Came Saw Conquered

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  • jananim3009 5w


    Lesson taught
    In depth from
    Failures and

  • jananim3009 5w

    The Night Sky

    I dreamt of entering
    into a room ; pitch black.
    Never did I wanted to go back
    for what I had seen had captured

    At first all I saw was smoke.
    I wished I was with my folk
    for I was frightened. I shoved it
    with my hands and continued
    walking into the room.

    A little later I saw
    millions of tiny lamps.
    They were blinking.
    Did I leave the room?
    Nope.For those lights gave hope.

    I kept walking and amidst
    the smoke I saw a giant pearl.
    Silvery white.Spherical.Shining.
    Her beauty was powerful enough
    to take my breath away.

    The room hadn't captured me.
    I had captured myself there and
    wished to be entangled in this

  • jananim3009 5w

    Where gratitude fails to be expressed in actions , words are mere and meaningless.

  • jananim3009 5w


    The petals wither off
    when flowers die.
    Why doesn't my love for you
    wither off even after my heart dies?

    The pieces are discarded
    when the glass breaks.
    Why haven't I discarded my love for you even after you have broken my heart?

    The atomies are washed away
    when there is a rain shower.
    Why hasn't my love for you been washed away even after my heart has shed showers of tears?

  • jananim3009 9w

    Small but Significant

    A spark can ignite fire
    An ant can build a hill
    A seed can become a tree

    Atoms can create an universe
    Drops can make an ocean
    Cells can form an organism

    Can't you do miracles?
    Can't you do wonders?


    The atoms were not
    A part of the universe.
    They created the universe.

    Never be a part of something.
    Be the reason why the 'something'



  • jananim3009 11w

    Words hurt.
    Words woven into
    poems heal.

  • jananim3009 14w

    K i l l s

  • jananim3009 20w

    Kidnapped him with
    her steady gaze.
    Tied him up with
    her pleasant smile.
    Tortured him with
    her adorable actions.
    Killed him with
    her kind words .
    Buried him with
    her unconditional love.

  • jananim3009 20w


    Every time she cared
    she was ignored
    by someone.

    Every time she loved
    she was ditched
    by someone.

    Every time she trusted
    she was betrayed
    by someone.

    Every time she texted
    she was blocked
    by someone.

    They meant 'EVERYTHING'
    to her. She meant
    'NOTHING' to them.

    She wanted to get along
    with them. They wanted
    her to go away from them.

    Hence she left...Left this
    Hell forever and is now
    in the hands of

  • jananim3009 20w

    Don't wait for your progeny to speak about you in the future.
    Live life in such a way that you are spoken by everyone. Everyday.