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  • isolated_atom 1w

    From the corners of the deprived
    Where the shadows & the loom revived
    Starving to witness & be witnessed
    Eaten from the burden unsustained

    A shiv cleaving deeper
    As the nerves snap
    A trusteeship left without a decent keeper
    Lost track in tangled direction of a map

    Inspired more by the pain
    From the soaking knuckles to the atrocious vain
    Solitude in the loners land
    Minding your buisness a life so grand
    No snakes no deciets no smirky soul
    Just strangers trying to cope with a hole

    A void emerged from roots of evil
    Or may be incepted when attempting to be civil
    Some tend to pretend

    To be a figure in a spinning wheel
    Where they convey what they don't feel
    Just to fit in the turbulence dismantled from bliss
    Sucked in the imposters abyss

    And some become silent
    concealing bain in their lips
    Where their pane is the companion
    of a rigorous trip

    But how many stabs before the fall
    How much blood spilled before Molding to be whole
    -Sonal Dubey

    Because i love the bg.

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  • isolated_atom 2w

    In the stillness of the night,
    I turn my face to the wall and weep.
    my sickness is unavoidable, my case is unsolvable,
    Tiny but deep.

    In the light of the day,
    I go out like I'm fine.
    Arrows stuck in my heart,
    I'm an ill human being .
    My issues are as high as a barrow.
    I'm out of tissues wiping tears of sorrow.
    despair stalks the corridors of my soul.
    dread darkens my life, I lose control.
    But I carry my grief hiding alone.

    I'm struggling day and night,
    overwhelmed byguilt .
    I drown in my fears.
    My cup is full with flood of tears,
    I need a cure for my despair.
    Black clouds envelop my soul from the clear sunlight.
    Still arrows stuck in my heart.

    my guilt morphed into self- loathing,
    Obscure when the devil starts lurching,
    this is just a glimpse of my desperation,
    For he desires to shatter my perception.
    I'm broke, he's very wealthy,
    I bought every lie he sold to me.

    Reasons for despair are many and varied,
    It's dark and dreary indeed.
    If you took a coal out of the fire place and bury it deep in me,
    Trying to fill me up with warmth,
    It won't work, for it's ever-winter inside.

    I have been talking to God. guess what, He said something to me.
    my soul saw the Jaws of death and hell opening to swallow me,
    do you have the slightest empathy while I wallow in misery?
    I hope you understand, don't waste your money
    buying me a coffin or a gravestone,
    Just put my ashes in the cheapest casket,
    I'm more concerned about my soul.

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  • isolated_atom 2w

    Aromatic essence of fantasy.❤️

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    I was running.
    Running behind the sheded leaves.
    Elongated tract was lightening my obsessions.

    I heard rumbles.
    Rumbles of a gracile spirit
    Deranged between the pieces of my intimacy for the night.

    I turned back.
    Back to the tombstone
    Emotion kindled the surly contour of leaves.
    It wasn't leaves but the ashes of my body.

    I was guttering.
    Guttering as the dry blood through pores.
    Stir of my umbra directed the avenues.
    The ashes,my ashes reached the destination.

    ~Sonal Dubey

  • isolated_atom 3w

    उससे ज्यादा प्यारी शाम ना ही मैंने कभी देखी थी, और ना ही देख सकूंगी।
    बादलों के साथ आंख-मिचौली खेलता सूरज और उसकी नीलिमा कि परछाईं ने जब तुम्हारे उस सफेद शर्ट को छुआ तो मानो मेरे हृदय रूपी गंगा घाट की सुंदरता में सूरज रूपी चांद लग गए हो। वो तुम्हारा उस बेढंगी सी धोती में लड़खड़ाते हुए ,सीढ़ियों से,गंगा किनारे उतरना,दीपक जलाने के औचित्य हेतु बार-बार उन माचिस की तीलियों को रगड़ते हुए परेशान होना और फिर बगल खड़ी लड़की जो कि बस तुम्हें देखे ही जा रही थी,उससे मदद मांगना "क्या आप मेरा एक काम करेंगी, प्लीज़?"
    चलो ठीक है,
    बीच की बातों को दिल में छुपा कर,आगे बढ़ती हूं,बाकी तुम्हें तो पता ही है कि क्या हुआ था।
    वैसे,मुझे याद है,मैंने उस दिन तुम्हारा हाथ पकड़कर बाबा विश्वनाथ के गंगा घाट की सीढ़ियां चढ़ी थी मजाल है जो मैं किसी को छूती भी थी..
    तुम्हारी वो बात,"अच्छा हुआ कि मैं सिर्फ दादी के साथ आया हूं नहीं तो घर वाले तो तुम्हारी तरफ देखने भी ना देते,बात करने कि तो बात ही अलग है" सुनकर मैं कितना हंसी थी।
    ना तुम्हें यकीन हो रहा था और ना ही मुझे कि हम दोनों एक ही शहर के हैं।
    उस दिन हमारी बातें खत्म ही नहीं होने आ रही थी,पहली बार मिले थे लेकिन ऐसा लगा कि जन्मों का वास्ता है। तभी होटल से तुम्हें फोन आता है की दादी कि तबीयत कुछ ठीक नहीं है।
    तुम चले गए...
    वापस जाकर तुमने मुझे मुझसे से भी ज्यादा ढूंढा और शायद पा भी लिया।
    और तुम्हें याद है? अरे हां! मैंने बताया था ना कि तुम्हें देखकर मुझे बस सिर्फ एक ही गाना याद आया "बनारासिया" अरे वही.. रांझना मूवी का.. जो कि तुमने कभी सुना तक नहीं था और फिर वही तुम्हारा फेवरेट बन गया।
    खैर छोड़ो इन बातों को, मै बनारस जा रही हूं, ये बताओ कि इस बार फिर से मिलोगे, दो अजनबियों की तरह उसी गंगा घाट पर?

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    हूं विश्वनाथ का नाविक मैं,
    तुम गंगा की हो लहर प्रिये।

  • isolated_atom 4w


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    I'm that deodorant of your body,you use everyday.
    I'm the same stub of your cigarette
    I'm a unit of universe
    indulge in your soul.
    The aromatic essence
    of your body reminds
    me the evening under
    chestnut tree.
    The chunk of your emotion
    get melts while
    my delicacy left you
    I think in serenity
    I get you from my

    I'm the pillow of your bed
    which sticks you with it.
    I'm a revulet in your sea
    full teary eyes.
    I'm your avenue to through.
    The root of our hope tree
    covers the universe
    with a very dense weight
    upon it.
    The bag of love on
    your back have kinda
    mystic books.
    Your emotions
    are hovering between your tongue,teeth and lips.
    Your heart is constrained
    to express but not you.
    I'm an umbrage of your ecstasy,you don't want the clash.


  • isolated_atom 5w


    @writersnetwork Thank you:)❤️

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    Because it has no end.
    What do you want,you are dreaming for, imagination transforms you to the path of attainment.
    If you imagine the positive, it'll happen true(positive) and if you're imagining for negative, the things'll go on the negative tract.
    You imagined,you can do."Imagination is the beginning of creation."
    It is said,"imagine your mind like a garden and your thoughts are the seeds."
    Imagination takes us to realities that were never explored. It is truly magical to create unique things out of thin air. Nobody could have thought a couple years ago that we would travel in a Hyperloop or experience Virtual Reality. But it happened because of one person’s imagination.
    Imagination makes it possible to experience a whole world inside the mind.It includes all the five senses and the feelings. It is possible to imagine sounds, tastes, smells, physical sensations, feelings and emotions.
    The Avenues you can choose to imagine,are of two types. "POSITIVE" and "NEGATIVE."
    In case of positivity; you're staying positive,the things will not turn positive, Rather you'll be okay no matter what, everything will seem okay, Automatically.
    Positive mindset allow you to lolling the way,where negative never could sneak you. Positivity invigorate you and will resurrect you.
    Happiness is not a possession to be prized;it is a quality of thought,a state of mind. Of course we have our moments of depression;but there are other moments too,when time unmeasured by the clock,runs on into eternity.
    "I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."
    If you are a dreamer come in
    If you are a dreamer a wisher a liar
    A hoper a pray-er a magic-bean-buyer
    If you're a pretender come sit by my fire
    For we have some flax golden tales to spin
    Come in!
    Come in!


  • isolated_atom 6w


    Time has passed,
    Look at my time now
    I cried a lot in the nights,
    It will be your night to die.

    Yes,you should remember
    You're the offender
    My life was pious
    You were the two dismember.

    Now i get the chance
    I'll have my revenge
    Look closely into my eyes
    And now you feel cringed?

    My time was not good
    Yours has become bad
    Pray as much you want
    Yes,i had the better life because....
    ....yours(time) has become bad.


  • isolated_atom 6w

    *"Dream to planets"*
    Once i dreamed
    That i was dead,
    And was carried by some winsome girls
    Who were dressed in pink and red.

    I felt so light
    As if i wasn't whole,
    then i realised
    It wasn't my body,rather my soul.

    They took me to a land
    Where things were sparkling,
    Objects behaved divergently
    And the cynefin was confusing.

    Little far away a board read
    'Welcome to the heaven',
    With little flowers surrounding
    And the clock near strucked seven.

    The heaven stretched endlessly
    just like the vast space,
    I was just a smoky figure
    with intangible body and no face.

    On the baseless lacuna
    I took large plods,
    To search whether or not
    In heaven lived gods.

    I found there none
    Except the empty land,
    As if no one stayed there
    Only the beauty is maintained by a wand.

    From the heaven
    I could see the earth,
    Containing so many lives
    It revolved with mirth.

    I sat on Saturn's ring
    And enjoyed the ride,
    Then played with the Jupiter
    A Game of seek and hide.

    Clulessly,i moved towards the mars
    And its heat vexed me a lot,
    Ufff!!! To get relief from it
    I sailed towards Neptune to relish the crispy plot.

    Its chilly weather
    Froze my blood,
    Therefore I left that planet
    And towards the moon I flowed.

    Before I could stop the moon
    The earth's gravity pulled me off,
    On a slippery marble floor
    I was hardly dropped.

    On feeling the pain
    I started to weep,
    Saw the clock read 3:00 am
    Then moved to bed and felt there's lot more time to sleep.


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    We'll meet again.

  • isolated_atom 6w

    Why don't you recognise I'm so rare?

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    The residue of your memories shatter a part of me. Every single night.

  • isolated_atom 6w

    @writersnetwork Thank you:")

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