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  • ish_02_ 6w

    Shikayat tow aaj bhi mujhe khud se hai

    Khair tumse tow ishq hee Rahega

  • ish_02_ 10w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Balance

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    Life is a balance between holding on and letting on

  • ish_02_ 10w

    Your bodies are perfect
    You don't have to be 6'2 ft or have 6 packs to be handsome
    It's okay to have a tummy with short height
    It's okay to be tall and be skinny
    It's okay to cry because you guys do have so much responsibility towards your family
    It's okay to be not a stud who roam around with 3 or 4 gfs
    It's okay to love one girl
    It's okay to be a mama's boy
    It's okay to be yourself
    You guys don't have to pretend be so strong in front of other's
    It's okay to be sad sometimes because of your study's or your personal life problems
    You guys don't have to be brave if you really are not
    It's okay to be afraid of something
    It's okay to be afraid of losing someone

    You are a boy doesn't mean you have to be perfect
    You boys always have some flaws and make some mistakes doesn't mean you will beat yourself up for it
    You guys are strong
    Y'all are handsome and brave and strong in your own way

    From a girl who thinks every boy is perfect in thier own way ❤️

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    Ishita kumar

  • ish_02_ 10w

    A LETTER TO MY FATHER IN HEAVEN many images comes to my mind when I speak your name, it seems without you in my life things have never been the same..
    What happened to those days when you would come from office and I was always standing at the door so you would come and give your entry ticket ( my daily pocket money)
    You used to bring my fav ice cream everyday
    You used to sing for me and your hand would be in my head till I fall asleep
    What happened to those lazy days When I was just a child
    When my life was consumed in you and your love and in your bright smile..
    What happened to those times whenever I used to look at you in eye you always used made me feel safe like no body can mess with me..
    Dad, some days I hear your voice and turn to see your face yet in my turning .. it seems the sound has been erased.
    Dad who will I turn to for answers when life doesn't make any sense
    I remember you used to hold me whenever I fell sick or had bruised myself and you always told me it's gonna be okay because you know why You are a brave girl
    you are not a princess you are a warrior
    Dad, I would do anything to hear your voice once more and see your face and to hold you close
    I would do anything in the world to take my daily pocket money from you or to eat that ice cream you used to bring me and to listen all those songs you used to sing ..
    I feel you watching over to me and I hope you are proud what your girl has become..
    I wish you were here with me to see my high school graduation
    I wish you were here to see how big I have gotten and I have gotten sooo brave dad..
    Now I only have memories of you in my heart
    Just know that I love you papa
    Always & forever
    From - Your daughter who wished you were still here ❤️

  • ish_02_ 10w


    I know we can't go back to how we really were before I told you all this
    you and I both started distancing ourselves from each other

    But I understand.

    From - who wished you will love me back❤️

  • ish_02_ 10w

    The one who couldn't love me back


    I know I have asked myself so many times
    Why you couldn't love me back
    I know I know you are not over the past
    But you are the right person for me
    Understanding, emphatic and a good human being
    You had warned me about you --
    That you are a tornado and I don't want to step in my life really but that didn't stopped me
    It was the first time in years that someone made me feel loved that made me a little secure
    I know I have asked you so many times why you couldn't just love me back
    You said and I qoute it was never you there is just something wrong in me I always fall for the wrong one I had Fall in love with you If I just knew how to

    I know that I probably will be a heartbreak in your story but in mine you will be someone who taught me how to love myself beyond all the flaws