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  • infinite_dreamer 25w

    Years of wars
    Riots and loots and some more
    But all it took was a pandemic
    To show us our place in the universe, a tiny speckle of dust
    All the discrimination
    All the hate
    But all it took was a pandemic
    To show us how we are made up of the same thing, some blood and lot of lust.


  • infinite_dreamer 44w

    //Language inside a language//


    When you want to become another person 

    You learn their language first

    It's what gives their thoughts a 'zariya'

    And meaning to the rather meaningless words.

    And by language I don't mean hindi Or marathi Or sindhi Or gujarati

    I mean how they pronounce each syllable

    A 'badi u' from a 'choti u' can make all the difference

    Because that's how their mother had taught. 

    To become another person

    You have to learn their language like your own

    To memorise their favourite verses and songs

    And the broken words murmured in sleep.

    You'll have to know all the stories 

    And their own meaning of a certain word

    Only then you'll realize why 'ma' is so close to Abdul's heart,

    And not just a monosyllabic word. 

    But most importantly to become another person

    You'll have to forget your own language first

    Because even though a tree may lose all its leaves

    But it's roots are hardly ever lost. 

    ~lost in translation


  • infinite_dreamer 63w

    Hold my hand, heal my soul

  • infinite_dreamer 86w

    I laid there on the floor right besides my bed and looked outside through the cracks in my otherwise closed window. A ray of light crawled towards me. It touched my fist, tightly closed, and passed through the thin spaces between my fingers, getting woven into my skin and whispering it's stories to every single cell of my body.
    It told me the stories of everything, from the universe to sunflowers and foreign fields and earth when it was fairly young. It told me about its first love, the sky, and how it loved the sky so intense that it would burn itself just to lighten it up. And it told me about its second love, the moon, and how it chased it all day long like a lovesick teenager. And it told me about its third love, the stars and how they were the shyest of them all. And when it had seeped into every single cell, tissue and muscle of my being, it told me about its last love and the most precious by far, a girl, and how it loved her so much that it left behind the sky, the moon and the stars to stay with her until the end of the world. It fell for her, hard and fast and there was no going back.
    It wove itself into every single thread of her existence. So that each time she kissed someone, they tasted the light on her lips, a reminder that she was of the light's before she was of anyone else. And each time she made love with someone, they would burn with each of her touch, a memory of how she can never be their's completely.
    Blood and gold flows through my veins now, different but such a perfect colour scheme that you can't look away till your eyes eventually start to burn.


  • infinite_dreamer 96w

    The Lost Generation

    I'm a part of lost generation
    Or the reckless one as you say
    But trust me when I speak for all of us
    It's a battle to go through every other day.
    We're not lazy or careless
    Infact we are the ones who care
    But every time we try to make a change
    You label us as rebels.
    We are not disrespectful
    But niether do we try to flatter
    How can we meet halfway
    When our opinions never matter.
    We are not immature
    Please don't call us naive
    And just because we don't raise the swords
    Doesn't mean we are not brave.
    We're a part of lost generation
    But we're not a lost cause
    And I can assure you that soon we'd be in the front
    And you'd be behind the applause.

    ~Íñfìñîtë Drēåmêr

  • infinite_dreamer 96w

    Something Like Deja Vu

    We cross the path and look away
    Pretending not to remember
    When all that we really want
    Is to forget it forever.
    I pretend and so do you
    Your smile and laugh and anger and pain
    My giggles and freckles and midnight rambles
    Let's pretend nothing was real, over a little bit of cocaine.
    Let's pretend that it was never us
    Just me and just you
    So when we meet again years later
    We can call it a deja vu.

    ~Íñfìñîtë Drēåmêr

  • infinite_dreamer 98w

    The strongest souls
    Are seared with scars
    Because without burning
    There are no stars

    ~Íñfìñîtë Drēåmêr

  • infinite_dreamer 98w

    Don't tell me girls are weak,
    They are made of same blood and bone
    Look at the history if you doubt me
    Without his queen has no King conquered his throne.

    ~Íñfìñîtë Drēåmêr

  • infinite_dreamer 104w

    I love 2 ams
    When a person is in the most
    Humane and raw state possible
    Slightly drunk on the darkness,
    Slightly high on the moonlight.

    ~Íñfìñîtë Drēåmêr

  • infinite_dreamer 113w

    Faces, faces, faces on faces
    Who's real, who's a reel?
    Facts and fakes, together in a chasm
    Who is an angel and who the devil?

    ~Íñfìñîtë Drēåmêr