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  • jananne 2w


    Give someone a little hope today. Do it in a simple but kind way.Something so free and simple can mend a broken heart 💔 . Give a brand new start...To someone who’s grown tired and alone, and far from home....Look into their eyes while troubles melt and roll down their cheeks...Give someone a little hope today.
    ©jananne. #Hope. # Mirakee

  • jananne 3w

    Peace of mind

    Only if I had a little. Sure would be good Yeah, just a little piece of mind. Are used to have it. Are used to sleep Better. Where did it go, what happen ? Is it something to do with brain chemistry, not enough selenium? Or is it just my Vida Loca? A little piece of mind can go a long way. I need to start painting again. I need to work in the garden. I need to plant vegetables and fruits in the spring. I need to eat better. I need to use ladybugs in my garden and black gold. Black gold is what you get when you make a worm farm. And there’s thousands are more ladybugs on the property, put them in my Garden. I need to pray more, I need God in my life. I need to get my health back. I need to go to the gym. Piece of mind. Oh and that be Wonderful. I need to drink more water. Less vodka. No candy and absolutely no gluten. I haven’t really been in good health for a while now. But last year I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I went septic and I was on life support. And the funny thing is I didn’t even know I was on life-support until I talk to my doctor. I need to be kinder. I need to be calm. I need to meditate. Listen to classical music 🎼

    ©jananne. # peace of mind # sleepless Nights # Mirakee

  • jananne 3w


    When I was three years old we moved to Laytonville. My stepdad was a lumberjack. We lived in a tent that had a wooden floor that was raised about three or 4 feet off of the ground. The ground was actually snow when we moved there,It was the beginning of winter and as a three-year-old I just thought this looks fun. My mom on the other hand was not a happy camper. My stepdad made us furniture and he made me a bed .Mom thought it look like a coffin actually it did but I didn’t know that then . My mom hated the bed as she thought it looked like a coffin. . She told everyone the story about this time in her life. Mom was Irish and Italian and she couldn’t tell a story without putting a little bit of her humor and she also swore a lot. Well this bed it was warm and cozy enough. And the thing was it was freezing there most of the time the temperature was in the 30s and I was bundled up in so many clothes and shirts and in a snowsuit that I could barely walk . You could’ve dropped me out of a two-story building and I just would’ve bounced. Well after about two weeks mom had worked her self up I swear fumes came out of her when she went outside or they could could’ve just been her warm breath in the cold air look like fumes to me. Well one day and night the temperature went so low that it was in the high 20s. And we froze and dad was out cutting down trees .I could Not Handle the cold. There was a big woodstove that was the only heat we had but most of the time you know I mean living in a forest we had plenty of wood and stayed in a fairly comfortable comfortable enough that mom used to have me go out and get snow and she would make me snowcones . That when I learned never get yellow snow for snowcones. It had to be pure white and then mom poured cherry syrup on it my favorite snowcone is still cherry. Well on this particularly cold afternoon mom couldn’t take it anymore and I was crying so she tells me so she got my bed which she hated anyway and she took jit outside and chopped it up with an ax took it back in and burned it . At first I was a little upset because I like my bed. But when it really came to it’s the warmth of the fire felt so wonderful that I forgot all about the bed. As the fire burned down it’s starting to get cold again rather quickly. So next mom got the chairs dad had made she took them outside , chopped them up with the ax and I even carried one of the legs and we put them in the woodstove , oh it felt so wonderful I was having a great time .This is fun mommy can we get some more. My mom didn’t say a word this time she went out and got the ax, came into our living quarters and started chopping up the table with her trusty ax. Well we did this all day and as the day went on and my dad came home he was shocked when he saw what mom had done. I was all excited to tell him how much fun I had with mommy today.I asked my dad to build some more furniture so we could burn it up when it got too cold again. Mom was exhausted it was warm dad was smoking I mean pissed. I slept with my parents that night. The only furniture that mom didn’t burn was the bed. And we ate dinner that night on a big box turned upside down. That weekend my dad and all his lumberjack friends built us more furniture. Even though my mom and dad had a terrible argument they never argued again over that day and that incident as my momTold my dad she was pregnant . She would about five months later give birth to my brother Marvin. We moved to Little House in town. Actually we were really happy and loved this little house. It was warm and cozy and mom had fun sewing curtains and making different things to decorate with. She was crafty and in her younger days she made A lot of things she even did a paint by numbers painting I thought I was very beautiful. She hung up in their bedroom. And this time we had furniture , real furniture that people gave us to help us get started. The only thing that dad made was a bed for Marvin. Ha ha ha ha.
    ©jananne. # Snow. # Never eat yellow snow. # Family # Mirakee

  • jananne 3w


    The first dog that I ever had I was about four or five years old. My uncle who lived on the ranch with us gave him to me when he went to war. He told me to take good care of Rex and that Rex would take care of me. And he was right. I took good care of Rex and I loved him and He took good care of me and He loved me also.When he
    Died from old age in the Vineyards on the ranch we buried him in the Pet cemetery on the southside. There were other pets there too and a few ranch animals that I had become attached to. The rooster that annoyed me so much and picked my legs
    Was buried right beside Rex but when That’s stray dog killed himI realized I really did love him even though he was annoying. Uncle came home from the war. We went to visit the pet cemetery I had made a little wooden cross and painted on it Rex. When uncle and I went to The PetCemetery uncle put a little US flag on Rex‘s grave and I put A cookie that I had made shaped like a bone on the top of his cross . Then my uncle and I gave each other a hug and uncle gave me a little US flag to. I was very happy that he made it back alive and I told him that. He said he was happy to very happy. Because he had a lot of friends that didn’t make it home to their families. And he thanked me for taking such good care of Rex and he said he knew that I loved Rex very much and he lived a good long life. He told me not to be sad. And we walked back to the house Where we had tea and cookies. Grandma always watered my tea down But she put a lot of honey in it and that I liked very much.. As my uncle was drinking tea One single tear Ran down his cheek . I think it was a happy tear but I guess it was a little bit sad too.
    That night when I went to bed grandma always had me say my prayers so I knelt down with my elbows on my bed and I thanked Jesus for bringing my uncle home to us. And That I was sad That some of uncles Friends didn’t make it home to their family.But maybe when they went to heaven Rex would be there to love them and take good care of them.
    ©jananne. # Love. # war # loss #. Family. # Mirakee

  • jananne 3w


    Hello all my Mirakee friends. I want to thank you all for reading my post and I hope that you enjoyed them I know a lot of them were difficult to read and not very pleasant. They were also difficult for me to write. But I want you to know that they were very necessary and a catharsis for me. Now I’m going to post some very short stories about people in my life I will only use first names and they will be about trials tribulations, Faith hope, Love and joy.

    ©jananne. # Faith. #Hope # trials and tribulations # Love # and great Joy# Mirakee

  • jananne 3w

    The L Word

    Love .... There are so many kinds of love...But the most precious and lasting is the love of a child...
    ©jananne# Love of a child # Mirakee

  • jananne 3w


    Oh nothing that I have ever seen can melt my heart , can make me smile, and make me cry. Than a new born baby make it’s first sound. And when they placed you on my chest as your heart beat against mine, I finally knew for the very first time It couldn’t get better than this. Then 2 years later You’re brother was born and when they put him on my. Chest and his heart beat against mine That’s when I knew, it would always be brothers and me. Then many years later when Kyha was born. That blessed day would not reveal till 4 years later that this beautiful child would have to wait just as me until the universe brought us together. Then 20 years later Annabelle was born that changed me even more. So now as I sit here looking back on my life. I hear a voice saying softly to me. “ It couldn’t get any better than this.”
    ©jananne # Child # Children # Grandma. # Great grandma # Mirakee .

  • jananne 3w

    Hello God

    If I could have just a few minutes before I go back home to my maker.I would say simply It’s been a bumpy ride...But every time I thought I was alone You always let me know even on my worst days that you were always there right by my side. And even when I thought I could not go on you pulled me through even the worst of times. Every time I suffered loss whatever big or small, you helped me see what really mattered was love I gave and loved received , the most precious gift of all. So until we meet again I want to say just this. The life you gave the lessons learned was more than just a gift. The light that shined to warm my heart and show the road that brings me back home to You. I would not change a thing. It made me see , it was the struggle that brought me back to You.
    ©jananne. # Giving Thanks. # Comeback Home. # Mirakee

  • jananne 3w

    To Late

    For all my family that hurt me physically and tried to crush my spirit and soul., I am so sorry that you were not able to come to terms with your short comings and your anger. But you taught me many things. You taught me not to trust anyone. You taught me to hate. You taught me how hard forgiveness is. You taught me to always doubt my self and feel no one could ever love me. And you taught me sometimes all these things destroys a person’s whole life and perception. It’s like a cancer. So I’m letting you go. Even though you all have been dead for some time now. It’s never too late. To say I forgive you. And I loved you. I needed you. That’s all I can do now to reclaim myself and live in peace these last few years I have left. Amen ....
    ©jananne # never to late # Peace comes with forgiveness

  • jananne 3w


    Isn’t it ironic how a good person can struggle just to get from one day to another and a bad person can just sail threw life, while they cheat, steal, and lie with no remorce no shame. Isn’t it ironic? What about Karma, what about the law of resiprosity?? Is time not a factor ? There have been times in my life I have seen Karma come back at people. While other times i have waited a lifetime with no results. How bad does it have to be? Is kidnaping, beating a person until they were unrecanizable, then drag them to a unfinished grave and tell them to dig.DIG!!!I I am just trying to understand something I was sure Ialready understood...
    ©jananne # Karma # The law of resiprosity # Mirakee