My name is Islienna! Isliee, Isi, Izzy, or Lenna for short <3 i like writing original poems and inspiring quotes. wisdom is meant to be shared

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  • islieena 2w


    And in the brush stroke of a conversation,
    He painted a portrait of life so beautiful,
    It made me want to feel alive again.

  • islieena 67w

    It was supposed to easier today,
    Easier to laugh, easier to breath.
    But the memories of yesterday,
    Still lurk in my dreams.
    I tell myself to forget,
    For some moments i do.

    I'll just pretend it's easier today.


  • islieena 76w

    It was never supposed to be this way,
    You know?
    However sometimes things change,
    The glass ceiling shattered,
    I couldn't control what followed,
    But I never meant to bring you pain.
    I want to hear I forgive you,
    But from who's mouth, mine or yours?


  • islieena 78w

    Feed my ears what it is they crave,
    Sweet promises, and the sound of your name.


  • islieena 78w

    Burn my wrecked soul,
    Though I know not what I do,
    The masses claim I'm guilty.
    Little did they know,
    I am only the way God built me.

    So damn me for it.


  • islieena 88w

    The moment was
    like a scarlet red spalsh
    upon a pitch black canvas.
    There was so much darkness,
    and then?
    Sudden vibrance.

    You gave me color.

  • islieena 88w

    I've convinced the world that ive forgiven you. Yet I can't convince myself that you're sorry.

  • islieena 88w

    I don't know why I dropped the ball. It just felt so heavy in my hands.

    You put so much pressure on me. You obsessed over it, losing your mind over the notion of it falling...

    I guess I knew if i let it hit the ground it wouldn't matter anymore.

  • islieena 89w

    They say spending time alone is good for you...

    But they don't understand how loud silence can be

  • islieena 90w

    And in his voice I hear the absence of yours.
    Droning on about drab things,
    I day dream about our banter.

    You really could have been the one.