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  • inevitable 1h

    Devastative,unforgettable, heartbreaking, feeling of anxiety and depression. In the end what reamins is just a body;non-living.

  • inevitable 1d

    She stands for red
    Beautifully and evenly placed
    Defines her
    Ability and vulnerabilty
    Without the care of society
    Love is her utmost peity
    She bled red
    In her head
    Sparkle this shade
    She doesn't need your pity
    She defines the standard of beauty
    She is cause of passion and heat
    But when war comes she never retreat
    She is the definition of motivation
    Thats why she is mother of the nation

  • inevitable 2d

    Thought can make a person
    Breaks them
    It depends
    It is controlling you
    You are the one who control them
    Thought have no shape
    But the murderous aura of it
    No one can escape
    Thoughts have no boundaries
    It is the start point of all your queries
    Make sure that
    You are the one who control them
    Because it contains answer to all of your problem

  • inevitable 3d

    World's deadliest weapon is with-in our own mind.

  • inevitable 3d

    Na jane ye kaisi mohabbat hai
    Ghao kisi aaur ki
    Dard kisi aaur ko hota hai
    Khusi kisi aaur ki
    Raunak kisi aaur ke chehre pe hoti hai
    Na jane ye kaisi mohabbat hai
    Janamdin kisi ka
    Aaur raat ki neend kisi aaur ke ankhon se gayab hoti hai
    Sardi mei garmi ka ehsaas dilati hai
    Aankhon hi aankhon me baatein samjhadeti hai
    Ye kaisi mohabbat hai
    Saare apne to paas hi hain
    Par dil mei chain to
    tere hi hone se aati hai
    Sayad tujhe pata bhi nahi
    Tere pyaar mei koi deewani si ho rakhi hai

  • inevitable 1w

    I hate him
    Not because of the things he said
    But because of things he didn't
    I will share my life with you
    He said
    But to share his problems with me
    He forget
    Love is there for both of us
    Still this distance grows
    I hate him
    Because there were days when i love him
    More than myself
    Wishes him to share all the burden
    But we are partners in crime
    He has long forgotten

  • inevitable 2w

    Everything falling apart
    That dream
    Quite beautiful
    Living my life
    Without it
    Breaks my heart
    Its a new start
    Collecting broken pieces
    To make a beautiful art
    Life is worth living
    Takes a while to know that

  • inevitable 2w

    Wo pehli mohabbat

    Jannatein jahan se dur hone lage
    Hum bas apke karib hone lage
    Siddaton se mili h ye pyar hamein
    Khusi ke tukdon ko dheere se sametne lage
    Yun to raha nahi tak rahe the kisi ki
    Aap ke aane ke bad raha tak ne ki sajisen karne lage
    Padhai to kabki khatam hozati thi
    Par aapke intzaar me bus stop par yunhi der tak theherne lage
    Har din hoti thi aap se mulakat
    Chai,pakode aaur wo barsaat
    Pyaari si wo pehli mohabbat
    Aap banne lage humari ibadat
    Doston ne bhi khub mazak udaya tha
    Jab aapne pehli baar humein love letter diya tha
    Haton me hath liye hamne kasamein khayi thi
    Humari zindagi aap ke naam ho chuki thi
    Aap se suru aaur aap pe hi khatam hoti thi
    Ye choti si duniya kitni pyari hua karti thi
    Aaj bhi yahi dua h mere manme
    Aapse mulakat ho isi tarha har janam mei

  • inevitable 3w

    You are the sunshine of my life
    You are the reason i smile
    That feeling of joy
    Its you who lead the way
    Like cold air in summer
    You became the warmth of my winter
    Days got shorter
    When we were together
    Even if we are miles apart
    You are the one in my heart

  • inevitable 3w

    I want to end it
    The situations that i am tired of
    The emotions i have been holding on to
    The rain drops that don't stop until eyes became red
    I just want to overcome it
    The anxiety of my future
    Represses my true nature
    The fear inside my heart
    That tears me apart
    Before its too late
    These situations i want to forget
    These thorns of rose
    Quite stable and composed
    Inside my heart
    They don't allow any felicity to start
    Before its too late
    I want to recuperate