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  • inspireus 18w

    About time

    As I lay, my eyes wide awake,
    my heart feels dry,
    all the love it thought it contained,
    seems too volatile to be felt,
    my lips feel dry too,
    it's been so long since you touched them,
    and made them your own.

    There was a love,
    I thought it could conquer all,
    all the chaos of the past,
    all the fear of the future,
    all the perils of our faulty being,
    it would tie us together,
    in a bond so pure,
    we wouldn't need anything else,
    but love does run dry,
    and it is about time.

  • inspireus 31w


    Trying to fill a void,
    trying to be ok,
    I dunno what life has in store,
    I'm trying to not stay broken,
    darkness surrounds me,
    and haunts me at night,
    disturbed are my thoughts,
    and so is my sight,
    but I will be stronger,
    and I will be my own light

  • inspireus 33w

    Bear witness

    Bear witness to the thoughts
    that my broken mind constructs,
    the words it sometimes means
    and many more that are stuck.
    Bear witness to my feelings,
    that I so deeply feel for you,
    how strong they can be
    and still fragility they seek.
    Bear witness to the me,
    the version I am right now,
    and hold me close in your embrace
    before this me is lost.

  • inspireus 38w

    Hanging on

    I'm hanging on to every word,
    reading, re-reading the messages
    waiting for another one
    a ray of hope, a silver lining,
    I don't even know what to expect
    I'm closing down
    Shutting off

  • inspireus 38w

    I .... ...

    In the dark rooms of my soul
    you entered like a spark of light
    and my oxygen wanted to let you burn
    if felt warm and nice for the first time
    decades of loneliness starting to churn
    hope is a dangerous thing indeed
    cause it brings in it's wake disappointments
    and just when I thought I had found eternity
    the walls collapsed and the lights were out.

  • inspireus 39w


    We walked away,
    drowning in our miseries,
    all the love that faded away,
    as the sun set,
    leaving darkness everywhere.
    My heart stopped,
    as it knew you were gone,
    but life couldn't
    and now I don't know who I am

  • inspireus 41w

    Let it go

    There's a pit in my stomach,
    a hole in my heart,
    clouds on my judgement,
    a smile on the scar.
    I dream of drowning
    in what once used to look so beautiful,
    I dream that I could save myself,
    but then I just let it go.

  • inspireus 41w


    Every breath feels like a struggle,
    every dream a myth
    hope seems someone I've never met
    happiness a foreign hue.
    Everything is dull and dark
    everything malign
    heaving sighs
    pretentious smiles,
    that sums up my life

  • inspireus 41w


    I am a really selfish poet,
    if you'd call me one,
    I only write when I'm really sad,
    cause it helps me,
    cause I need to,
    when I feel a hole in my heart
    and I open Mirakee
    and I just write my heart away.
    I dunno how I developed this habit,
    I often feel guilty and try to write on normal days
    but in vain.
    I haven't written in a long time
    because I was surprisingly happy
    even when I was sad,
    even when times were rough,
    a part of me was always happy.
    I think that part has lived it's life
    and life is coming back in circles
    and I am standing in the middle,
    holding on to everything I have left
    a prayer on my lips
    for things to get better.

  • inspireus 41w


    I have not died, obviously,
    but I've heard that before people die,
    all the good memories
    pass before their eyes in flashback
    and I think I would more than agree
    cause the same thing happens when emotions die
    all the beautiful memories
    that you have always been holding on to
    so dearly, so close to your heart,
    you see them one last time,
    before letting them go.
    You just want to live that moment so bad
    once again before everything changes
    that you don't know any better
    and like an adult holding onto his favorite child
    because he knows the best days of his life are gone
    you hold on, one last time
    the emotions and memories in full effect
    the final flashback
    before death.