I write, what I feel. My words are my 'written' feelings. �� @ishag.0012 ( Insta)

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  • ishagoel_12 3w

    The home

    Its Lovable to be in a little home,
    With lovable people with me.
    It's unbearable to be in a big house,
    With hateful people living with me.
    Bricks make the house,
    Love makes a home,
    Whether as little as a mouse,
    Or a just big dome,
    If members are caring,
    Then with family, food is worth sharing.
    We make a family more lovable,
    With giving more care and love.
    We feel the hug more huggable,
    When with everyone, we fit like a glove.

  • ishagoel_12 3w

    I can now see that picture burning,
    After all, it pictured you.
    I can now take that pure oxygen,
    After all, it contained some toxicity as you.

  • ishagoel_12 4w

    A short love story.

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    People comes in different forms,
    But love comes in one way.
    I don't know where he was from,
    But his care came in every way.
    Couldn't be more luckier with him what I've become,
    Would be the luckiest, if I could get these feelings to say.

  • ishagoel_12 5w

    Letting go off some things will release pain better,
    Whether they are the cruel people or someone's words bitter,
    You won't have to be always be the crowd pleaser ,
    Stop trying to make yourself for people more fitter.

  • ishagoel_12 5w

    @mirakee @mirakeepoet @mirakeeworld

    Just making some words into a poem, and letting you know that what it feels after moving on from an unremovable bad situation.

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    I won't

    I won't let anyone destroy my future,
    Because this is MY present.
    I won't let anyone burn my picture,
    Because this is MY movie.
    I won't let anyone break me into pieces,
    Because this is MY heart and I own it.
    I would rather spend a peaceful night,
    Than instead of crying alone on sunny days.
    I will rule MY own heart,
    Because I'll never let anyone to be the king of it.
    I won't let my heart to look behind now,
    Because now it is being loved by a selfless lover,
    And not dominated by a crooked lover.

  • ishagoel_12 5w


    Nest to Homeless,
    Rest to Sleepless,
    Best to greatness,
    Zest to limitless.

  • ishagoel_12 6w

    Miracles happen, I believe.
    To believe, I didn't wait.
    To not wait, I worked.
    To work, I dived deep.
    To dive deep, I trusted the process.
    To trust, I believed.
    When believed, I saw miracles.

  • ishagoel_12 6w

    Falling for you,
    Made me stand better.

  • ishagoel_12 7w


    A little shy
    she was.
    A tilted Hi!
    she got.
    A little girl,
    with big dreams.
    Her road was a little blur,
    even with light beams.
    To reach infinity,
    she started from zero.
    It took years,
    to be everyone's hero.
    Like a joker,
    She kept everyone happy.
    But, like the truth
    She herself remained unhappy.

  • ishagoel_12 7w

    This love will never end,
    Just like the never ending cold winds in mountains above.
    Our togetherness would last forever,
    Just like the forever lasting of words, which are never removed.