nowhere else to put my poems, so hello. learning french, so maybe i'll try writing poems in french. on wattpad as jaydawn702. (i write trash story)

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  • jaydawn 16w

    I started thinking a lot about nature today while I was outside. Like how every year a tree grows one tiny tree ring. It just seems so special. My pet snails are not enjoying their plastic prison. I'm getting them a terrarium and setting it up with moss, dirt, and plants. Snails have to be misted with water daily, and they'll eat literally anything.

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    Trees are like clouds
    They can become any shape
    The wind changes and reforms them
    The leaves rustle,
    The cotton-folds billow.

  • jaydawn 16w

    Stuck in people's expectations. Wish I could do something to lower them, I feel like a dissatisfaction to them. My mother thinks I am always mature and happy and genius, but that stuff only comes out when I'm sleep deprived and existential and terrified of my own being.

    In other words, they like unhealthy me. Even I do, but I need to be healthy for the sake of my living and surviving. Is that too much to ask?

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    People crave
    To rise above them

    But what happens
    When you fall short?

    Why does everyone
    Want so much from me
    When I'm so young?

    So young,
    So unenthused,
    The same words
    Again and again.

    Teachers say
    "There are great things in store,"
    How does it feel,
    To be academically poor?

    That's what I am,
    Why don't they see?

    I am normal,
    So let me be!

    People like me better
    When I haven't slept.
    Raving mad
    Sounding obsessed.

  • jaydawn 17w


    Just barely alight
    The birds sing to the sun
    Willing it to rise.
    Just barely awake
    Groggy clovers
    Waiting for their morning dew
    To dry.
    Just barely slept
    Hours lost to my head
    Wake up,
    Make my bed
    Get ready for the day.

  • jaydawn 17w


    In case you don't know
    That's the preset I am using
    I saw it and thought
    That it was so typically like me
    To pick one that seems
    So astronomically me

    How I perceive myself
    How I portray myself
    A starboy.
    Boy star.
    I truly am thousands of miles away.

  • jaydawn 17w

    Elementary school

    Coming back to the place
    In which I once thrived
    Children play in the street
    The playground is closed
    Nobody to see.

    I could keep going forever
    Never go home
    It's getting dark though,
    So I turn around.

    Maybe next time,
    When I have the nerve
    To follow the sun
    And never return.

    Upstate New York, 6-1-2020