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  • iram_wani 11w

    Dark needs a lit
    Forest needs a ray
    Desert needs a drop of drink
    body needs a soul
    Heart needs a beat
    The same way
    I need you

  • iram_wani 14w

    Paint me with
    the hues of your love

  • iram_wani 15w

    In my every inhale
    I feel your fragrance


  • iram_wani 17w


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    Oh my love

    Do not hug my body
    Hug my soul


  • iram_wani 21w

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    I hush

    Take me somewhere where I sleek my all pain out
    Where I can scrub my all twinges
    Where only Stars can listen to my ache
    Where I can erase all the memories which are meant to be yours
    Because now this soul is very tired
    Tired of being omitted
    Tired of being snubbed at the time when I needed his hands to hold mine


  • iram_wani 23w

    Hyy frds

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    One promise

    I have taken promise from my heart
    Please do not beat without him


  • iram_wani 43w

    #Dear #someone
    I know you are fine and hopefully you are missing me right now
    Ths is your special day and I wish u all the happiness of ths world, I wish you to be the bst entrepreneur of this world and most importantly, I wish we always stay in love nd you always stay wd me, by my side as my dearest........
    On your special day
    I promise that I will love you for who u are
    I promise you that I will always make tym for u regardless if I'm busy or not
    I will set aside everything just to hang out or talk to u because u mean that much to me
    I promise you that I will always be here when Eva you need someone the most
    I promise that I will nva ask you for change coz u are perfect just the way you are
    I want you to tell me your problem and I want you to vent to me coz I'm here to listen to every word you have..... everyday I will prove and show to u how much you mean to me and how much I love you coz action speaks louder thn words

    You give me reason to wake up in the morning and smile, just smile for no particular reason..... except tha fact that you are days go by I feel myself growing closer nd closer nd my heart is suddenly coming out of its shy spot.....I Eva don't want to lose ths feeling nd I don't Eva want to lose you.....

    Whn I here your voice, it's like a feeling I don't want to leave; u give me comfort and joy
    The sound of your voice is like my favrt ❤️ love song I can listen to it all night until it puts me to sleep yet, still as I continue to lay here and think abut everything you are to me

    Still, I just want you to know that whenever ths road may take us, and how far it may be to finally get where we want to go , always know you are in my heart and in my heart is where you'll always be.
    Life hasn't been ths grateful to me, until there was you

    ❤️ I just can't imagine, a day of my life without you............coz you are a part of me and my love for you is true
    So just remember no matter how old you are and where you may be...............
    There is someone who needs you and love you and that someone is me❤️

    I love you to the deepest amount of my soul
    Stealing your last name is my goal ��

    Happy birthday to you #mylove

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    Happy birthday to mi amor

  • iram_wani 45w

    Tum merai the na....
    Khud ko hissu
    Mai kyu baant


  • iram_wani 46w

    I walk
    on the Ashes
    of my heart
    Because I carry
    The fire in my soul
    Heart becomes ashes,
    Soul burn forever


  • iram_wani 47w


    I can rip my heart out,
    And shake it like a piggy bank,
    Untill the ghosts of memories
    Fall out