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  • itsuncommonlycommon 25w

    #ceesartlove challenge by @carolyns_challenges_and_quotes
    Thank you for this amazing challenge...�� ��
    I was so confused which one to use in this challenge out of my many last, I landed up on this one.
    The painting is named as Current
    By: Vladimir Kush (he is a great Surrealist artist of the present.)
    I tried to illustrate the art in my words, here's a little information about this painting:

    12 X 15 Inches

    The painter draws a clear analogy between current lines and growth rings of a tree. For annual rings reflect the current of time, the time stream.
    And I have written what it speaks to me. ��


    Age is natural,
    Aging is unavoidable.
    The rings on the trunk
    marks the age of the tree.
    But how would you calculate
    my age just by seeing me?
    Well, I leave you guessing about this,
    While I'm busy with my rowing spree.
    Look around you are in mid of a sea,
    And the history of whirlpools is all that you can see.
    Ripples of nasty times,
    Repulsed me persistently down the line.
    But I sailed across them since forever,
    Faced them and promised self to not to run ever.
    Someday when the time would be right,
    Will take a seat with you and we'll write.
    The stories, the struggles, the lessons I've Learned,
    The failures, the scars, the wins with the current.

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    Art By Vladimir Kush

  • itsuncommonlycommon 26w

    Cuz Darling
    I know how to love,
    And I know how to die,
    I know how to rise again
    And I know how to fly.
    ~ ~

    #unfazed #wod #fragments #art #mirakee @mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork

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  • itsuncommonlycommon 29w

    My entry for the #ceeslovmon challenge by @carolyns_challenges_and_quotes thank you for this wonderful really makes one realize the positives and negatives about self and this process of self-loving/praising is a really great therapy when you are feeling low in your life.

    But yaa the way Carolyn Ma'am has stated in her challenge post that's extremely valuable, worth a read and we should and we must always remember that... Don't forget the "We" while you are busy with your very own "I" as being Egoistic and being Proud have a very thin line in between ...try not to cross it. Not just for others but it's extremely harmful to you yourself. Have a great day ahead. God bless����
    @amor_dios thanks for the push Darlo��❤

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  • itsuncommonlycommon 29w

    You left,
    But your love left me never,
    It lingers around me, all the time,
    All I want is to be lost in its embrace,
    As death is the only forever which I could trace.

    I am going insane, pardon me while I take this blame.

    #voice #engulf #emerge #mirakee @mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork

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    These voices inside my head
    Never been silent since you left.

    You left me in this world so callous and mean,
    You have chosen another world just for you and not me.

    There was a song I still remember,
    Which felt like some cold night of sunless December.

    It still plays somehow, from somewhere.
    And I could feel the walls and the mirrors staring ghastly at me, silently observing.

    When I am bathing I know it's you who wants to hold me a bit longer in the water....I could feel your love weighing me down.

    There is a solace in that music which drags me towards itself..and my heart wants to stay.
    To stay on the edge of the roof,
    in the pool all submerged,
    in the middle of the road,
    with the blood oozing out of the cut,
    in the darkest of the hour,
    And I could see the grey murky outlines carving your face by the smoke which emerges out of nowhere in the tenebrous room.
    I could see each and every feature of yours in that pitch black and while you sang that heartbeat still skipped a beat or few.
    And every time that darkness engulfed you I wanted to follow your voice....those fainted lyrics which I remember so precise.
    As I know it's you humming
    And darling I am coming,
    For you.
    To you.
    After you.

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  • itsuncommonlycommon 31w

    #lyricsch1 challenge by @anonymous_pheonix....I don't know the deadline crossed or not..but this song "When I was Younger" by singer Liz Lawrence is just so so soo very close to my heart so added few lines and tried to change the situation of the song without messing up with the essence and the feel of the song. Thank you @amor_dios for the tag on the challenge post. Else I would have missed this beautiful inspiration. �� I don't know how many of you have heard this song...but yaa try if not....Hope you'll like it. ����

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    As I am sitting here
    In this moonlit corner
    All I can think of the days so bright.

    That endless love which
    My mother gave me
    And my dad's those long drives.

    And when I hold you
    In my arms and feel your
    little hands while you sleep so tight.
    All I can see is you growing taller
    With your dad's smile
    Ooh and my dad's green eyes.

    When I was younger
    I told my mother
    "I say, one day I'm gonna make you proud"
    Now that I'm older
    It's so much harder
    To say those words out loud.

    When I was younger
    I told my father
    "I'm never gonna leave you ever"
    Now that I look back
    I smile at some promises kept
    And the dreams which we built together.

  • itsuncommonlycommon 33w

    A flower experience the most quality life with all the good things.
    Since blooming till it withers, it experiences the best of everything.. like sunshine, fragrance, butterflies, nature and what not.��

    We all should learn from flowers.... a lot of things.... like the most important lesson that the society values us according to what we reflect and what we absorb. It defines our place that where we fit in. ��

    Various color flowers have various meaning and thus the purpose. Their appearance and different colors make way for their very own distinct place and value which they proudly hold. ��
    Can't we humans also welcome every appearance, every nature, and originality, every skin color, shape and size, quality, the talent of ours in the same way as we do that of the flowers? And can't we accept and proudly hold our own places and be proud of ourselves ...aren't they a perfect example of self-love too?��

    And the thorns are just like our life lessons..we are what we are because they were there. So love and respect them too...they are to mold us, protect us and let us learn and grow.��

    And even when they wither they die as a witness of someones happy, hopeful or sad moment of life in which they contributed and shared the joy or the pain.
    No matter what but a flower always brings a soothing feel and a slight smile on the face of everyone.����

    Aren't they the perfect example of living the life to the fullest?��
    Is it that difficult to live a life like a flower? ��

    #flower #mirakee #writersnetwork #sixwordstory @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • itsuncommonlycommon 34w

    Be happy and make others happy too...share what you have in abundance even if it's just an experience or a simple story, you never know who is in need of it in that very moment.....never ignore what your heart says...and don't forget to be thankful for whatever you have...��✌
    Stay blessed.❤
    #risk #wrinkle #mirakee @mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork
    P.S. I am extremely sorry for not replying to the tags and comments....�� will do that real soon...happy writing��✌

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