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  • its_anjo 1w

    Dont take him away
    From me , to the day
    We won't talk
    On that evening walk.
    Its so hard down deep
    Losing air of my breathe
    He's the rain to my dry sand
    No fingers around my hand
    I tremble inside ,with words
    Unsaid ,
    I can do is only wait
    Because a plucked flower dies early
    Contenting with just a little part
    That i have got of you.
    Afraid to win.
    Afraid to lose.

  • its_anjo 8w

    Wake me up when this is all over
    When the words that fall would be all sober
    When it's only the rain to think
    And the beating hearts, beat in sync.
    Till then I'll be gone on a parole
    From the chaos as dark as kohl.
    Wake me up when its all bright
    And i see you under the moonlight.

  • its_anjo 9w

    When they say you aren't strong...
    Let them pass by you
    When you're whistling it through .
    Ignorance is the best
    As he's not living you.

  • its_anjo 9w

    No more the pieces
    Could fit in at the places.
    Here we collapsed
    Into the puzzle of life.

  • its_anjo 9w

    I am more careful to step in.

    It had broken me good .

  • its_anjo 9w

    Thinking through the moment
    Which is getting older,
    Where my name
    Isn't just a dust on your shoulder.


  • its_anjo 11w


    I stayed longer than I should have
    Learning to lay down that hope.
    But if only i could,i could
    I would begin again and let go!
    How i was feeling at that time
    The moment you should've known
    This broke me even more fine
    Like i was the only rock in the mine
    It's not easy to feel the closure
    I am still holding on to something
    Thats already over
    I wont let us fall in the greyzone
    We can make the dying little slower
    Living in gloom , searching a spark
    Tryna pass the day by day
    But we're already in the dark.

  • its_anjo 15w

    Are you not supposed to smile
    While you leave,to the last byes
    Though the tears won't stop forever

    And i shall cry you a song
    '...Rest here ,tight in my arms .
    The last time will be slipping through
    My finger which once hold yours
    Once colored red ,now blue.
    A thousand reasons to stay failed
    To a few reasons to part...
    Take your memories away
    Cant live with just them in my heart.
    Vulnerable to the love ,
    It ain't easy being apart
    Oh! I feared the end
    In the very start...'


  • its_anjo 15w

    You ever had the thoughts
    As i have of you ?
    Do you pass the nights
    Thinking what to do?
    I just know you
    Through your words
    I wonder if you are
    As candid as those.
    I've been longing
    Since a long time
    To see your face
    And smell your clothes.
    Do you have soft hands
    To soothe the hold
    I could have spat
    Every single word to you
    Only if i was bold.

    But cant hold it in now
    Thinking to distract ,but how?

    You say one word
    And i have a thousand thoughts
    I am , I'll stay vulnerable
    Till i figure out the 'nots'
    I want to open for once
    But the flood sinks me in...
    Am i walking the one way down
    If i give a hand , would you hold it?
    You know my weaknesses
    Do you embrace it?
    I want to trust the laughters
    That you brought at midnights
    But it also rains in sun.
    Not always what you think.Right?
    What if there is a 'fault in our stars'
    Or if our story ends 'before sunrise'?

  • its_anjo 17w


    I moved past the doors
    In that open sky of the autumn fall
    Dense within , i was dancing
    Tears , smile , straight and tall.

    I was told
    'To watch the rainbow , go through the rain '
    Little did they know the pain
    If you are on the way
    And the clouds move the sunshine away.

    I now walked with resistance to all
    With the sorrowed heart still mourning
    Got its way from the corner of my eyes
    I let it go for a hopeful morning.

    I was told
    'Life goes on '
    Little did they know
    It takes a while to burn
    To search for a broken part or get a new one

    I stopped under a naked tree,
    Within a blink it was dark to light
    The growth ,the candent made a promise
    Get going. Tears , smile , straight benight.