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  • ink__and_fable 11w

    You are like a star
    Even when you fall you look beautiful

  • ink__and_fable 11w

    You remind me of the moon
    You both look beautiful even when you are not full.

  • ink__and_fable 11w

    In the middle of chaos lies the real you

  • ink__and_fable 12w

    Under the sky
    Beneath the tree
    All I'm doing is talking to me
    Hoping for rain
    So that i could dance like insane
    Waiting for you to sit with me

  • ink__and_fable 12w

    The irony is people don't care about your naked soul
    All they want is your naked body

  • ink__and_fable 13w

    If you choose to be barren land
    I will become the drop of rain
    When we will meet you will scent

  • ink__and_fable 14w

    तुमने बोला ये सही
    उसने बोला ये गलत
    समझ ना सका मैं
    अगर वो सही
    तो तुम गलत
    तुम सही
    तो वो गलत
    फिर सोचा
    बनाया किसने ये सही-गलत
    जिसे जो सही लगा वो सही
    किसी को वो गलत लगा तो वो गलत

  • ink__and_fable 15w

    Holding myself tight
    I've heard life is sometimes desert sometimes ice
    Crying in the room at night
    Failing apart every day
    Breaking down every night
    But yeah in front of you, i smile
    And now I know life is sometimes day sometimes night

  • ink__and_fable 16w

    कुछ खाली खाली सा है खुद मैं
    तो कुछ भरा भरा भी
    कुछ पराये अपने अपने से है
    तो कुछ अपने पराये भी

  • ink__and_fable 17w

    बड़ी बड़ी खोखली इमारतों को घर कहते हो?
    बाहर निकल कर देखा कभी?
    खुला आसमां है
    घर तो पूरा जहां है