Poetry is not just my hobby, It's speaks my beloved feelings

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  • indhupriya 3d

    When there is a pain, then always there is a problem;
    When there is a problem, then always there will be a solution;
    So try to find for your solution to heal you,
    Create memories of your life, when you're happy with your loved ones.
    Because they are the only ones, which will make you to smile once again in your life.

  • indhupriya 2w

    Happy Teacher's day

    This day is a chance for us to show our gratitude to our respective ones for their tireless hardwork and patience.
    I too thank my respectables.

  • indhupriya 2w

    It's my bff

    A friend knows who you are.
    But a best friend only knows how you are...

  • indhupriya 6w

    Life's strategy

    Begin in your defeats to end in your successes...

  • indhupriya 9w

    Try to face difficulties bravely in your life,
    Just to know how easy is your life to live.

  • indhupriya 9w

    Everybody had felt loneliness in our life, at least for once,
    But the pain differs in everyone's life.

    - That's life

  • indhupriya 9w

    Our M.S.Dhoni

    He is the one, we love.
    He'll always beat in our soul.
    He is the only one,who inspired me a lot to live my life -
    And to achieve the dream I love to live.
    -by his beloved fan

  • indhupriya 9w

    Every meaningless fights with your loved buddies will always make you to understand the meaning of your pure relationships.

  • indhupriya 10w

    Love verse

    Some relationships didn't need any words to express your love;
    They just need your silence to feel the presence of your true love ...

  • indhupriya 10w

    My memories

    My hearty memories will always bear my precious feelings which is still blended in my tears of my eyes.