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  • isha7197 11w

    I feel lost, I feel scared
    Its seems too heavy yet to petty to share
    I relate with them all yet still feel alone
    Everyday ends with me feeling a little more worn
    I want a lot but dont know where to begin
    I push harder everyday only to feel like I did'nt
    I know its madness but I still thrive to fit in
    I stop to breathe and thats when the anxiety kicks in
    "Its your age to struggle, be patient" they said
    I nod along sorting a million thoughts in my head
    Its harder everyday I feel like quitting before I reach the end
    But every morning I choose" Its okay, I've got it, lets do it" instead.

  • isha7197 21w

    I envy the minds not damaged by awareness, I envy the oblivious luxury they enjoy by having a blank canvas not damaged by opinions and reading.Hell,on bad days I even covet the lack of empathy they have cause on a bad day it sucks to be someone who feels so much, who understands so much, who penetrates through the superficiality of this imperfect unfair brutal world only to feel helpless.

  • isha7197 35w

    Do you know how many times I had to break before I made my heart the stone you frown upon?

  • isha7197 37w

    Its all an act,
    I'm tired of really
    I dance on the grave of my pain,
    its easier to be silly
    I break down every once in a while,
    but I get up as easily
    I fool them like a clown,
    but Im a warrior braving through daily.

  • isha7197 40w

    She's a paradoxical puzzle craving to be solved just without wanting to give away all her pieces.

  • isha7197 52w

    I tried to tame my mane and watch my tone.
    Changed my stride even if my pride was torn.
    And nothing changed
    I still reeked of rebellion
    And it still suffocated the world.
    So I gave up on being one of the herd,
    Puffed up my mane,
    And roared.

  • isha7197 55w

    I try, I try to sum up what you mean to me in words but I fail. Every single time I fail. What is supposed to define you. Thoughtlessly selfless? Incomparably strong? Do any of these words do justice to the carapace you form each and every time to protect me from this abominable world. How do you do it? How do you not give up when someone for whom you took pangs of pain hurts you and how do those tears you shed when you feel that pain make you stronger and still willing to go through that atrocity all over again. You took pride in my truth and saw right through my lies. You stood strong in my struggle and broke down at my triumph. You taught me to learn from my tragedies and danced with me at my euphoria. You never quit. You made me what I am today even if it came at the cost of you. And time has passed and I waited for your altruism to end and I waited for you to start living for yourself but there you are all ready to do it all over again. I try, I try to sum up what you mean to me in words but I fail. Every single time, I fail maa

  • isha7197 56w

    You called me cold for the closure I denied.
    A coward I really was, running from the finality of goodbyes.


  • isha7197 56w

    One of the things you realise growing up is that the vitality of belief has nothing to do with optimism and everything to do with survival.

  • isha7197 59w

    Today I woke up brave, buried my past and danced on its grave; bring it life.