kuch baate toh zuba na keh pati hai.. vo shayhi se khe jate hai.. in waqt ke panno mai.. kavito ke roop mai apni chaap chod jate hai

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  • ink_stained_feelings 1d

    बयां कर जज्बातों को,
    इस रिश्ते को नई दिशा देते हैं,
    साथ ही साथ थोड़ा वक्त और थोड़ा ढील भी दिया करते हैं,
    सोच लो की ठहर जाना है यही,
    या बढ़ना है आगे इन रिश्तो के सफर में
    बदलना है तुमको एक दोस्त से हम सफर में
    वक्त ले लो जितना चाहे उतना पर
    जब पकड़ना ये हाथ, तो प्यार तुम्हारा भी सच्चा हो।
    कुछ कदम का ही नहीं, साथ उम्र भर का है यह इरादा भी पक्का हो।

    Every person has his/her own way of expressing love..some express it through words, few use action like helping in everyday work, cook food, being physically daring the borders of being called "clingy" ..some stay quite unable to express through words or action, they stay with you whenever you need them through happy and rough patches of life.
    One needs to identify this through observation and accept the love in the form they receive!!

    @writersnetwork #mirakee

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    I express my love and it go
    While I give you the the space and assurance you need "Whatever decision you make, I will always be there for you "

    I let you chose the path you take
    If you wish to stay as a friend or take a step ahead and be my forever and more

    You can take as long as you need,
    If you decide to be my partner in the journey of life
    Then be sure to hold my hand till the last breath of mine,
    Not only to be a few chapters , be the whole story
    Until the end.


  • ink_stained_feelings 2d

    Sometimes you think that you have moved on and everything is under your control...but suddenly you notice the slight discomfort and for a moment it's just chaos and confusion as to why the clarity has been lost so suddenly!! And while you observe the little things you come across the tiny baggage that you have been carrying around smaller in size but they slowly drain away your energy without you noticing it...also during this time of confusion you look around for someone who could help you clear up the situation...but mostly find none and you wrap it up all by yourself and move ahead of the weight finally and ready for the next battle to come!!

    #mirakee @writersnetwork #life #lessons #baggage

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    I stopped mid way
    And looked around for a familiar face
    One that I could hold on to just for a little while
    As I saw people rush by
    A smile, a frown eventually coming my way
    I felt a little lost even though these roads I was familiar in every way.

    I looked back usually a hard thing for me to do
    I found a few baggages straped to me
    Unaware I was carrying them too.

    I rummaged through the bags
    These were things I lost in the past
    Unsure what they were doing there.
    Before I knew it I snapped the chords
    And watched them turn to ash

    Free of the weight I felt stable again
    Before I started walking again
    I looked around for a familiar face
    None I could find so I started walking alone again


  • ink_stained_feelings 3w

    Every now and then something happens that disturbs you to the core...and then again you pick up the pieces of the shattered calm and will and the tedious task of puting it together starts again. Though we carry on again with the regular actions of life some part of us is lost in the could be the love, reason etc...and then finally comes a day when you have given it everything you could and letting it go is the best course of action.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #life #will #lifelessons #relations

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    Everytime I fall apart
    I lose a piece of my broken heart

    With a crack here and a piece missing there
    It takes some time but I make it work again

    Not just the pieces i lose the will too
    To carry on another day seems like the hardest thing to do
    Eventually there will come a day
    There won't be any pieces left
    Nor the will shall remain too...
    On that day this thread that ties me to you would perish too

    Make it work Until the day is here on us
    I shall carry on with what I have.
    Dont blame me then for parting away
    Afterall your actions paved the way.

    Everytime I fall apart
    I lose a piece of my broken heart.
    To carry on is the hardest thing to do.


  • ink_stained_feelings 6w

    I just read a poem written by my friend @poetryly titled "Social Anxiety" (visit her profile) and for a moment I had nothing to comment on it and then these words popped up.
    Speaking from personal experience here many times the things that happen are completely opposite of what you wished..ofcourse making you feel sad and feeling like everything is falling apart...yet in the end it all works out and if you ever take some time reflect on the events that took place will most of the times feel that was the best course of action and if it would have went the way you wished it, it would have ended in being more worse then before.
    Sometimes life goes into the "autopilot" mode and drags you around and it feels like you are going through a rough patch unable to make sense of what's happening but in the end you are at a positive place in life.
    Also if you ever feel like the same thing keeps happening again and again, you end up in the same situation ( stuck in a loop of same events) Know this whatever decisions or the way you are doing something is wrong and life is giving you a chance to make it right!! Unless you rectify this, make the right choice you will keep ending up at the same spot!!
    The answer is to observe, letting the fear go and do things differently then before.

    #life #philosophy #mirakee #writersnetwork
    #lifelessons #optimism

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    Life is a harsh teacher
    But it wishes you only success
    Won't let you have it until you prove worthy and pass the tests
    Dark and light
    That's the way of life
    It shows you the prettiest sunshine
    It takes you through rainy days
    These are the experiences life gives you wishing that lessons stay
    Until you go through the darkness
    You won't appreciate the light

    Sometimes it takes you through the same series of events
    Making you feel like you are stuck in a invisible relay
    Bringing you back to the same cross road again and again
    Trying to let you know you went the wrong way
    Rethink on your choices and do things differently this time
    And you will surely see a positive change

    Sometimes to carry on is the most difficult thing to do
    But when you have been through it
    The suffering fades way and the teachings stay
    You come out as a person that's completely new.


  • ink_stained_feelings 7w

    Hmm...sometimes I write something and read it again and wonder if it really does express I wished to say. But lately as I have already said..writing has become a difficult task.

    Anyways all I wished to say is ...people are like locked rooms. The exterior is decorated with smiles, clothes, perfumes and makeup and deep within a person their is a place a "room" that holds the unadulterated memories, pain, secrets and what not.
    This place holds the true identity of the person. The fundamental blocks that make the person we see standing in front of us.

    A KEY: a key could be anything, a meaningful conversation, moral values etc whatever makes the person believe in you to trust you, and if you have the key you get access to all the sensitive details, the DNA. This could be helpful to form strong bonds or destructive. Depends on how you use it...once you figure out what makes the locks click and have the power over the person!! Use it wisely.

    #life #lessons #philosophy #mirakee #writersnetwork #lockedrooms #poem #poetry #secrets

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    Locked rooms

    People are like locked rooms,
    Every one has a unique key.
    Carefully hidden in the plain sight
    So that their secrets they could keep.

    A key could be a conversation, trust or integrity.
    It could be time or money.
    Hard to say what fits the lock,
    Everyone has different priorities.
    A click and turn is all it takes,
    But it isn't as easy as it seems.

    While you meet a person new,
    All you see is the exterior carefully crafted
    That acts like a veil.
    Making them look like a perfect human being.

    Some store the different faces they wear
    A cabinet full to suit the scene.
    Some keep pain and sorrows deeply tucked away.
    Some keep the happy memories.

    Some keep the pieces of broken heart ,
    Some keep the lies and deceit.
    Few keep a smile on their faces,
    While the heart weighs a thousand tonne
    Carefully stored in the locked room of theirs
    Away from the eyes of the society.

    You would never know what the person is truly like,
    What the person is really going through
    Until you find the key.

    Carefull though if you hold a key to someones lock
    Before you open the door,
    Take this moment and ask yourself
    Are you ready to see what the locked room really holds?


  • ink_stained_feelings 8w

    Bonds of blood, and all the other relationships are tested in the forge of time ..where all the adverse situations, expectations act as eternal fire. The relations that were based on a foundation of trust and respect, are purified of all the impurities and they come out to be stronger then before.
    The superficial connections and relationships are burnt away and the memories and expectations remain as ash, staining the present.
    Though we realise that the ones we lost were superficial..something that was meant to be a lesson! Be a chapter not the STORY..we shead tears in grief....over the years these tears wash away the stain left by the ash...slowly taking away the pain and memories.
    A realisation firmly sets " whatever was lost was never mine to begin with, it was a meant to teach me something about life , to give me a new perspective" and finally free of the emotional baggage, one is ready again to start a new journey.
    This time though a little more open, calm and ready to walk into the eye of the storm and past it without losing his/her footing.
    It does mean that there aren't newer injuries,scars and's just that the person is now mentally and emotionally ready to deal with it, this time when the adverse situations arise they won't have the edge over him/her, might get pushed back a little but won't stop him/her ever again as it did before.
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ��A crude translation to explain what the poem means.
    It seems like a rant.
    #life #lifelessons #relationship #growth

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    Badalte waqt ki badalti tasveere
    Purane yaado se tut ti zangeere
    Waqt ke panno Mai khoie huie muskurahate aur yaade...
    Bante, tutte-bikharte ye Rishtey
    Dil ki cheekhti huie unsuni ye awaaze...
    Gavha hai ye sab us waqt ki jab Sath rehne ke kiye the waade,
    Saalo se cheekhti ye tanhaie acchanak se chup si ho gayi hai..
    Aur purane yaado pe dhul si chaad gayi hai..
    Zindagi ke naye panno par nayi kahaniya likhi jaa rahi hai,
    Apno se jude dard dur ho rahe hai..
    Sath hona na hona ab apka ek sa ho gaya hai
    Zindagi ne raasta ek Naya chun Liya hai...
    Ab yahi raaste nayi manzilo tak le jayengi...
    Firse Shayad naye sapne ye dikhayenge.


  • ink_stained_feelings 9w

    I have been away for a while now...tbh extreme emotions have always been the inspiration to write ...and now finally when its calmer ....poetry has been a hard to write.
    I have always seen writing as a way of Reflection and everytime I wrote about was like sealing the lessons the issues the subject forever....and also connection ...because I have met quite a few good friends, pen pals whom I have never met personally but the prose forms a great bond between not being able to write for such a long time made me feel like a friend is upset with me!! So the poem below...treating poetry as a person!

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #poems #poetry #emotions #writersblock #friend #time #lessons

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    Poetry will you ever dim your lights?

    Poetry will you ever dim your lights?

    I have walked a thousand miles
    Been through the darkest days
    And also have seen the blissful sunshine.

    I stumbled,
    I crawled,
    I sprinted through the path.
    I learned how to walk along
    With the sands of time I learnt
    How to carry the weight yet never let it pull me down.

    Time WAS and IS my teacher
    And poetry you were and are my release.
    Lessons I learned slyly hidden in the prose.
    Writing was an expression that made me feel whole.

    Now that I feel time and I have walked a long way hand in hand.
    And it's much more easier to carry on,
    Mostly now it is sunshine, hardly a few gloomy days.
    Why is it so poetry, that you shy away?
    Though extreme emotions were always the reason you and I met
    It doesn't mean you have to go away!!
    Poetry, you weren't just a hobby
    You were and will always be my dearest friend !!


  • ink_stained_feelings 11w

    Wrote this a while back...don't know why it was not posted..�� though I strongly believe everyone should respect their religion and follow their culture...I always wonder how many people especially the young ones take the time to understand what the words in those "scared books" are really meant to say! read and to understand and if you don't understand it then find a source that is unbiased to learn the meaning is how it should be!!

    #life #philosophy #writersnetwork #mirakee #blackandwhite #religion


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    Religion, caste and creed
    Man made philosophy,
    Words of sacred books repeated by many,
    Understood by none,
    Screaming at the top of thier voices creating a conundrum.
    Scared books created with an intention so great,
    Make men and women human again.
    A rule book of sorts so that one doesn't go astray

    Impatient beings read yet don't understand
    Makeup thier own stories and spread hatred and havoc.
    A beautiful society created with diverse cultures and creed
    Divided by men under the name of religion for their own greed.
    Religion doesn't need saving , it was created to save you!!!
    To be a beacon to guide you In the journey called life.


  • ink_stained_feelings 12w

    A conversation turned into a poem !! This one is a slow read poem !!
    It is a subject to ponder upon do we really loose ourselves in the rush of things and events that happen in our life or do we come under the influence of others say about us and we tend to forget the "true self" and see ourselves the others make us believe!!

    #poems #hindipoetry #poemsdaily #lifeslessons #writersnetwork #philosophy. @writersnetwork

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  • ink_stained_feelings 13w


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    Dark clouds and thunder reign the sky
    They bring not just rain,
    They bring back the lost time, the memories the pain.
    As one walks the road nothing to shield it from the pouring rain.
    Getting drenched with not just water but also with memories and pain.

    Walking with a heavy heart towards a destination unknown
    Trying to escape this unnecessary down pour.
    Every step taken,
    Heavier it gets.
    Yet when I look around
    It's not just me but so many more.
    Walking the same path to a destination unknown

    Head bowed down, shielding their eyes
    Trying to see the way clearly or hiding their pain with this disguise?
    A heavy silence surrounds,
    Only the rain, howling winds and the thunder to be heard
    Walking the path to a destination unknown.