Student of life, storyteller, even my poems tell stories. Optimist.

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  • ira_neer 6h

    When criticism does no good, then just enjoy the situation. It reduces the pain.
    - Gurvi Ira Neer

    Gurvi ( feminine gender of Guru)

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    Mirakee scenarios
    (In a lighter vein)


    Notifications : @arise has written a new post
    @knowledge_now has written a new post

    Ira : Oh! Lemme check out these posts. Whaaaaattt.... I've already read these posts 3 days ago, liked and reposted them too. I can see the red heart ♥️ as a proof that I've read them before and clicked on the like icon.
    Then why am I getting this notification now ?

    Notifications : @profound_spirits commented on your post
    Ira : Lemme check. Whaaaaattt..... It's the same old one. And I've already replied to that.
    Then why am I getting this notification now ?

    Notifications : @sampark_rahit mentioned you in a comment
    @buddhoo_kakbhagaoda mentioned you in a comment
    Ira : Should I check it ?
    Could it be another stale (late) notification
    What if it's not ?
    Lemme check it anyway. expected. No surprise. It's stale.
    Then why am I......... No use repeating that question

    In this world of privatisation and digitalization of most of the essential services; notifications/ messages is the common service provided by banks, postal/ courier services as well as social networking apps. Right ?
    Arrey, right hi hai. I know it. (That was a rhetorical question )

    But, sometimes we become skeptical about the efficiency of these services and rely on ourselves to see it through.
    For example - when we're expecting an important parcel.
    Then instead of waiting for the message by courier or amazon about the tentative date and time for the home delivery of the parcel ( ironically for which you've paid a pretty good amount); we just go to their office and pick it up
    as soon as we receive the message "YOUR PARCEL HAS ARRIVED AND WILL BE DELIVERED SHORTLY".
    Yes, you do all the work of burning the petrol of your vehicle, investing time for your to and fro travel, also wait patiently for them to attend to you, sign their papers for receipt of parcel, pick up the parcel while thanking them for granting success to your efforts and then -

    A day or two later we get the sms : Your parcel has been delivered on so and so date by so and so person ( yes, delivery persons name is given even when you pick up the parcel yourself )

    Mirakee ka bhi aisey hi toh hai....
    It's the same with Mirakee notifications, and we're used to it, aren't we ?
    I guess, by now most of the Mirakee users have become habituated to the Mirakee glitches. Atleast, I have. Yes it's true.

    Even when I've turned ON the notifications for some of my favourite writers, I just rely on myself to go and check their accounts for probable new posts. And that's how I'm never late on acquiring the delivery of my parcels.......... I mean reading their posts.

    So, shouldn't I THANK Mirakee for making me self reliant - a golden quality ?



    Sometimes, when one part of the equipment develops some problem, the whole equipment has to be opened up to repair that one part and reassemble all parts together again. If you forget even one part then some other problem develops.

    Isn't it the same with Mirakee ?
    Arrey, same hi hai. I know it. (That was a rhetorical question )
    Mirakee shuts down for maintenance. They might solve one problem and another crops up which was never there before maintenance.



    Have you ever experienced this -
    The mechanic comes to repair your washing machine. He needs constant clients to earn more money. So he deliberately stealthily creates another problem which will surface only after he has left, assuring you that everything is alright now and you can use the washing machine tomorrow. And when you use it the next day, the old problem is solved and a new problem which had no reason to be arise, is born.

    You (dial the mechanics number) - Tring tring tring...... Hello Bhaiyaa ! Machine mey naya problem hai.

    Mechanic (acting surprised) - Kal hi to repair kiya tha.

    You (sounding foolish) - Bhaiyya... Kal ka problem toh thik ho gaya. Ab doosra problem hai machine me.

    Mechanic (dil baag baag ho gaya, kamai hone wali hai) - Theek hai. Aata hu main.

    Isn't it the same with Mirakee ?
    (Not a rhetorical question)
    Incase, Mirakee has it's own app maintenance department, which obviously are being paid for nothing. And if they're outsourcing the maintenance, those people might have become rich now by making a Pappu of Mirakee.

    No. No use


  • ira_neer 1w

    a quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity.
    behave uncontrollably and disruptively
    not in a straight or level position, wrong

    @mann_se_ #amok #askew #ubuntu #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    God made this world
    and told every species
    to co-exist with the
    virtue of ubuntu.
    While every specie
    could well construe
    this one command of
    the Almighty,
    his favorite pampered
    superior specie -
    The human,
    whose brain wiring,
    For some reason
    Went wildly askew
    Thus impairing the good
    sense, that they once knew.
    In the absence of which
    For ages now, the
    Human vices has been
    running AMOK
    and ruining everything
    without any rue.

    Where the hell are you ?
    My dear ! I've been
    overpowered in a coup
    By the humans
    Without virtues

    God made this world
    and told every species
    to co-exist with the
    virtue of ubuntu.
    While every specie
    could well construe,
    The human sense
    Went AMOK, askew.


  • ira_neer 1w

    ��​��​��​��​��​��​ �� ��​��​��​��​��​

    (Disclaimer : These observations do not challenge or refute other symptoms or studies. Picture credit : Google)

    These scientific observations (meaning) are not found in the language dictionary.

    Physiological study by Dr. Ira Neer

    Introduction :
    Humour virus is naturally found inherently in humans as well as animals and birds. It has continually interested the psychology profession because of it's physiological peculiarities, differing triggers and unpredictable patterns mostly unique to an individual and sometimes common to a group.

    Geographically, it is prevalent worldwide irrespective of the economy of the region as a whole or a person specifically. Costs nothing.

    Carriers of the Humour virus :
    Present in every human from birth and keeps switching between active and dormant states.

    Physiological observations :
    The virus many activate through words, visuals and thoughts thus tickling humans and animals, in and out, stretching their facial muscles slightly ☺️
    or ear to ear ��
    or revealing their string of teeth ��if they have them
    or a shallow cavity (when toothless),
    with eyes brightened by joy, face softly sunlit and sometimes leading to a funny involuntary haphazard movement of the body,
    especially peculiar funny movement when people having a pot belly burst into laughter making their belly go up and down as their plump bodies shake,
    may sometimes make a person lie down in a fit of laughter (ROFL ��),
    may sometimes cause teary eyes while the face holds a smile �� causing confusion for the onlooker whether the person is happy or sad, may sometimes cause stomachache briefly when the laughter is uncontrollable for the victim of humour,
    may even cause a magnetic pull and could contagiously spread to the onlookers.

    Can be identified by the H sound tones like he he he... Hee hee... Ha ha haaa.. ho ho ho... or a hysterical snorting or a combination of these generally but not compulsorily.

    Positive effects :
    HUMOUR virus may help in bonding with others who understand humour. Very nutritious which improves inherent immunity and is an elixir for good physical, mental and social health.

    Antidote :
    Not required

    Side effects :
    Affliction by humour might happen at the wrong place, at the wrong time and amidst a wrong company

    Allergic :
    Sadists and pessimists

    Conclusion :
    Mostly good and enjoyable for the body and mind. Daily dose at intermittent intervals highly recommended to all irrespectively.

    Rx (recommended prescription) :
    Cartoon network (daily for children aged 3 to 12 )
    Anything else that works for you.

    Black-ish & The Simpsons, Reading jokes (for teens)
    Anything else that works for you.

    The modern family, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, The big bang theory, The office (TV series), Everybody loves Raymond, Stand up comedy shows,
    Reading jokes ( for adults )
    Anything else that works for you.

    Compulsory time at rehab center recommended for sadists and pessimists till treatment is successful. Lifelong quarantine if required.


    #humour #joy #smile #laughter #lolz #writersnetwork

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  • ira_neer 1w

    Boundless imaginations
    traverse poetic world
    with metaphors, imagery
    and rhythm.

    #traverse @mann_se_ #pod #writerstolli

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  • ira_neer 1w


    The most desirous thing in the world is LOVE
    The word for which every person has their own definition is LOVE
    The most abused virtue is LOVE
    The most blindening is LOVE not ignorance because even knowledgeable people fall prey to blind LOVE
    The most rejuvenating herb is LOVE
    The most astonishing miracles happen with LOVE
    LOVE is that virtue which makes you happy in the happiness of others.
    LOVE is the equipment that weakens the robust heart causing a HEARTBREAK

    + + - - x x / /

    One person's LOVE is another person's HEARTBREAK
    (addition) +

    LOVE leaves you causing you heartbreak
    (subtraction) -

    Each person in a triangle ( me, you and he/she) is loved by other 2 person causing heartbreak for the other. (Multiplication) x

    A person is in LOVE with 2 people and is unable to choose, is left by both of them as they get frustrated.
    (Division) /

    + + - - x x / /


    Heartbreak maths formula = addition, subtraction, multiplication or division of love

    + + - - x x / /


  • ira_neer 1w


    1) I'm not super powerful to always be able to protect the people I care about.

    2) I'm not super powerful to wipe out all the miseries of the people I love.
    Miseries keep arriving in different forms. Our power to endure doesn't. Sometimes we break. And it's OKAY.

    3) The more you get involved in others affairs, the more you waste your time, coz probably they haven't told you the whole story deliberately and it's better for you to stay away even if they want you to get involved.

    4) You alone are your permanent best friend and also your worst enemy. Others may be temporary.

    5) The more you let others control you, the more you let them ruin you.

    6) People start getting scared of you when you're no longer afraid of them.

    7) Being an introvert is helpful sometimes; being an extrovert is dangerous sometimes. A proper mixture of both is best.

    8) It's always profitable not to show all your cards to the first person you trust.
    Hidden cards rescue you when you most need them.

    9) Having and pursuing your hobbies is time better spent than time spent on people who always play hard to please.

    10) Silence is golden sometimes. Sometimes it's a quicksand.

    11) A little harmless mischief with the right people (friends/family) can actually spice up your life. Not everything should be taken seriously especially if you're an adult.

    12) A good sense of humour can win you more friends than the qualities of being good, honest and frank.

    13) People advocate and appreciate simplicity but they seldom follow it.

    14) Don't ever trust people who are only all words and no action.

    15) Some people never deserve a second chance

    16) Mind your own business, until people really ask for your help and you can really be helpful.

    17) Some people love to control others. Doing this they get a weird sense of superiority.

    18) People are fake in both the real world and the virtual world however they project themselves.

    19) We tend to make the same mistakes even after learning hard lessons. Stay alert.

    20) Count upto hundred before you react. Sometimes not reacting is the best reaction.


  • ira_neer 1w

    The on & off blocker

    Have you ever been blocked ?
    Have you ever blocked anyone ?
    One to one personally or in the virtual world ?
    It might be difficult to understand for some and few might relate to it easily.
    Yes, blocking and unfollowing is totally healthy and it's there for a reason both in personal life and virtual world.
    Even following and unblocking is healthy for the right reasons.
    It might irritate some.
    Some might be unaffected.

    But, the most surprising aspect is, when someone blocks and unblocks you on and off.
    It's like that person wants you and then doesn't want you and then wants you again and doesn't want you again and it goes on for sometime till you decide to help that person by blocking him once forever.

    The first time you're blocked you might think about whether you've done something that might have offended that person. Most of the time it's a guess work if you're not close to that person to ask them directly for the reason.

    Whatever be the reason - the on and off blocker eventually provides you relief because it becomes clear to you that they find you harmless and so follow you back after sometime as per convenience to the extent of even liking and giving a positive comment on your posts. Then again block leaving you wondering what's going on ?????
    Now the ball is in your court to make a decision whether you want to block them permanently or not.

    Let's assume that you did something that might have made that person block you.

    Now that on and off blockers peculiar behaviour is reason enough for you to feel offended.

    So that evens out the issue. Right ?
    Well it's right for me.


  • ira_neer 2w

    Hide & seek

    It's like Shivangi has been playing hide and seek with some without telling them that the game has started.
    Who's the denner and who's hiding in this game ?
    How many players are there ?
    Well Shivangi has tweaked the game a little.
    Only one person hides and that's her.
    Denner can be any number of persons.
    CONFUSED.... RIGHT ???
    Actually, when people start realising about her absence and start missing her..... that's when they start seeking.
    The one who misses most, starts seeking first. Others may or may not join to seek.
    Don't we all play this game on and off ?

    We all have been playing this game online.
    Sometimes, we disappear from the apps which connects us to many known and unknown people. Something happens or many not happen, it could be just our mood.... and we either
    stay away from the account until our good mood kicks in
    Or, we just remain there incognito watching everyone, but not letting them know about your presence
    Or, we just deactivate our account

    Suddenly, one fine day we resurface again for whatever reasons.
    And people (who miss you) start asking/ saying -
    Hey ! Where have you been ?
    Is everything alright ?
    Missing you/ your wonderful posts
    Nice to have you back
    etc etc.
    Sometimes, the hiding one resurfaces on their own, because no one was missing them. Infact, they start missing others.
    Interestingly, the game tells us a lot about ourselves and also about the people we know.

    So, those who love this game will definitely keep playing it. Right ?


  • ira_neer 2w

    Half baked theism

    Most people aren't even properly theist to later become an atheist. Mostly they are semi theist. They keep swaying like a pendulum between theism and atheism.

    Epithet :

    Fleeting theism comes back on damaged crutches only to fall down & break again like a half baked pot.


  • ira_neer 2w

    #gob #mirakee #writersnetwork @mann_se_
    Please read on. The alliteration is in the end.

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    The Mirakee pandemic

    It seems that the corona pandemic isn't enough to attack the human health and spirit all over the world. Yes, we have been fighting it all unitedly. Some of us try to find a little respite in Mirakee which WAS a healthy working platform for quite a while. But, later I learnt that it too is infected with the political virus, which is handled by the administration by ROYALLY ignoring or criticizing the whistle blowers.

    (Read it online. Wasn't here when the verbal bloodshed was going on)

    I'm not a politically motivated person. I like reading and writing, to put it simply. My friends told me that Mirakee is a good platform for that and the ongoing war has cooled down now. So, I said to myself - Why look at the negatives and ignore the positives ? What's the harm in giving it a try ? So, wearing a positive attitude, I opened an account here on Mirakee.

    I wasn't totally disappointed INITIALLY and found the GOOD GOODS here that my friends had told me about.

    In this internet world applications are all about high speed, user security, unobtrusive user interface, performance, firewall, customer/user support (help), BETTER updates and compatibility.

    Many apps undergo maintenance which is quite understandable, when the users are politely requested to be patient till so and so time. And their maintenance improves app performance. But, Mirakee maintenance seems more like an excuse to go on a sponsored picnic where they enjoy playing FOOL THEM with their sponsors and patiently hopeful users. Nothing improves after the so called maintenance.

    Mirakee seems to be SUSCEPTIBLE to internal and external virus attacks and it's updated vaccinations aren't doing their job of healing and restoring it's health. Immunization seems impossible as the updates have worsened everytime, doing more harm than good. Earlier, only the feed didn't load. Then the new composition wouldn't post. Now, the comments don't load and post, as well as the old posts vanish. Moreover, I'm not able to see some of the emoticons that other people post. They appear like crossed boxes.

    Many people have complained about these issues and it seems MIRAKEE PANDEMIC is worsening day by day. Numerous accounts and sometimes all accounts go into unannounced and forced LOCKDOWN with no suggested time period. While most apps improvise for the better, Mirakee which was considered the KING of the writing apps (yes my friends used to call it KING), seems to be unaffected by it's degradation and is sadly bracing up to be known as the LOST EMPIRE because it lacks the spirit to heal, thrive and do better. Mirakee seems to have INTERNALIZED the negative viruses and is playing a GULLIBLE HOST to them.

    Can we be hopeful that this Mirakee pandemic will end before it's too late ?

    MMMMMM •| Alliteration |• MMMMMM

    Mirakee's multitude malfunction mess removing mechanical maintenance mission is mostly mysterious, moderately mischievous and momentarily modest. Mirakee management's maladministration mapping with maximised mindful monitoring mixed up with miracle medication must markedly minus members misery, mirakee's multifarious mortification and multiple miserable mastication by it's members.
    Mirakee's magnificent magnetism mustn't meet malicious matyrdom.

    GGGGGGG •| Alliteration |• GGGGGGG

    1) GESELLSCHAFT = social relations based on impersonal ties, such as duty to a society or organization or social media.
    2) GOBSMACKED = utterly astonished; astounded
    3) GEWÜRZTRAMINER = a wine made from the Gewürztraminer grape.
    4) GUZZLE = eat or drink greedily.
    5) GEMUTLICHKEIT = genial, friendly
    6) GOBBLEDYGOOK = meaningless, gibberish
    7) GARRULOUSNESS = blabbering, talkativeness

    God ! I guess gesellschaft guys and gals got gobsmacked greatly by my Gewürztraminer guzzled gemütlichkeit gobbledygook garrulousness.