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  • its_nityaaa_writes 2w

    Eid mubaarak

    Chirag dil me jgao,
    ki aaj eid hai
    Khushiyon se sabke chehre jgaao,
    Ki aaj eid hai
    Gale milo saare gile Shepve mitakr
    Ki aaj eid hai
    Chaand ke noor ko nihaaro,
    Ki aaj eid hai

  • its_nityaaa_writes 3w

    Where do i found him?
    Who is he?
    Does is voice is like rushing of water?
    Does is eyes is soo deep
    Like an ocean?
    Is he the Prince of my own world?

    Huhhhh! Lots of questions
    Had in my mind,
    When i saw him

    Observing him,
    That time
    Is like everything seems
    IN front of my eyes
    Accept his dusky eyes.

    That bleam on his eyes
    And that shade of his balls
    Told me every story
    Of his life.

    Well, i found my man
    Strong than anybody
    I know,

    I saw his arms with
    Carring my dreams.

    I don't heard his bold voice
    But his soul melts during
    Eye contact and
    Just Told me "i love you".

  • its_nityaaa_writes 4w

    The pain i carried in my eyes
    Is not same like anyone
    Yes, this is pain of love.

    The pain that i hate mostly
    I don't know why that pain
    Are always around me?

    The man i love most
    Sometimes i wish
    Why i don't hate him?
    He is not the single piece?

    I Earphone on my Eardrum
    Is remmenber me that
    "i have a broken heart"
    And this because of you.

    The eye contact between us
    Is like a gesture for me
    That you love me.

    Again that night
    I saw your lastseen on truecaller,
    That hurts me, that totally hurts me
    it's 1:30am and he was
    Talking to someone else.

    And i fool
    Saw his pictures
    And smile without reason
    Again and again,

    Not matter
    what time or situation it is
    I always miss you.

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    The pain of love.

  • its_nityaaa_writes 5w

    I wish
    I live those days again
    When you are in front of my eyes.

  • its_nityaaa_writes 5w

    I feel your eyes touching my soul.

  • its_nityaaa_writes 6w

    Hope you'll like it
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Somebody is getting younger
    To look at window
    In the dusky night
    Somebody wants to take herself
    Under your arms
    Somebody believe that one day
    Is on the way.

    In the age of playing Badminton
    Somebody waiting for her prince (you),
    Somebody doesn't matter
    Is day or night,
    Is today or tomorrow
    Everytime, everyday
    Somebody missing you,
    Somebody Believe that one day
    Is on the way.

    Sometimes playing with own hair
    Or dreming sometimes
    You playing wid them,
    Somebody believe that one day
    Is on the way.

    Soo, finally somebody found you:)

    That day when somebody met you
    In the black pajama and
    In blue T-shirt,
    Somebody Observe your eyes
    is silent Between
    Love or hope,
    Somebody observe your lips
    Open while joke,
    Everybody called you

    You isn't like somebody's prince charming
    Although somebody fell in love at first sight

    For somebody
    That dusky night seems
    So bright,
    And at looked your arms
    Somebody blushed
    To remember own dreme,
    Somebody felt, that day is front of her own eyes.

    Somebody wants to open up wid you
    That somebody fell in love wid you,
    It's too hard for somebody.

    Somebody started to give clues but,
    Without clues.
    And somebody didn't know
    Where that clues go

    After days
    Someone informed her
    That you already fell in love
    Wid another girl :(
    Yet again somebody believe that one day
    Is on the way.

    Somebody believe that one day
    Is on the way :)

    Somebody's i'm.

  • its_nityaaa_writes 6w

    For you my feelings never end.

  • its_nityaaa_writes 7w

    Yess, i'm a girl.

    I afraid of cochroches
    I laugh harder when i explain something. ebarassing movement.
    I talk everytime with my stupidies.
    I sing even people says "besuri", i do belly dance even people says that "thelly dance".
    I'm not much strong as my acting seems.
    I Believe on people who care little bit of me.
    A broken nail and put my phone on charging and don't on plough is much painfull than a broken with.
    I cry alot as people never imagine.
    I don't have talent of art and craft, painting, sketching.
    I do subtract and addition on my fingers till now.

    I had a wished that "i was a boy"

    But now i feel i'm luckiest and happier girl in the whole universe.

    Yess, i'm a girl and I proud of it.

  • its_nityaaa_writes 8w

    Jo uski manzil tak nh pahuchi
    esi khat hun main,
    Jo usse lag ke bhi nh lagi
    esi lath hun main,
    Sab padh kr bhi jo nh samaj ske
    esi ulajhee hui kahani ki sheershak hun main.

  • its_nityaaa_writes 8w

    I want to do all the things which i want,
    Yet again i'm afraid of and think about you that you are observing me.

    I want to take steps and don't look behind,
    I try to smile in front of world,
    Yet again our memories make me cry.

    Every morning, the gleam on the eyes,
    That sun kissed sparkling in my eyes,
    Recall that once in your feet
    I begged for life.

    I can't help the situation of helplessness
    It makes me alone,
    I always said "it's over between us"
    Yet again i search for your clone.

    That backspace know me better than anybody,
    That road learn my steps which i walk for you,
    Yet again i see your face with full on depressed.

    I always try to breathe in love
    In the garden of full of blossomed,
    Yet again the pain of your love inclines on the eyes.

    I'm afraid of all nights
    They make me insane again and again,
    I close my eyes to feel the waves
    Yet again my tears hide themself in rain.

    Every song is enemy now
    Every quote is saved,
    it hard to open up with people
    Yet again my soul gets craved.