Born crazy and struggling to maintain it.

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  • iraperiyavallur_indiravmd 1d

    Faith- Building Blocks

    Is like a building base.
    Its very existence,
    Depends on
    The principles of credence and allegiance.
    If ever you have a doubt,
    Simply seek out
    And you would realize
    That nothing can be theorised
    Without Faith.

  • iraperiyavallur_indiravmd 2d

    Lost Dream

    My dream was to be a good human,
    Serving people, making lives better.
    Somewhere, sometime, my dream,
    Got lost in the materialistic realm,
    Since I started chasing
    The fruits of my doing.

  • iraperiyavallur_indiravmd 4d

    There is a child in every teacher and...
    A teacher in every child.

  • iraperiyavallur_indiravmd 5d

    Talent is the energy... Channelise it for good.

  • iraperiyavallur_indiravmd 1w

    Nymph's Musings

    Unhappy and woebegone,
    The flower nymph stared outside her crescent home
    Towards the usual dumping ground of garbage and expecting the stinking filth to welcome her.
    Surprise! Surprise!
    She could breathe fresh air,
    With the sight of dancing ground of garden welcoming her.
    Her joy knew no bounds when she saw the clean ground full of flowers and trees,
    Abuzz with birds and bees.
    She contemplated-
    Humans are not so unkind.
    Citizens of the morrow
    Have a good mind,
    They are instrumental
    In wiping out nature's current sorrow.

  • iraperiyavallur_indiravmd 1w

    Life of a Seed

    Encased in a little flower swaying in the breeze,
    Occasionally I get tickled by the buzzing honeybees.
    Standing, swaying, gazing
    I enjoy the beauty of thriving.
    Slowly the petals fold,
    Enclosing me in their firm hold.
    Soon enough, I am buried in the soil deep,
    Wherefrom I sprout and grow
    To become a big tree
    Bearing flowers, fruits and leaves.

  • iraperiyavallur_indiravmd 1w

    Invisibility Cloak

    Donning the avatar of a commando
    Wearing an invisibility cloak,
    Go ahead with your endeavour
    By staying in the shadows.
    Accepting showers of praise and blame
    With a warm smile,
    Continue to strive.
    That's the secret
    To a blessed life.

  • iraperiyavallur_indiravmd 1w


    The business world is easy-
    So far as you keep bringing in money.
    The moment the inflow stops,
    Realize that it's your time
    To shut the shops.

  • iraperiyavallur_indiravmd 1w

    World of Numbers

    The world is so mathematical
    That every task is put numerical.
    Time is shown in numeral,
    Marks show the study level,
    Grade progression is an integer,
    And we work to earn the legal tender.
    I try to stay away from the numeric;
    But it seems to be a tough gig
    Meant only for a maverick!

  • iraperiyavallur_indiravmd 1w

    Together with you I involuntarily forgot those alongside me.