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  • iseh_ek 1d

    Quite appealing to sight, she's beautiful
    Priceless piece of treasure, she's golden
    Vulnerable yet filled with strength
    Adorable is every piece of her
    A sexxy piece of art I would say
    That which I desire every damn time
    It takes two to tangle they say
    So Let's twist our feelings together in line
    That radiant smile she portrays, butterflies my heart
    The love that accompanies that smile, drowns me to stupor
    Spare me a hug, and I'll hold you so tight
    Lend me a kiss, I'll steal those soft lips
    Feel me slide you from dry to wet,
    Warm breath as if in a haste,
    I better end my poem already
    But I'm damn craving you, every single part of you
    Spare me a moment with my Bambi,
    Just a moment.
    She's the one Love

  • iseh_ek 10w

    If you ain't the definition of beauteous
    Then no one else is
    If your smile doesn't light up the world
    Then other does
    Quite a treasure to the world
    Of which we're happy to have
    Even the stars claim to be "Lucky"
    So they could share your name
    Let violets ornament your gait
    Just like you embellish our sight
    Let roses be laid at your feet
    As you grace the sands of time
    You're a masterpiece of elegance
    Contoured with perfect glamour
    Crested in bliss and radiance
    Dazzled with alluring grandeur

  • iseh_ek 15w

    Aren't you amazed how startled you get when you are surprised?

  • iseh_ek 15w

    I want you

    Hey, I want u
    I want d smile dat makes me grin
    I want d hug that makes my thinking still
    I want d kiss that wets my lips
    d warm random breath, when I slide down ur back
    d gentle subtle moan, as I travel through ur neck,
    And down d narrow path between ur breasts, even the heated sides where it rest on d ribs
    I would caress round ur nips, sending goosebumps down d hips
    Making a wet anthem with d tongue, filling d nipples with tension till firm
    To ur belly and below, my hands would swerve through
    I would send warm air through ur thighs, and kisses through d hips
    With drips flowing gently through the milky way
    u would whisper ur desires as I listen to u
    I would send 'me' down the creamy galaxy, groaning to pleasure
    Feeling ur atmosphere with me, and surrounding me with u
    Your legs and arms would wrap around me, and ur hands slowly gliding my back
    Let my chest n ur breast romance and slither with glee, let my breath travel through ur skin,
    Fulfilling ur fantasies under d sheets as u moan in pitch and tones of delight
    I would toss u to the other side grasping ur behind
    thrusting in deep till I hear u scream
    Rubbing over ur hot body, filling me with d heat
    let me hear u gasp and hold me tight, as we get lost together in Neverland

    Let's please ourselves in sensuous glamour, lets adore our fantasies in delightful pleasure

  • iseh_ek 15w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Lack

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    I can afford to lack silver and Gold
    Not Love

  • iseh_ek 15w

    Let's please ourselves in sensuous glamour,
    lets adore our fantasies in delightful pleasure

  • iseh_ek 15w

    Daddy Changed the world

    Her eyes are heavy with tears that the sockets
    can hardly bear them
    Wide open are the eyes but can hardly see
    because it has been blinded by the deeds of
    “Them” are they that were completely created by
    God, and embellished with the brighter coat on
    the outside
    Cos maybe God was busy while creating me, so
    he left the finishing touches to the unfortunate
    angel to do
    But as far as i know, the tint or shade of two cars
    is of least significance if both have the same
    Because even you can’t say the other is a
    motorbike or a tricycle since its coated
    So imagine why he was killed, how do you explain that to 6 year old Gianna
    Cos Daddy was not sick, neither was he hit by a truck
    So why didn't he come back from work
    Why was he lying down saying nothing
    Maybe he just decided not to say anything no more
    Cos the last time he did, you didn't even listen,
    He begged to at least breath, but you wouldn't let him
    So he decides to be quiet, but we wont be
    He decided to say no more, oh! we will say it
    Cos, i’m not crying no more, I'm done with that
    And as far as i know, Daddy changed the world.

  • iseh_ek 16w


    How I wish I could behold the joy in my
    mother’s eyes
    when she heard my first cry
    And the gladness of my father’s heart
    when the news of my birth arrived his
    What a day it was, as I was told
    The moon and stars were pleasured
    As young as I was old
    The cloud wouldn’t hide its delight
    And the sun its light
    A girl child has been born, with no trace
    of spite
    Father thought of worth, he called me
    He calls me princess, reminds me i'm
    He made me his weakness, that I may be
    His love bears me witness, guards me all day long
    The love of me is unmatched
    And can never be undone
    I am the daughter of my father
    The pride in his eyes
    The hope of my mother
    Her thought that never dies
    I am beautiful and smart
    I am the Queen in the chariot
    I am the king’s honor
    The charm that melts his heart

  • iseh_ek 21w

    Ears & Walls

    To the Mother with a stubborn Son
    that cannot contrast prevention and remedy
    She swims in thoughts of his end and arrives at the shores of uncertainty
    With a rendezvous of questions flowing past the chambers of her heart
    And through her mind races the unrepentant nature of karma's art
    All efforts proving futile has led her to the belief that; Ears have Walls

    To the Father keeping a Mistress to fulfil his untamed desire
    Having realized Marriage is beyond the ring and its finger
    Last time he checked his faithfulness was not in doubt
    But how the secret becomes a headline told in the corridors in and out
    Has made him believe the saying that "Walls Have Ears"

  • iseh_ek 25w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Envy

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    My hard work will forever pay, envy me