An amateur poet who wants to change the world with beautiful poems.

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  • jack05234 4d


    In my beautiful hometown,
    There are a lot of meadows near the river,
    Children are playing with different games,
    And adults are chatting their memories.

    A bird is flying from the sky to the river,
    Catching the fish in the river,
    I look at its soaring and diving,
    Recalling my childhood memories from my mind.

    O' God,
    Your wisdom is too brilliant to imagine,
    Which everyone wants to seek for your truth,
    But they fail.

    I wish that my soul could be led to your meadows,
    Enjoying the happiness of paradise and heaven with you!


  • jack05234 1w


    The sound of flute is in my mind,
    Let me remember the whole rhythms of my life.

    My wish is to go back to my motherland,
    Getting together with my friends and families.

    When the dark is approaching,
    My thoughts are tided by my missing of meadows.

    The scenes are inspiring my heart to seek for my dream,
    Which the beautiful melodies immerse in.

    My flute is a symbol of my hometown,
    When I play it.

    My tears shed, and my sorrow appears on my face,
    Until the time is frozen by our stories and memories.


  • jack05234 1w


    My flute was made of the reed,
    With beautiful rhythms spreading around the town.

    I walked along the bank,
    Looking at your living places with gladness.

    No matter how infertile you grow up,
    You are still flicking near the bank.

    A poet picked up one of your stems,
    Making it a pen to write down his or her poems.

    Words and sounds are mixing with beautiful melodies,
    Echoing on the land and passing to the heaven!


  • jack05234 2w

    Song of Four Seasons

    My heart is beating in the spring,
    With a bird singing with its gladness.
    Experiencing the sorrow and happiness,
    Wishing the dream could become real.

    My voice is spreading at the town in the summer,
    With a grasshopper dancing with its movements,
    Enjoying the unique atmosphere,
    Hoping the wonderland can be found.

    My sound is caught by the fall,
    With an ant working hard for survival,
    Competing with the colder weather,
    Cherishing the sunrise and sunset at that moment.

    My life is fading away in the winter,
    With an eagle flying toward the south,
    Soaring up in the sky,
    Diving on the land with its pride.


  • jack05234 2w


    My freedom is in the air,
    Like an eagle flying in the sky.

    My wish is surrounded by the heaven,
    Hoping God forgive my sin and guilty.

    Your figure is still attractive and charming,
    Which makes me haunt in my mind.

    But the lockdowns have caused everyone to stay at home,
    Which lets them not enjoy the gladness of freedom.

    O' fresh air,
    When can we breathe you again outside?


  • jack05234 3w


    O' fortune,
    Chinese see you as the symbol of wealth,
    Your inner and outer beauty attracts millions of peoples' attention,
    Which is hard for describing your status in Chinese society.

    You also symbolize the hope of new life,
    Everything is full of wishes and hopes,
    With your meaning represented by your elegance,
    All of your eagerness will be fulfilled by your dream.

    The wonderland is your nutrient,
    Without it, your charm will lose the vivid color in our life.


  • jack05234 3w

    Song of Warriors

    O' Beowulf!
    Your soul is born with a young warrior,
    Who wants to battle with the evil side,
    Like you to overcome the difficulties in your life.

    Conflicts happen everywhere,
    Heroes and heroines are our leaders to fight with the dark monsters,
    People wish that their hometowns could be saved by them,
    However, the reality are always more cruel than the dream.

    O' beloved God,
    Please help the world become peaceful again,
    Our humans offer our sincerity to you,
    Do not let our motherland be destroyed by your anger.

    Homelands are our only hope to survive,
    All of us will die without them.


  • jack05234 4w

    The Master and the Servant II

          After talking to Mr. Dickenson, the servant understood that he needed to purchase the supplies as soon as possible since his master was so sick that he might pass away in a short time. Furthermore, the servant found that his trip would be an unknown adventure because Mr. Dickenson said, “You can not predict what will happen on the sea and in different islands; perhaps you need to become someone like a legendary warrior — Beowulf, who battled with different kinds of monsters and became a king at the end.”

          The servant was eager to figure out how he had to lead the fisherman and other sailors to sail on the sea. He thought this journey might be challenging and difficult as there were so many sailors who had died on the sea due to the unknown oceanic conditions. He started to imagine his voyage would be also like another legendary story — Odyssey, whose hero spent about ten years sailing on the sea to find a way to back home.

            Preparing for their supplies and goods, the servant and the fisherman decided to visit the priest in their village before they started to sail on the sea. The priest told them that both of them would find different and specific treasure that would be beneficial to them forever. The servant and the fisherman were curious about his words, they thought whether this oracle would become true or not. Feeling dubious, they began their journey with many uncertainties.


  • jack05234 4w


    You are the only plant in the desert,
    Like an oasis in the desert,
    Which provides many chances for the living beings,
    To survive in the loneliness and desperation.

    In the society,
    Many hopes will be destroyed by the reality,
    No one can against the law of nature,
    Unless he is God.

    I wish that my hometown was a paradise,
    No war, no conflict,
    Many creatures are enjoying their living in my hometown,
    Without any pain and dispute.

    O' my beloved Almighty,
    Blessings will be bestowed on our homeland.


  • jack05234 4w


    O' Paradise,
    A huge place is filled with joy and happiness.

    However, the hell is full of hatred,
    And no vivid color displays in it.

    Like a desert,
    A sea of sand is covering on the land.

    Only loneliness accompanies the sand,
    which is like our heart.

    Our mind is eager to find a destination,
    Where everyone can enjoy the gladness without any pains.

    O' the sand,
    Please give us more hopes instead of desperation on my land!