i love to write my pain out

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  • iyamdavid2 3d

    You have known, O My love,
    What interests me,
    To drink from the Well of Immortality.
    Which means to make the dead
    Rise from their graves
    And the prisoners from their cells
    The sinners from their sins.
    I think love's kiss kills our heart of flesh.
    It is the only way to eternal life,
    Which should be unbearable if lived
    Among the dying flowers
    And the shriekin

  • iyamdavid2 2w

    Coffee & Honey
    ( Widows In the Summer)

    Coffee and honey don't mix well,
    The holes in your truth isn't fashioned but i believe in second chances
    Make no mistake; I'm not a fool neither do i have faith in God
    My talent are my tools and my courage is my curse,
    My words are always too thin to hold meaning and my thought are filled with endless commotions

    Yet, i still smoke those cigarette, every inhale aches than the first
    It is hard to understand my actions but i always find excuses to bury it up
    Its all about the Widows In The Summer trying to stitch my torn heart,
    However i throw flames along their strings
    I find it easier to draw straight lines than to blink
    Every second of everyday encourages lo-fi tellings
    Rain drops;
    All i ever wanted was happiness but i burn up my smile and praise my sadness
    I find solitude in loneliness and comfort in pain, isn't it funny how i laugh with showing my teeth
    Not every snow is white and not every coffee is better

  • iyamdavid2 4w

    Hollow, surrender to my sadness
    Death, my pain and despair
    Gore, my blood and flesh
    Hades, my soul's peace

    I have no happiness in my joy
    But i always surrender to my hatred
    The wave of the ocean cant quench my sorrows
    Though i look vivid but i'm so blur
    My mind and heart shiver in brimstone as i kneel praying for my own opposition
    i cant be honest in the midst of sinners nor can i wash away my regrets
    My words can fade like ashes but my lips still burns like hell
    All i can do is swallow my pride has i wait for a better tomorrow

  • iyamdavid2 4w

    I am so wasted
    I crave humanity but You are a lethal demon
    I have this beating in my chest that keeps on thumping
    Is it the tone in your eyes?
    The blood rushing your soul?
    Disguise in your anger?
    I can feel it in your heart

    You try to break my wings apart but im flying
    I don’t know if it’s so safe to stay in this consuming place where we keep hurting ourselves
    You try to tell me that I’m wrong and I keep choking on your name
    We’re so addicted to this game game where we keep hurting ourselves

  • iyamdavid2 6w

    Tell me this shit that you’ve been through
    Tell me about all the lies, tell me about other guys
    How they stabbed you in the back
    And how I say "everything's fine"
    Oh at the end we all perish my darling
    So put in the tape, pass the time, and rewind
    This is the part where I hurt all your feelings
    It seems that I'm breaking your heart every time
    Cold-hearted I'm never sober
    Life is a game, I lost my controller
    Don't want to fail, do what I want to
    Honestly go do the shit that you fond of, oh
    I feel like nobody listens
    At times my best friend might as well be a wall
    Say that I'm better off dead, fuck I wish you were right
    But I've tried and turns out that you're wrong
    So, now I stay up while you sleeping
    I know it's late but I'm fighting these demons
    Blow me away, drip so hard that you leaking
    Riding my wave, but you don't know the meaning
    I act insane, turn his body to pieces
    Don't really love me, just seeking the feeling
    Deceive me some more, tell me shit I believe in
    Laugh on the floor while I'm broken and bleeding

  • iyamdavid2 7w


    I could melt words to your satisfaction
    But it wouldn't mend the infinite spaces between us
    if cries of our empty souls echos the thin mountain then how shallow can our heart be
    I have surrender to the fire lead on by your actions but that doesn't keep me mute
    Tell me do your angels bite or are they pranks of your mischievous devil
    yarning away my eternal frets
    i know i am light years away from your expectations
    But i thrust my charade long their lines

  • iyamdavid2 12w

    All I know is, I want you more than the rest of 'em
    'Cause they testing us
    But it's not enough, so we ran it up
    Girl, they're testing us, are they testing us?
    But it's not enough, so we ran it up, yeah

    I can't lie to your face and just tell you I'm fine
    Oh, I hope you think about me
    I just want you here, keep me up all the time

  • iyamdavid2 12w


    I spend time alone all by myself
    Listening to my heart and mind argue
    Over things i hoped are not real
    But the space between gaps keep expanding
    I have no choice put to pick up my shovel to fill it up
    I have grown a custom to my loneliness, my depression singing lullabies to my ear
    I cant help but feel incomplete
    my words have no weight, they cant impact you
    There are times i wished for rain to wash off my feelings but the sun stays to heat it up
    i know the darkness is close to my soul and i have no hope for redemption but i wont fade
    As timid as my strength may be i have no intention of dying dying
    i am in a state where i see red and black as rainbows i cant remember how many years i've been like that but i pray for better days
    Can you feel it, that hollow pitch you carved in my heart, it makes me so Empty

  • iyamdavid2 12w

    Unravel Nigeria

    Oh, can you tell me, can you tell me the way the story ends?
    A monster in my heart a ghost inside my chest
    I'm broken down, thIs country is surrounded by suffering
    You smile and laugh at me, but you don't see a thing
    Damaged and broken as I am, I'm trying not to breathe Unraveled, I'm not unraveled by the truth I finally see (Freeze)
    Breakable, unbreakable, shakeable, unshakeable Unraveling since I found you And now I'm turning to dust in a country that's twisted
    Don't come searching when I go missing Close your eyes or just try to look away, don't want to hurt you is what you said
    We live in a country someone else imagined The ghost of what's left of me all but vanished Remember our heart, how bright we used to shine
    Entangled in the loneliness The memory of innocence It's stinging me, it's breaking me The pain is spreading endlessly I cannot move, I close my eyes I try to breathe, I realize I'm paralyzed Unraveling Nigeria

  • iyamdavid2 12w

    By unknown writer

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    My True Feelings

    My feelings wants to burst out
    I cant covey it anymore,
    This awkward rush when im around you
    This tickle in my stomach when i see your face
    This flash beat in my heart when you say my name
    I have never felt this ridiculous
    I never knew this could happen, we were just friends, but now i've started to acknowledge your beauty, your angelic smile.
    Looking at your picture of my phone imagining you with me
    Im in my room remembering all what you said to me today, word for word
    Alone with my thought deliberating if you love me or not
    I walk your street every evening just to see you, even if its just a glance
    Even if i can just hear your voice one last time today i will be happy
    Because i have fallen in this deep pit called love
    I love you, and i want you more than ever before