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  • jaykirish 3h

    The Whispers Again

    Whispers again -

    " My day will come,
    And you will kneel.
    Disturb your solitude
    And release me. "

    I closed my eyes
    And shut my mouth

    Levitating through the graves,
    As jazz plays.


  • jaykirish 3d

    Easter Eggs

    Soaring -
    Through the trail of Easter Eggs.
    The beating heart untangles itself,
    From its sensational web.

    Ancient prayer's revealed,
    Or I've just slowly grown.

    Deeply rooted,
    While the clouds surround.


  • jaykirish 1w

    Evil Eye to Purify

    The beginning -
    From evil eye to purify.
    Out of the collective,
    And into the light.


  • jaykirish 1w

    Made to Fly

    I was made to fly,
    And she moves like a shadow.
    In the air - we try to be.

    Guessing and guessing.

    Fighting ourselves
    In an endless conquest.

    A smile on my face,
    As the public thinks
    I'm trying to fool.


  • jaykirish 2w


    What is my storyline,
    Upon this year's valentine?

    No wine and dine,
    Nor lover shrine.

    Though well acquantined -
                and well align -
    Within my internal shine.

    Knowing that,
    All is fine and divine.

    With love,
    From my only guideline,
    To my long lasting lifeline.


  • jaykirish 3w

    Ambitious Soul

    Ambitious soul -
    Please rest.

    Your mind and body need it.
    You done what you can,
    And that's more than enough.

    Why do you feel
    That there's more to be done?

    Simply put,
    A repeated pattern,
    Had formed a routine.

    Causing aches and mental phantoms.

    Break out,
    At least for now.


  • jaykirish 3w

    The Rat

    Like a rat in a large crowd.
    Some want to see,
    But are later trampled
    By those who are fearful.

    All I can do is run,
    While covering it with my hands.


  • jaykirish 4w

    I Look For Love, Not Flings

    I look for love,
    Not flings.

    Some have trouble
    Understanding the difference.
    I gave love a slight chance.
    Only to have my generosity exploited.
    So when love comes forth,
    I step back -
    Thinking that history might repeat itself.

    But now,
    I understand not everyone is the same.
    I'll step out of my head,
    If you promise -
    To put in the work and patience,
    As I am willing to put in.


  • jaykirish 5w

    The World Seems Quiet Now

    The world seems quiet now,
    With mystery around every corner.
    A blind spot to the senses,
    But nothing to really worry about.

    I carry love on my sleeve,
    But move with two steps forward,
    And one step back.

    For my love is not under a contract,
    To those who only use it to their advantage.

    I roam freely,
    To heal and contemplate.


  • jaykirish 6w

    Get Out of Your Head

    Get out of your head.
    Yes, it was your sanctuary,
    When outside forces became too scary.
    But now, you need to leave it.
    It holds no water.

    Tip toe slowly.
    No one is asking you to rush.
    Be open to love and communicate,
    So others can understand.

    They can't read your mind.

    Stability is now in your soul.
    It's safe to pursue.