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  • jasondulac_slampoet 4w

    As Words Slip Away A Poets True Debate

    My pen hits the paper
    But than I throw it away
    And say I'll write it later 
    But I don't
    With all the chaos in the world
    Writing poetry seems like a joke
    And I'm slowly fading like a ghost
    As the only thing I'm good at slowly slips away
    It seems like my destiny
    Wrote a new page
    And then threw away
    But than face it seems like a piece of trash 
    I'm ment to waste away
    Dipose and decay
    Get lost in the land fill
    Never to be seen again
    Become lost from a world
    That may of never needed my words
    Like good things in life maybe I was never ment to be heard
    Maybe I should of never Spoken a word
    Jay Spokenword

  • jasondulac_slampoet 8w


    A tick and a tock 
    As seconds move on the clock
    But I don't seem to realize
    Cause you see I don't where a watch

    See I'm always lost inside my mind
    Sometimes I wonder
    What is in the middle of space and time
    Is it actually a fine line

    Or am I just chasing fantasy's that aren't even mine
    Being controlled by the media
    Being told what to believe
    Sometimes I wonder if the things in front of me are actually what I see

    Do I dare to believe that I actually have a say
    In this crazy world that always seems to find a way
    To punch me in the face and tell me I don't belong
    How long can one keep singing that outsiders song

    Never knowing if I'm ever gonna belong
    Always being told I need to socialize
    See I went to social skills classes five danm times
    And the only thing I learned was how to tell a lie

    I started making up friends 
    That I would tell my parents I met
    After a month I had to start writing logs
    So I didn't mix up the traits of all these fake friends that I've made

    It was about that time I started to realize 
    I was a lost case
    Putting to much energy into a life that was already waste
    Trying to hard but never getting very far

    See I learned alot  shit though
    But not until I grew up
    Sometimes a part of living is not giving a fu*k
    Just being who you are and excepting that some people will never change

    But never give up on who you want to be
    Even if it doesn't seem possible
    You just have to believe
    And keep waking up till the one day it is not a dream

  • jasondulac_slampoet 10w


    Can't tell you what I'm thinking 
    Cause honestly I just don't know
    Life has been going round in circles
    And honestly I'm feeling kind whoa

    Cause it's not like it was before
    I can't seem to read my feelings anymore
    Yet there are times my mind's gone darker
    Than ever has before

    Making me wonder if the fire wall has broken down
    Letting demons enter and exit at there own will
    With the attempt
    To make me fall to the ground

    And let's be honest it's hard to fight when you've been staring at the same four walls
    Everyday and every night
    But let's get one thing straight I have not lost the will to fight 

    I've always had strength
    It just doesn't always show
    I'll keep on fighting
    Cause I never want to hit that ultimate low

    Cause once you've been there
    You never want to go back
    So you stand strong like a wall and take every attack
    Just know there is always more cement to mend the broken cracks


  • jasondulac_slampoet 24w

    A note for future lost souls

    I'm not gonna tell you life is easy cause you already know that's a lie
    Face it you've spent the last month or two wondering why all the good things eventually die
    As you wonder through the dark your gonna have to find the light inside of you
    And trust me there will be times you feel blind
    Times where all the negativity lays heavy on your mind
    And you open up your heart only to find someone willing to break it at the drop of a dime
    And this is time where you start to question your intentions

    Are you just like everybody else?

    This is a question I can't answer cause you have to figure this one out yourself
    Just know we've all done crap
    That we wish we could take back but we can't
    In life it just don't work like that
    Every decision you make is written in stone
    Face it someday everybody's gonna know
    We can't hide our skeletons in a closet and fade like a ghost
    You just have to stand tall 
    And own every decision you make
    Just know every human is prone to make a mistake

  • jasondulac_slampoet 27w

    Words hurt

    Growing up I learned at a young age that words cut through skin like razor blades
    The things bullies would say where worst then any physical pain
    But now 20 years later as a poet I'm still learning the impact of words
    As the words in my poems cut through the skin family when they where only indented to bring peace

    Cause If I knew back then that pursuing poetry could bridges in my life
    I may of chose a different art form
    But now poetry runs through my veins
    And I can't turn away
    The problem is I only right about what I know and what I know few family and friends don't like

  • jasondulac_slampoet 27w

    Yin Yang of Depression

    I can suffer alone
    I can go out
    There is a sense of danger
    When leaving the house
    I will stay inside
    Safety of isolation
    Keeping me alive
    At the same time slowly
    Killing me inside

  • jasondulac_slampoet 29w

    Role model or not

    I've been hearing that word 
    And it's ticking me off
    So don't call me a roll model
    I don't want people to follow
    Cause if they could see the demons inside of me
    They would know
    That you don't 
    Want to be like me
    It's not as good as it looks
    The mask was made of mistakes
    And face it I made many along the way
    I've hurt many on this road
    But most of all I hurt myself
    Intentional infliction of pain on me and nobody else
    Constantly self sabotaging myself
    And I am not proud of the things that I have done
    But if we cant learn from our past
    What's the point of having one

  • jasondulac_slampoet 39w


    Its one of those days where I'm holding a chai tea

    In the place the black coffee that is supposed to be

    And it's not to say that there is a day for coffee and a day for tea

    The fact is coffee helps my anxiety when tea comforts the lonelyness inside of me

    And face it the days are coming where I just want to stay inside

    Push away any chance of friendship and hibernate all the time

    I'm starting to feel the emptiness inside

    Reversing to my old ways

    The natural instincts never die

    Once an outcast always an outcast even in there prime

  • jasondulac_slampoet 42w


    I've started to spread my wings lately
    But still have not learned to fly
    I'm just the penguin who can't get out of the water and into the sky

    Truth is I see the path in my mind
    But I am blind
    Been realling on instincts all my life
    Never made a choice I didn't regret

    So I started to flip coins before every major life decision
    Cause let's be honest for a minute
    I will take a Fifty Fifty chance any day then really on my own wits to save the day

    And it's not cause I'm dumb
    It's because I am smart
    Problem is I over think my plans 
    So I end up losing before I even have time to start

    And you might wonder why I'm writing shit that does not seem to make sense
    It's because my life is a puzzle I've yet to resolve 

    So I'll put all the pieces on the table
    And try to fit them together
    Before I get angry cause puzzles make me bitter
    And let's be honest when it comes to puzzles I am always a quiter

  • jasondulac_slampoet 45w

    The writer's method

    Do you really understand what goes on in my head
    The thoughts coming to fruition get shot down dead
    On the spot
    And no I ain't running from the cops 
    I just want to get caught
    Sick of always staying in one spot
    Never been on the top 
    But I don't want the fame and fortune
    Cause it comes with a daily dose of extortion
    You see life's never boring
    People just use that as an excuse
    Cause there to afraid of what they actually need to do
    And no I'm not talking to you 
    I'm talking directly to myself
    Cause I've been guilty of it just like everybody else
    Not living up to my potential
    Because I'm listening to much to what other people have to say
    Instead of actually listening to myself
    And letting any repercussions come my way
    And if they they do that's ok
    Cause like my momma always said
    You deal with the bed you made
    And truth is mine's been halve made for days
    I've been procrastinating to much that I lost my way
    The words haven't come easy lately but that's ok
    Cause a good story was never written in one day
    My poetry comes from the challenges and tribulations I face
    So in theory there will always be more material on the way