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  • inside_leaf 2w

    Sometimes I just want to sit near the ground
    Watch myself if I am breathing fine
    That moment of silent acceptance
    When I don't even want to look at the sky
    Don't want to escape in the beauty high

  • inside_leaf 4w

    Here she comes with her grace and joy
    Her magical smile
    Slowing down time
    Stars shining, drinking wine
    Falling drunken from the sky

    Sun shine upon the leafs
    Clouds touch ground with the mist
    Lions calming on the ground
    No hunters for such time
    Here she comes
    Spread her wings of love

    An unexpected gift from heaven
    A smile without a reason
    A simple crazy person
    Is she human? Is she angel?
    Santa must be jealous
    Such gifts doesn't fit in his bag


  • inside_leaf 8w

    I know you aren't happy there making millions
    I know you aren't happy shopping what you like
    I know you have been waiting for the fullfillment
    Sometime for yourself
    Some moments pass being less caring
    And for the rest you fantasize
    This world seems so dangerous
    Still you indulge for shelter
    Being without recognition something new comes
    But recognition of danger is always on the play
    Intellegent chooses but the wisest is without choice
    Surround yourself with the cage and break it
    Or deny the process to make it
    Stand on the edges of thorns and scroll
    Or take a deep dive and fall

  • inside_leaf 9w

    I stand in the dry midst
    Closed eyes like a blind
    My conscious knew only the dreams
    They say never too late to find it

    Walking along the roads unknown
    Watching the moths flying by
    Faces unknown passing by

    Something caught up my eyes
    Here she comes with the rainy wine
    Real as heaven with her smile

    I hope she finds me too
    A story of secrets
    She paint colors on the wall
    Finally I can open my eyes

    She makes dream happen for real
    I hope she build a road for me
    I be lost on it to find myself

  • inside_leaf 11w

    O my beloved
    In love we always fall
    On the cold shoulder of hope we fall
    Without the demonic temptation
    A light shines through
    Weep out the sloth
    Soul sees without the mirror
    Warm heart uphill
    Nothing is forever
    Breathe the fragrance of lovers
    Not the ashes of the world

  • inside_leaf 12w

    A young mind is curious and healthy. Health of mind is asking questions. Which frees the mind from conformity and fear that it has brought up. Enquiry for mind is not only to find out answers. But in the very moment the mind has a different energy which is empty.


  • inside_leaf 13w

    Waves of sound, waves of senses
    Come and go
    hang or learn to float
    Ohh wait!

    Here comes the Army of words
    Claiming the territory of conclusion and known
    Conformity and validation ?
    Why you wanna know
    Image not the visible ocean
    Long to be a mr. Known
    Compromised for the sake of communication
    Inflicted disorder goes on and on

    Never too late to touch the soul
    hear some voices
    Not the words of your own
    Look above or below
    Not through words of control


  • inside_leaf 13w

    The facts that shock genius are too obvious for a fool.


  • inside_leaf 13w

    Ocean waves all around
    Arisen life becomes words and slice
    What is next but a dice
    Uncertainty of the moving flies
    Keep in conclusion and it must die
    To be one with all directions
    Be like a fool of unknown ride
    Truth is sitting silent on the moving ground
    Slowly unfolds with a skeptic life


  • inside_leaf 14w

    With time the skin gets wrinkles
    Thoughts flows in old pattern
    Hear some words from your saint
    You get to the truth with energy
    Reach where you began with

    Some more experience of what truth is not
    Get you to give up the search for truth
    Now you see yourself
    With the same cup of coffee in hand
    Open sky fills your heart
    That curiosity, an emptiness
    That innocence of not knowing anything
    And you drink the coffee just fine
    Figure out small stuff on table of life