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  • inkythinking 7w

    she loves me not

    she loves me
    her bright eyes
    she loves me not
    look at someone else
    she loves me
    her hand's warm
    she loves me not
    being help by someone else
    she loves me
    her time consists of me
    she loves me not
    now it doesnt
    she loves me
    no she doesn't

  • inkythinking 8w


    its odd to think about
    much more so than to wish
    it didnt come to this
    that im most thankful for
    the pain that i feel
    because it means i have a lot to fight for
    and a lot to lose
    and i think thats lovely

  • inkythinking 9w

    they love me not

    they say the ones that we love
    never really leave us
    but is that always the case?
    or does it just apply to the dead?
    because i can guarantee
    that the ones that i love
    that left me
    dont spare a glance in passing
    when they look at me

  • inkythinking 10w

    I dont care.

    I don't care
    if it could have
    or if it should have
    or even if it would have
    it. didnt.
    and. it. wont.
    end of story.

  • inkythinking 11w


    people pretend youre a bad person
    so they dont feel guilty
    but why would they?
    for the way they treated you?
    for the way they ripped your heart out?
    for the way they were never there?
    for never giving you the reassurance you so desperately craved?
    to them you're toxic
    and controlling
    and maybe you are
    but is that them being honest?
    or lashing out?
    toxicity is a dish best not served

  • inkythinking 13w

    it hurts

    it hurts today
    my heart, that is
    as little as it did,
    it hurts as if it never healed
    as if i wont recover
    as if the betrayal
    and the heartbreak
    happened only yesterday
    i feel ache-y
    and sluggish.
    is it because i didnt sleep well?
    or is everything finally registering?
    ive been numb
    for so terribly long
    believing that it was better to bottle
    than to feel
    oh how wrong i was
    i regret saying anything

  • inkythinking 14w

    swimming lessons

    this boat
    as safe as it may feel
    is not keeping me afloat
    or safe from this ordeal

    my mind is sinking
    from the pain and sorrow
    and my heart is wishing
    for a better tomorrow

    i wish there was a drought
    because its hard knowing i cant win
    when its hard to get out
    because you don't know how to swim

  • inkythinking 15w


    having no real value or use
    i dont know
    how to describe
    this feeling
    this terrible
    no good
    very bad feeling
    at least im not alexander
    it sucks though
    not knowing what or who i am
    all i know
    is that this feeling?
    the feeling of having no worth?
    is like a knife,
    being repeatedly plunged into you

  • inkythinking 16w


    i refuse
    to dim the fuse
    to blacken
    without lacking
    a match once strong
    and make it all wrong

    i refuse
    to follow the few
    to make amends
    and have to bend
    to fit ones will
    to hope things unspill

    lastly, i refuse
    to use
    another person
    to use coercion
    the way you did
    and a goodbye ill bid


  • inkythinking 17w

    i get it now.

    i think i finally get it
    although i wish i didnt
    i wish i lived in oblivion
    the not knowing
    but instead
    i live in despair
    i will never
    be as important as her
    i will always be an afterthought
    a second choice
    an alternate ending
    one without hope
    and love
    in acceptance
    of a once great prayer
    now turned to dust