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  • ishi11 1d

    Ishq to ujaale se kiya tha,
    Lekin mohabbat andhere se hogyi
    Aaj bhi talaashte he us ujaale ko❤️
    Par ye andhera kuch jydya hi mohabbat
    Karta he humse.

  • ishi11 2d

    Pyar krti tujhe sbse jydya,par ye batau
    Chahu me tujhe sbse jyada❤️,par ye
    Samjhau kaise,

    Din bhar teri tasveer ko yuh niharna,
    Meri adaat bn chuki he
    Teri harbaat pr hasna meri , khawish bn
    Chuki he☺️,
    Tera har pal yuh khayal rkhna, meri
    Zimmedari bn chuki he
    Par tujhe jatau kaise

    Tera gusse se, tere haasi se, ab pyar ho
    Chuka he,
    Sote jagte tere hi sapne he, tu mera Sahara
    Bn chuka he,
    Par mehsoos krau kaise,

    Waqt ret ki tarah chl rha he,
    Thamja par thamta nhi he,
    Pata h fir na milegaa tu,
    Par phir bhi tujhe sach bolne se darta
    He ye dil❣️
    Par phir bhi ye dil tera intezaar krta h,
    Par tujhse ab sab chupau kaise

    Meri aankhein Jo tujhe dekhr,
    Apne raaj kholne lgjati he,☺️
    Kbtk yuh hi Najre ferungi tujhse..!!

  • ishi11 3d

    Nowadays, there exists a land where,
    Love is the currency
    Peace and happiness is the property,
    And smile is the jewellery,
    Unfortunately we are living in such a fake
    So treasure those people, who actually makes efforts to be with you, and honestly living with you.❣️
    Show them your gratitude and appreciates
    Them, coz u will not find another.

  • ishi11 2w

    I didn't want to leave,
    But I had to fly
    Up in the open sky,
    And I had my dreams to live,
    My present to live without any,
    Confusions, fear,restrictions, and

    I didn't want to leave,
    But I had map to follow,
    In a trip that had to be solo,
    With feeling of mine's own love
    For my myself so that I can set my
    Mind free with the holdings of the
    People who makes me stop loving.
    And I had my own story to weave.

    I didn't want to leave,
    But I had to be free
    Be the queen of my own destiny
    And I had to find my magic, I had to believe.

  • ishi11 3w

    If your sufferings are not making you
    Generous and polite ;you haven't
    Comprehended the hidden messages
    Correctly thereby learnt lessons wrongly.☺️

  • ishi11 5w

    I may never say, but my eyes speaks
    Everything to you
    Your company is something, I need
    And search for,
    The twinkle in your dark black eyes,
    Just make me melts slowly
    I may never understand ,like my love for you
    You reside in my heart, and that
    Cute mole under your lips,
    Seems quite attractive.

  • ishi11 8w

    Milna bichadna hota rahega,
    Girna sambhal Na hota rahega,
    Tu kon he, kya he ,smjh jara
    Tera guroor me jeena ,hota rahega,
    Vakt ki tehzeeb rkhna seekh,
    Yaha mashoor hona,hota rahega,
    Awaaz bhi kabu me achi he,
    Baat badhna ya badhaana hota rahega,
    Ek hum hi nhi noor duniya ke,
    Yaha aana jaana hota rahega.

  • ishi11 8w

    Love is mysterious,
    The person who isn't yet become yours
    Still you are afraid to loose them.
    Silent love ,the most beautiful feeling ever,
    Here u didn't need ur lover to love always,
    U just go deep down in the ocean of love ,
    As much as u want.
    Nobody will stop u, nobody will hurt you nd
    Even ur lover or love ones too.
    Just what u can do is, just feel,
    Feeling that person as a whole in any form.
    Loving silently is better ,rather than make them aware of your feelings,
    Coz silent Love is true love .
    And there will be no insecurities of
    Trust issues.


  • ishi11 8w

    My thoughts are too deep and old types
    Like a old soul.
    You have to understand and feel my depth
    Of thoughts or
    Feelings that have true and real vibes
    Yes , my thoughts are too deep as ocean
    That i can't able to take it into words❤️
    To be with me., You must have courage to
    Swim with me as deep as ocean ,
    Where there is so much of dark and fear of sink or fear of lost away whatever it is.

    But once u decided to swim with me
    By holding hand for forever believe me
    You also see the amazing view of that deep
    Ocean which is full of sparkling ,limitless,
    Boundless,calm and dazzling view .
    Like u just can't explain the depth of ocean
    But can feel it.❤️


  • ishi11 9w

    Spending time on terrace
    With no one else, but
    With that dark night ,silence of
    Nature,the hidden moon and
    Starsoften remind me of
    That's who I am and what's are my limitations that's leads me into unlimited
    Thoughts of love and love only.
    Remember me of my all dear
    ones and those who likes me or
    Even those also who hates me.
    But at the end all I know is, there are all
    Are humans of god and this god never wants to feel such hates for his
    Even universe is also bound with love
    then who we are to hate them?