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  • itsiksha 2w

    Mere hamsafar , mere hamnava,
    Mujhpe thodi si inayat to kar,

    Yeh jo phool hain gulzar me,
    Inse guftgu na kar mere haal par,

    Mere dil ke rukh ko badalte dekh,
    Meri koshishon pe aitbar to kar,

    Mohlat to de meri chaah ko,
    Meri mannaton ko tabah na kar.

    Yeh jo iqsh h meri rooh me,
    Isse apne khwab ke khatir to kar.

  • itsiksha 2w

    میرے ہمسفر، میرے ہمنوا
    مجھ پہ تھوڑی سی عنایت کر

    یہ جو فول یہی گلزار میں
    ان سے گفتگو نہ کر میرے حال پر

    میرے دل کے رخ کو بدلتے دیکھ
    میری کوشش اور پے اعتبار تو کر

    مہلت تو دے میری چاہت کو
    میری منت تو تجھ کو تباہ نہ کر

    یہ جو عشق ہے میری روح میں
    اسے اپنے خواب کے خاطر کر

  • itsiksha 3w

    One should be aware

    It's time that we should acknowledge the fact and cease to catastrophe our mindset on a content which is created for amusement.

  • itsiksha 3w

    Social media impact

    One inappropriate joke liked and shared by billions of people sometimes leads a tiny fraction of people assume that content is current generation's mentality though it is not true and in reality is not acceptable by the society.

  • itsiksha 3w

    Jokes and memes are now a daily part of our lives and after a really hectic day of work we feel like reading and sharing them.
    Some of us enjoy dank comedy too, but unknowingly such content may affect our mentality.

  • itsiksha 3w

    It's not just a joke

    A sexist and a racist joke can have a huge impact on someone's mentality.

  • itsiksha 3w

    The question was my kiss,
    He replied with a smile.


  • itsiksha 3w

    I wear your presence in my smile.


  • itsiksha 3w

    I can be the designer of my reality,
    Living in a lucid dream
    Or the writer of my own catastrophe,
    Endured in the nightmare.


  • itsiksha 7w

    बेज़ुबान सी है बातें,
    कुछ कह रही है ख़ामोशी।