Love poetry and stories.... Not talented enough to write one tho

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  • itshaffy 5d

    Black and blue

    Everyone has an existence
    But not everyone, a presence
    I know you remember but you don't know why

    Everyone can be hurt
    But not everyone can feel pain
    Beaten to a pulp then beaten back into shape

    Everyone can feel good
    But not happy.
    Stolen memories and forgotten sentiments

    They remind me of a lot
    Death, injuries, decay
    Black eyes and blue veins

    Dark days and bright nights
    Lonely days and spiritless weeks
    Gave birth to my two favourite colors
    Beautiful black and sad blue


  • itshaffy 5d

    I'm always fine

    Last time
    I wanted to yell
    I wanted to tell
    I wanted to cry
    But all I did was whisper
    That I'm fine

    When we text
    I feel like i can say anything
    At least i can delete them from existence
    But you never ask
    Because you didn't wanna pry

    You don't want to intrude
    I don't want to be foward
    You certainly have your own problems
    So I won't add mine if you don't ask me to
    And especially because i don't want to feel ignored
    Or make you feel bored.

    I'm certainly not Helen of troy
    Who'd make you wage wars for me
    Keep me close
    I just want you to be there
    But i won't ask
    And you can't read minds
    So what do i do?

    I'll just sit quietly with you
    Talking to my inner self
    Raving and ranting
    About how useless
    And hopeless
    And pained
    And waned
    I am
    Hoping you'll ask
    Although you don't
    Because i just told you
    I'm always fine.


  • itshaffy 3w

    Anytime i talk to myself i always feel like I'm talking to someone i wish all my listeners will be like... kinda selfish hehe

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    I know you
    But then again i don't
    We talk every fortnight
    But then I've never seen you

    Awfully familiar
    But then still a stranger
    Can't really decribe your features
    But for you i can't mistake another
    Awfully flawed
    But still perfect

    Voice so smooth
    Its like auditory silk
    Skin so clear
    It can make a mosquito slip
    Your whole being blends with the night sky

    You listen to every word i say
    And are always attentive
    You rarely talk back
    Even when you're pissed too.

    Your not really hard to find
    The perfect man in my mind


  • itshaffy 4w


    I just want to sit in my corner
    Where the cold makes me warmer
    And let my mind become demon fodder

    I want to chop myself in batches
    Put each one in different coaches
    But leave my sanity with the rats and roaches

    I want to be in sight
    Trying with all my might
    To help others put up a fight
    And make their heavy, light

    Its pathetic
    My attempts to fix
    Trying to lead the chicks
    Even though the fog is thick

    But later
    I'll get out my whip
    And go back to my corner
    With my back bare
    Allowing my courage
    Feed the blind rage
    At myself
    And put my sanity on the shelf

    Because i understand
    How it feels to fall
    So so low
    I'll help you stand
    And scale the wall
    So you can be the star of your show


  • itshaffy 4w

    It's ok to cry

    No matter
    How strong
    How meek
    How powerful
    Or weak

    No matter
    How little it seems
    How icy it gets
    How trivial it may look
    How long it took
    How many times you fret
    Or how serious it is

    No matter
    How big you are
    Or how much of a small fry
    Its alright to cry
    It might not solve it
    It will not bring them back
    But its fine to try


  • itshaffy 4w

    I see track lines
    No Speed bumps
    Going 300
    Hearing engines roar
    Hit the gas
    Almost there
    Just a bit more speed
    One more swig
    And no more tears

  • itshaffy 5w

    For now

    Hey you there with my heart in your hand
    I know you've left me with no choice
    And you've taken the controller of my emotions from me
    And I'm just numb and without a voice

    I'd just like to ask you this one thing
    And I hope it'd be granted
    Because after a long time of being quiet i think i deserved
    To get what i wanted...

    Ummm what was i going to ask again?
    Oh my I forget
    Oh yeah. Stop squeezing too hard
    I need a break from the pain
    Don't worry I'll go back but not yet

  • itshaffy 5w


    Most of the things i say are impulsive
    I try not to think it through
    That's because I'm quite indecisive
    And it can be annoying too

    But enough of the things that come from my head
    Let's not get all serious
    They say our life has been planned out ahead
    Donno by who, but ain't it mysterious

    I just got one thing to say to you boo
    There had better be something worthwhile at the end of this kraken gut
    Because after all the things I had to go through
    After all the love I gained and lost
    When we get to the end
    I better not be getting any buts

    Cuz I'd much rather take my past with them
    no matter how obscure

    Than some future of which I'm not even sure


  • itshaffy 6w

    Forget the old conversations
    Just to make new ones
    Recycle our memories
    So the magic has new undertones

    It might look like a circle
    Going round and round
    At least I'm not moaning myrtle
    Who has to always hope anyone who comes around
    Came for her

    Even if it does make us look like
    Strangers right after being
    Best friends


  • itshaffy 6w

    How many ft?

    I'm 5ft tall
    Its not much though
    I still get lost in crowds
    I still blend in with the kids
    And can't see from the back at all

    People say I'm not qualified to be tall
    That I'm deep
    I hop to see over the counter
    At your sister's stall

    It was kinda embarrassing
    That I'll be a measly 5ft
    Though I'm kinda round
    While my best friend
    Is 6ft
    But not above ground

    So everytime i feel like
    I'm floating
    Getting taller and taller
    In this tireless mime
    It makes me wonder
    If you grew a lil bit
    Or if you're still
    6 feet deep
    Like last time