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  • izeed_ 18w

    #fact: green diamond is the rarest of rare diamonds and therefore most precious.

    Ps: I randomly wrote this in 6th grade. It's probably my first writeup.

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    I didn't demand a green solitaire
    All I wanted was you to hold my hand
    And walk on the same path forever.

  • izeed_ 19w

    You and Me

    It all began in trying out the chances
    With the mutual question 'will it work out?'
    And a promise of not parting ways ever.
    Pushing our luck into uncertainty
    Flowing with the flow- we came a long way
    The cries, fear, turmoiled thoughts
    Turned to the comfort, belief and big smiles
    Challenging fate again and again
    We stood together through the storm
    Hoping to see the sunshine soon.
    You and me; us along the time
    curious-mystical-wondrous time
    Gradually realising it's meant to be.
    Untangling the entangled threads
    On the edge of breaking off, held on to it
    Held on to each other and assured -
    'we'll make it, everything will be alright'.
    Highs and the lows and everything in between
    You stayed, cared, caressed and embraced.
    Now when I think about it; looking back
    I believe it was obvious, and I can say-
    If there's someone...
    it's you; it has always been you only
    It has to be you.
    I love you❤

  • izeed_ 21w

    Without Context

    Black n white, shades of grey
    And some colours
    Sometimes it makes sense
    Sometimes it doesn't
    Scintilla of curiosity
    The mystery of what lies under.

    Everything that happens
    has a reason behind
    Impose a profound meaning
    Destiny- beyond one's sight
    It is all really related?
    Connecting dots, coincidence slight.

    Life's composed of a million pieces
    Too scattered to collect
    Wicked good and virtuous bad
    Surprises we never expect
    Things remain uncertain, unsaid
    Perhaps, it's better without context.

  • izeed_ 23w


    If a red rose grows
    in some distant undiscovered garden
    With no one around to admire
    Does it loses its beauty?

    Does being alone always mean lonely?
    Is an empty crowd better than your own fulfilling company?
    Do you feel the need to be accepted by others?
    You decide your own self-worth.
    Solitude is comforting once you learn to create your own melody and dance to your own tunes.
    Silence holds a strange peace.
    You experience a serene state of mind.

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  • izeed_ 23w


    Surrounded by saddened silence
    Drowning into deep darkness
    No stars no moon
    Blank black skies, no hues

    Forced to walk on strange streets alone
    Into some mysterious forest, unknown
    Terrified of Demons hiding inside
    Waiting to tear me down
    Or swallow me whole alive

    Underneath the scars, it bleeds again
    Melancholy fills up the spaces of air
    'Someone please help!', I scream
    'Shake me up and tell me it's a lie, a dream
    Those evil monsters aren't here,
    It's just a nightmare. '

    But I've been in this mire,
    Lost long enough to know
    No one can get this far
    There's no way back home.
    I'm stuck in a never-ending loop
    Never to be rescued.
    How would I extricate myself?
    Despondent, I see no light, no end.

  • izeed_ 26w


    This might be my last day here.
    I may be a memory tomorrow,
    and when it happens will you still remember me the way you do while I am here with you?
    Or will you allow my memories to fall victim of time?
    Will my absence mean a void that's never going to be filled or will the memories be footprints on the sand that are easily washed away by the ocean waves?

  • izeed_ 26w

    Sad is something I can deal with when I'm aware of its source. When I'm able to take time out to develop a solution and work my way back to a healthier state of mind.

    It Is the not knowing that kills me.
    The miseries unknown.
    A vague air of joylessness I cannot understand, escape or destroy.

  • izeed_ 26w


    some things are left unsaid
    like stories resting on nightstands.
    waiting to be held again,
    but i will always remember
    the way you folded
    me at the corners
    like there was a part of me
    you wanted to come back to.

  • izeed_ 27w


    I want to build a stardust-castle
    Sitting on the shore of the moon
    Turn my pain into ashes
    And let them fly to Neptune

    Learn how to defy gravity
    So it no longer weighs me down
    I want to walk on thin air
    And not to be stuck to the ground

  • izeed_ 27w


    I remember
    When I held you closer

    The gaze of your eyes
    Searching through me
    Diving deep inside

    Your heavy breath
    Getting mixed in mine

    Heart beating fast
    Rhythmic pulses aligned

    Saffron light seeping in
    Through window curtains
    Skin gleaming soft-bright

    Fingers filling spaces
    Hands entwined

    That soothing tender touch
    And embraced so tight

    I kept adoring, mesmerised
    And could only utter
    'Oh! How beautiful you are!'