible 6w

    A question in it , helps me to solve my problem.

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    Wakeup call

    I am always a great man in my dreams doing great things
    But when I ask,
    **Who you are in reality, what have you done here...**

    A surge of superiority In my mind goes to hibernation within no time.

    It all happens , because of
    Addiction to feelings.
    Then , it will be high time to embrace the beauty of reality, to get out of magical trap setup by our mind.

  • incorrigible 6w

    When you truly embrace reality ,its more comfortable and colourful than our dreams.

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    Dreaming to living

    I achieved infinity in day-dreams
    But I achieved zero in reality.
    Dreaming is a world of comfort designed w.r.t my perspective.
    Whereas in reality , world is the model created by all others perspective.
    Moving in your own way is always a comfort.....but moving along with others.
    What makes everyday a unique experience.

  • incorrigible 8w

    Ultra expectations, but what happens when come to reality....

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    No tension

    Give your best as much as you can.
    And Get ready to accept things as they come in their own way.
    Some times,they pelt stones on your expectations.....
    And make you miserable.

    Before you expect great success, leave some space for a tiny chance of failure.

    This helps you to prevent aspirin for your heart and an ice pack to your head.....

    Makes your heart strong as rock to prevent it from the flooding of pain.