Stillness amidst chaos ��

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  • itsanushkajain 1w

    "Don't complain for rosebush has thorns instead rejoice thornbush has rose"

    Things might seem bleak right now,
    Uncertainty may shove you down
    But one thing is sure neither would last forever. As long as you persevere ahead you are destined to be the happiest in end
    How you see the world is how they treat you in turn
    For you possess entire universe within yourself don't let your happiness dwell in someone else
    Just tap into the deep reservoir of happiness within you
    Don't be defeated cause the better version of yourself is cheering on the other side of this fence .✨


  • itsanushkajain 6w


    At this moment, at this point in my life
    Confusion is something that Peirce my soul like a knife

    Dreading how things may happen in future,
    I have held my present in persecution

    All this confusion filled with chaos
    As though living in a world spilled like sauce

    This moment, this is your life
    For tomorrow is questionable not too sure to arrive


  • itsanushkajain 6w


    All this while,
    as though I lived in exile

    Dreading for what people might think,
    For I was propped on their opinions upto to the brim

    Always aspiring,
    for them to say ' oh , she's really inspiring'

    Thousand changes did I make,
    Yet to them I was everything fake

    Just as cherry, peach and plum each has differences,
    So are we unique with our own significances


  • itsanushkajain 7w


    As I pass by these crowded streets,
    people from all walks of life is what I see

    Some are the owners of these humongous stores,
    While others just pull rickshaws for customers to their doors

    Horns blaring, cars are rushing
    Yet feel silenced as I see the sky blushing

    Those teeny-tiny shops,
    Some selling sweets some those cute crop tops

    It's not a bed of roses you see,
    For life it is that goes on and on while you glee.


  • itsanushkajain 10w


    Look around yourself
    you have a lot of things to embrace

    For we live in an ignorant society
    that wishes for things that are way too mighty

    We often stop being grateful for things
    that are smaller to us but is someone else's life

    You may not get what you want
    But life is all about being grateful for what you have cause that's what makes others daunt.


  • itsanushkajain 10w


    Its hard to stand up again and again,
    When you feel yourself in darken abyss

    When things don't go as per your plan,
    and feel like only one defeated in your clan

    When you feel like cheated by life,
    It then becomes difficult to move on and strive

    But you see it's when you feel demotivated the most
    you mustn't lose the hope.


  • itsanushkajain 11w

    Time Changes

    Take me back into the time,
    to make something's better and fine

    To meet those people again,
    With whom I spent every day like insane

    And to fulfill those promises,
    relive those happy moments

    But now things have changed way too much,
    for we moved on with our lives out of touch

    A little disappointed to know those moments were not permanent as such


  • itsanushkajain 11w


    How to be brave?
    How to let go when I am afraid?

    To start something new
    Takes a lot of courage in you

    How do I start when all I am is too afraid to fall again so hard?


  • itsanushkajain 11w

    Hard Work

    I hold a lot of dreams in my mind and eyes,
    But the resources to Chase them are way too suffice

    All I know is some gets served on a golden platter,

    While others have too work hard to make their lives better

    Till this time I have worked way too hard,
    won't allow anything to lower my gaurd

    For I want to create a life,
    where i am all free and alive


  • itsanushkajain 11w


    Lost in my own world,
    dreaming things that might never turn up

    Though lost but that's what makes me feel alive a lot

    Knowing it's wrong to be lost in my own imagination,
    But can't really help it for real world makes me feel suffocation