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  • jasleen_word_dreamer 18w

    Throw whatever you may
    I will take it away
    all your wrath
    with whatever you may start
    will never say it’s enough
    will never say don’t tear me apart
    I am the mother earth
    I am the giver and now and here to accept
    All the poisons of this human world

    a time then came
    when it had to stop
    reasons maybe Covid
    A pandemic never in our thoughts
    the scale was getting heavy
    bending towards one side
    it had to happen
    some gifts were to be returned back
    to start the process of learning
    new and afresh
    when we had to start to realise
    that it is better to stop
    Stop the destruction if we want to survive
    cleanliness is not an option but a compulsion
    family is not enjoyed as per requirement but as priority
    selfless love is not to earn money
    but to stay alive
    so fill today your heart with love gratitude and forgiveness
    for all not just to thrive
    but to stay
    healthy and alive

  • jasleen_word_dreamer 18w

    We are in cages
    In cages of desires
    Of expectations
    We are in boundaries
    Boundaries of our existence

    Our ways of celebration
    Are burdensome
    Our laughter
    Being the cause of someone else’s misery

    We are slaves
    Slaves in the race for power
    Still juggling between
    Life and livelihood!!

  • jasleen_word_dreamer 24w

    The pause in the music , is also the music ...

    Everything that exists has its rhythm
    My heart beats in rhythm and so does yours
    Songs that I sing...
    The joy that it brings ..
    Swells my heart with love

    The notes that are high or are low
    The frequency, fast or slow
    Sinks within me when my body tunes to the flow

    Humming the melody through my lips I pause when the pause begins

    But the rhythm is still on deep within That takes the flow further to thrill
    The abundant energy then starts to spin
    Through my eyes, my words and my skin
    The glory of these enchanting notes Drown my soul in the magical spell

    The deep dark Lull of the silent shore
    waiting for the waves to bounce and roar

    The intoxicating silence of the woods grow
    To be broken down by the melodies that echo

    The burnt hot dead beds of sand Chant when touched by the drops of rain

    All the stillness breaks its ground
    when touched by a symphonic sound

    So pause as you may ,in the journey towards the stars
    As the music dwells in those magical hours ..

  • jasleen_word_dreamer 24w

    I am a circle
    I start and finish at the same point anyone who runs on me
    will never reach his destination
    I am a circle
    round and large
    but my radius is just diameter’s half with beautiful colours inside my circumference
    I am an example of magnificence
    I am a circle
    I love to spin and Roll
    I am a circle
    use me playfully and artistically
    to make an amazingly perfect, joyful world

  • jasleen_word_dreamer 25w

    Freedom to me

    Means being myself
    Creating my own beliefs that are powerful and full of creativity
    Freedom to me is breaking free for any kind of emotional bondage

    Where emotions like love fear hatred Can’t overpower me
    Being a child , a friend , a brother and a son makes me celebrate life with joy

    I am free if I am free to think , to write , to love , to see the colours of this nature.
    We get this life only once it’s said ...
    So why should we all live it the same way
    Why don’t we make it different with our unique way
    Today I am free .. I would not indulge in any competition with anyone
    I would think for others before myself ... I would work on my values and stand for what is right .
    I am free not because my country is free ... of course that is a reason
    But today I am free because my parents love me and guide me to be ME
    I am free to create my destiny
    And that makes my life so awesome
    And defines my freedom
    Thankyou all 🙏

  • jasleen_word_dreamer 32w

    You took my heart
    You loved me a lot
    You made me yours
    Since the day we crossed

    The paths were different
    Collided at a place
    When you told me to stay
    As I matched your pace

    You as my strength
    Me as yours
    We set on a journey
    Full of illusions and stars

    Destinations were different
    And so were our lives
    Hearts were one
    Kept us strong and alive

    You still have my heart
    And yours is with me
    Still you are a bird
    And we both are free !!

  • jasleen_word_dreamer 33w

    I drop every fragment of fear from my soul
    That may smudge my confidence and my kohl

  • jasleen_word_dreamer 33w

    Today I stand to embrace the uncertainties of life ...
    Alongwith the numerous possibilities that await to be mine ...

  • jasleen_word_dreamer 33w

    In the hollow of the darkness
    I can still find thee
    Bright as sun ...
    Those arms around me
    I can trust my senses
    If not can I feel ...
    With the warmth the passion and the right amount of Zeal

  • jasleen_word_dreamer 37w

    Meri khamoshi ki awaaz

    Mera mn bhaagta hai
    Shor ki Aur
    Sukoon hai wahan
    Jahan Wo nhi
    Uski aahat bhi nhi

    Bhagta hai mn
    Khamoshi se door
    Jo mere andar hai

    Gehri lambi khamoshi
    Kaali daravni khamoshi

    Jo goonjti hai , kheechti hai
    Sapne dikhati hai
    Sach nhi hai
    Dhoka hai

    Chup si ho jau
    Ankhein band Kr tumhe dekh pau
    Is kaajal ke peeche hai koi khaas
    Jo deta hai meri khamoshi ko Awaaz
    Meri khamoshi ki awaaz