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  • ivanaanag 3d

    A Soul's Voice!!

    The heavy clouds,
    Showering the drops of rain
    Drenching away pain,
    And healing the soul
    Once again...
    The mountains away
    Showing the wind's way,
    Anticipating the love birds ray;
    And healing the soul
    Once again....
    The couple of birds
    In the rainy sky
    Searching for shelter,
    But with one another
    Directs their love bonds together;
    Manifesting the purity of love
    And healing the soul
    Once again...
    The heal was short
    For the beauty a lot,
    Since the duration was short...
    Storms raised
    Those pain again...
    And thunder
    The soul to wonder,
    Those devastations again...
    The lightning was horrible
    And the love birds voice
    Weren't audible...
    Drifting them apart
    Separating them
    Amidst the nightmare...
    Though the soul wept
    The destruction swept,
    All the healing
    Leaving that soul
    Empty again!!

  • ivanaanag 1w

    Things were best
    At your presence
    Moments hold
    At your wonderful soul
    And happiness found
    Talking to you all around
    Sleepless nights
    And romance at its heights
    Those songs
    And Poetries along
    Your voice entangled
    Within my heart's core
    And serenity hidden
    In your chats within...
    Intimate bonding
    Never ending it seemed!!!

  • ivanaanag 1w

    Incomplete you left!!

    A short while it was
    Encapsulating me
    Trapped in your arms
    Illusion and mystique
    Didn't lead any harm
    Souls connected
    And hearts' tied
    Little moments
    And enchants abide
    Just the beginning
    Of unending glories
    While driving us
    To a world
    Lack of agonies
    No pain
    No sorrows
    No stress
    No worries....
    Just a world
    As charming as your smile!!
    A short while it was
    Encapsulating me
    By the romantic vibes
    Of the old nineties songs
    And alluring me
    With your voice along...
    Uncountable talks
    With laughs along
    And happiness found
    Within our hearts bound...
    Incomplete you left...
    Those beautiful nights
    Showering glitters
    And petals light
    With imaginations
    Reaching up to its heights...
    Incomplete you left
    Those reveries tied...
    Incomplete you left...
    Those wonderful vibes
    And unending it seems..
    Till we are alive!!

  • ivanaanag 2w

    Your footprints in my heart❤

    Everything was so beautiful
    Your voice enchanted my heart
    Your effort touched my soul
    Those romantic songs
    Allured my fantasies
    And the intimate relations
    Revealed the everlasting bond....
    Things were so peaceful
    So infinite it seemed...
    Never imagined,
    Would someday lose myself in your arms...
    I miss those happy moments
    That we shared..
    Those funny memories
    That we made together....
    It was nothing but maybe something...
    That has left..
    Your footprints in my heart...
    If the last wish I have to make someday,
    I would ask almighty, "Please return me those wonderful moments again which drifted me towards my fairyland!! "
    That's the only wish I want to make till my last breath!!

  • ivanaanag 3w

    Sparks amidst the dark

    She peeped through the window pane
    In the darkness of night
    The vision was light
    That sparkled amidst the dark
    The illuminating glimpses
    Showered the grace of enchants
    The imaginary world
    Turned into her eyes
    Her beautiful smile conquered her face
    And peace of mind made a pace
    Lonely and devastated in real she was
    Those did not matter
    Amidst the rays of Sparks
    She got trapped in illusion
    And glittery rays of vision
    Difficult it was..
    And contradictory though
    Those sparks were low
    In her real show...
    It's an infinite hope indeed
    Drenching her in mystique
    Those reveries locked
    Could be seen in those sparkles of light
    And the rays of hopes...
    Determines her to fight....
    And keep going
    As those sparks of light
    Shinning amidst the dark

  • ivanaanag 6w

    Undefined lines!

    I find my grace,
    Stepping ahead at your pace
    The beautiful nights,
    And us at its heights
    The candle's light,
    And the moonlit bright
    The roses red,
    And the petals shed
    The scented couch,
    And the seductive aroma
    Driving us wild,
    With the mystique's mild
    The fantasies high,
    And a little bit shy...
    The peaceful ambience,
    With no guilt and regrets
    The moments trapped
    Amidst the alluring vibes...
    The candle's light
    And the moonlit bright
    The love Birds
    To get so wild...
    Amidst the mystique's mild!!

  • ivanaanag 8w

    Amidst the dusty lanes
    And the stony pathways
    I met you
    As a stranger...
    Drifting me towards...
    The land...
    Filled with droplets of water..
    Drenching those dusts..
    And weathering those stones...
    Making it smooth and gentle
    Filled with beauty and peace!!

  • ivanaanag 8w

    Amidst the darkest nights,
    We're up to the unreachable heights
    The wonderful vibes,
    And undefined wipes
    Of watery eyes...
    The sparkles of beauty,
    The feelings of empathy
    Driving us to a different world..
    Filled with mystique and pleasure..
    It seems fascinating
    The aroma of yours
    And the beautiful smiles
    Dragging both of us
    Towards the land of fantasies..
    It's alluring
    It's peaceful
    Making us perfect
    Being imperfect...
    Those wonderful vibes
    And the undefined wipes...
    Always making us smile!!!

  • ivanaanag 8w

    The damp weather
    The beautiful rain drops
    The mild wind
    And the dancing leaves and flowers
    And the clouds moving gently...
    Cherishes me with your thoughts
    And my heart revealing...
    The deepest secret-
    "It's PEACE
    That I find...
    Only amidst your SOUL..!! "

  • ivanaanag 9w

    And eventually...
    As time passes by
    They lose interests on each other!!