Yes ! I’m young TIBETAN girl and I ‘m very proud to be a member of TIBETAN

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  • its_me_alien 1d

    EveRYtHiNg is WORTH ,
    WheN YoU ArE GaY ( HaPPy) .

  • its_me_alien 1d

    Awkward moment

    When you’re favourite person
    Became stranger .

    When you’re human diary
    Turns into unknown.


  • its_me_alien 1w

    It’s started with Facebook and
    Ended up in Instagram.

    2018 ! we are unknown
    to each other .
    Years back , We never knew ,
    We exist in this globe .
    And it’s all started with
    One friend request.

    2019 ! We came to know
    We exist .
    You shared all you’re knowledge
    And perceptions ,
    And through that I changed my views .
    Meeting you was unexpected
    Chatting with you :- whole day ,
    Every month , every week was a real
    Blessing and happiness for me .

    You’re one text can change my mood
    I seriously do !
    The way you talk , personality
    Something which is very unique .
    I wonder !
    Why you don’t have any crush ?

    You are something that
    I can’t describe perfectly.
    But you gave me so many
    Memories in this one year .

    2020 ! again we changed
    But this time it’s our distiny that
    We become known to unknown .

    It was a really amazing
    Journey with you !
    Through facebook to Instagram.
    Will be very great full for it !
    I can’t forget our bond
    That we created in our past !

    And it’s ended up in Instagram


  • its_me_alien 3w


    Why you are so good to me ?
    I love being with you .
    I love each an everything that you do .
    You are the most precious thing that happened In my life .
    I know we never date but I still like you
    But not as couples even more than that .
    You have all qualities , which
    I ‘m hoping to see in my future (husband )
    Whenever I read our old chats
    I feel like crying and always asking myself that :- May be I did something !
    But I will never let you guys to know
    What I feel for him .
    Because I want to keep secrets between me and myself .
    Yesterday your texts came and
    I was so happy but I didn’t show at all
    Because I hv fear of losing you again
    That’s why I didn’t reply much
    I am scare, and I am scare
    I miss you so much and yeah
    I am keep on noticing that no one is like you .
    You are very special friend of mine .
    I will miss you , I will cherish our
    Company .
    I promise, I will never forget you in my life.
    Why you are so good to me ?
    I ‘m sorry if I ever hurt you .
    And I will share all of our secrets to my children’s .
    And I will definitely pray for you’re
    Brighter future with colourful of happiness and happiness only .
    May you live more than me .
    From you’re :- Y....


  • its_me_alien 3w

    When I was sitting with my families
    Suddenly I felt like :-
    From today onwards I will not
    Write anything until and unless I feel
    like writing it .

    What is the use of writing poems
    When you are not there to read it .
    So on 16 July 2020 around 9:11 pm
    I will stop here .

    So bye !!!!

  • its_me_alien 4w

    You are a star ,
    I want to be moon .
    You are a pen ,
    I want to be ink .
    You are a crazy,
    I want to be stupid.
    Your love is war ,
    I want to fight .
    Your sorrows,
    I want to turn it into happiness.
    Your smile ,
    always want to see .
    Your jokes ,
    always want to hear .
    Your company,
    Always willing to join .
    Your voice ,
    I want to feel deeper .
    You are handsome,
    I want to be cute .
    Will you be mine best friend ?


  • its_me_alien 5w

    Under the same moon ,
    Cover by tiny blanket ,
    yet again I am thinking about you .

  • its_me_alien 5w

    Yo girls !
    I do get jealous, when
    Someone talks about him .
    But girls !
    You will not get any chance to
    Be with him !
    Because he is mine !!!!!!


  • its_me_alien 5w

    Let him go !

    From past one year ,
    You’re the reason behind my smile but not now .
    From past one year ,
    You’re my support system , daily inbox , secrets
    Keeper but not now .

    From past four months ,
    You have been missing in my life .
    From past four months ,
    I have been losting in my own imagination.

    Form past one month ,
    I have been angry on you .
    From past one month ,
    I felt like how dumb I’m in front you .

    So I made my mind to forget you ,
    Never going to text back .
    You didn’t call me from past
    Four months so yesterday I decided
    To delete you’re number and I did .
    And to be honest yesterday was
    One of mine best day .

    I want you to let go
    out my mind .
    I wish you nothing but a happiness and
    Happiness only .

    And seems like here 5th July 2020
    Our friendship has come to an end !
    I have a great memories with you .
    I wish ! Guy like you should be more
    And you know that .

  • its_me_alien 6w

    still I am same ! ~2018~

    It’s still hurt , when I hear
    That you have gf !
    I still want, you to come back .
    You’re my first and last choice.

    It’s still hurt , when
    You are not around me
    I still want to, talk with you .
    You’re my favourite.

    It’s still hurt , when you
    Flirt to others instead of me .
    I still want, to meet you .
    You’re one of my best memories
    That I don’t want to forget in my
    Entire life .

    It’s still hurt , when
    You didn’t come back
    I still want , to be with you .
    You made my 2018 year most memorable

    I still want to be with you ~T.T~