That woman whose words drip of sweet honey, full of grace, seasoned with Joy,

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  • isimbi 1w

    Everyday is an eye opening that i have nothing in my own control.

    Man has no glory.

  • isimbi 3w

    Me the soul

    I got two pairs
    One black as the dark pit
    One white as the snow at the mount peak

    Black as a night
    Shadow of the evil
    Store of lust
    Lust of the dark
    Buried in sin
    Sin from the devil

    Then white
    White more than my grandma's dress on sundays
    Hot like summer sun
    Branche as they call it
    White as light
    Light the dark hasn't overcome
    Like a star in the dark universe
    I see it
    Brighter in the cold night
    Brighten my sorrows to wash them away
    Melts my pain
    White that washes my sweat

    White is The word
    White is the Blood
    Black is my cross.

  • isimbi 3w

    Today the bird flew away
    Like my fears

  • isimbi 8w

    Death Poem

    What is death but a word?
    Until it takes a loved one!

    Shifted hopes
    Shattered dreams
    Covers memories

    Scatters all my memories
    Till all i remember is your life
    Your life laying in a coffin
    Why is it that my mind can't bring back us singing to the wind
    Death why do u only paint colors of sorrow and that's all u let me remember

    The only war no man has won
    But there's one who conquered it after 3 days
    At the cross of calvary
    To give me life in this life
    To give me life after this life
    And all you required me to do
    Is to love you back
    And to embrace the madness of believing you.
    Christ son of man son of God

  • isimbi 10w

    Part of it was in the moon
    Apart of me
    A love story still waiting to be told

  • isimbi 10w


    A passion
    A love
    A story
    My life in parts, just three of
    All of the above

    A mistake
    A tear
    A poem
    My heart tore and mended

    A crush
    A crash
    A rush
    A chapter my soul never loved

    An end
    A beginning
    A meaning of Me

  • isimbi 11w

    This December,
    Remember them,
    Love even more❤

  • isimbi 12w

    From "hatred and vengeance, my eternal portion" by William cowper

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    Man disavows, and deity disowns me:
    Hell might afford my miseries a shelter;
    Therefore hell keeps her ever hungry mouths all bolted against me.

  • isimbi 12w


  • isimbi 13w

    Shame is a prison
    As Cruel as a grave