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  • jagrit_ 1d


    Seems Perfect , Shinning Lies .
    Feeling Makes Imperfections..
    Regret , Sorrow Or Sorted Thoughts.
    Still Flaws Kept Soul Alive ..
    Made For loving , Proving Beats.
    Shine & Smile with Them..
    Satan Eyes Still Fells In love

  • jagrit_ 2w

    Emotions ✨

    Flew like Breezes , Felt like Vibes .
    Touches Soul Gently , Blew Flames ..
    Maybe Heart's desires To Fell
    Still attract People , Cravings For Sense.
    Felt By all , Still Teases Wise too ..
    So just Hold Or Float , Choice Yells

  • jagrit_ 3w

    Reason ❤️

    Seeks Illusion , Dream Still Tease me .
    Sadness , Nostalgia Enchants too..
    Faith believe in Being Good :)
    Now Life Got Chills , Tranced By Happiness.
    Toxicated By Blessings , Beats Pumps Feelings .
    Heart Hold me , Say "You Found Reason " ❤️
    Soul Glitch In Peace ☮️

  • jagrit_ 5w


    Selfish Still Kind , Heartless Still Beats.
    Cursed By Blessings , Feel Illusion .
    Say Them Unique Or Odd..
    Smile Still Blush Too , Love adores too.
    Really Not meant For world .
    Still Weirdo , Hards To Find ❤️

  • jagrit_ 7w


    Smile like Idiotic , Still Hurting mind .
    Weeping like Child , Soul Flews Till..
    Seek Life like explorer , Waiting for Illusion
    Chanted By Treasure , Still Founds Cursed Gem.
    Abandoned beats , memories , vibes Still have Smile..
    Trust Me , Nobody Has That Strength to do.
    That's Cute Idiotic Mysterious Smile.

  • jagrit_ 11w


    Sees Sleepless Nights, Tranced Days .
    Melancholic Horizon Shattering..
    Broken Till Pieces , Wisely Seeker too.
    Bound Soul To Mind ..
    Peace in Mess , anxious Till Ocean level.
    Tell Tales , Seek advise.. left Out World
    Hope ! Finding Reason to Lîvê

  • jagrit_ 12w


    Walks a stance , Memories burdens Heart.
    Sees Time In Blinks , Vibes Collapsed.
    Farewell To Stranger , Taking Half Soul.
    Maybe Easy to wave Hands , Heard eyes.
    Closely Hug last time
    Phase Bookmarked , Prays Goes .
    That's Sweet N Sorrow adieu

  • jagrit_ 14w


    Typical but Complicated.
    Theories, Tales maybe facts Say.
    Seek Wrong ways , Carry Sins.
    Maybe don't know Innocent desires .
    Bound To beat , still skips them too

  • jagrit_ 16w


    Grab World By Thoughts , Uplifts Sins overall
    Cursed By Childhish Curiosity Eyes .
    Chatters Life , Bribe Beats
    Still Deals Soul To Stay , Time to Fell .
    Miserable in own Paradise , Traps Faith
    So arrives The reason of Existence .
    That's Gifted ! ? Or Fell Souls

  • jagrit_ 17w


    Cherished memories , Miserable life.
    Still Overpowered faith With Charm..
    Broken to Hell , Still Seek Heaven.
    Damm Such illusions Possess me..
    lose love in Bet , Threw Soul like Pawn.
    Tale Yet Waits , Winning Still laugh..
    Time Beats , Relativity Freezes That's "Unique"