Let imagination and words give wings to your feet...

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  • jayrin 3w

    It’s often the hues at sunset that promise
    Unconditional love,
    Later fading into love with conditions.

    This is the reality of love, my dear. It enters your life as a masterpiece and leaves you in pieces. The beauty in the beast fools us to believe in permanence.

    Every emotion is temporary.
    Every promise is fabricated.
    Every story stitched now collects dust.

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    My Dear,

    This is the reality of love...
    It enters your life
    As a masterpiece
    And leaves you
    In pieces.
    The beauty in the beast fools us
    To believe in permanence.


  • jayrin 5w

    They Say

    “You Don't Know What You Have
    Until It's Gone”
    But I don’t want to lose you
    To know what I have...


  • jayrin 6w


    When hums hide secrets,
    When rhymes run short,
    When melodies surface memories,
    When songs fall silent...

  • jayrin 11w

    A writer whose letters curve
    To match the smiles on their faces
    Once wrote verses that weeped
    Across the page until
    Its ink ran dry.


  • jayrin 14w

    Sometimes it’s the heart that refuses
    To accept the healing of the mind,
    For rewriting a chapter is easier
    Than burning it to ashes.


  • jayrin 16w

    Share the secret:
    There is no secret to serenity other than embracing every storm and becoming the rain that waters the flowers in your garden,
    For you are your own savior...

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    Sometimes the inner you
    Wants to be set free,
    But how willing are you to calm a
    Storm silently shattering your soul?


  • jayrin 17w

    Trust Allah

    He has written your fate
    In gold
    And protects your faith
    Every time you call upon Him.


  • jayrin 20w

    She laughs too loudly and openly.
    Have you seen the scars
    Behind her smile,
    The wild life in her wilderness?

    She dreams too big and bright.
    Have you seen the
    Mist in her madness,
    The fire in her fierceness?

    She loves too purely and preciously.
    Have you seen the
    Gems in her mines,
    The thoughts in her mind?

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    Have You?


  • jayrin 22w

    If tomorrow didn’t exist,
    Would you choose me?

    If my love faded,
    Would you forgive me?

    If the universe didn’t choose us,
    Would you call us an illusion?


  • jayrin 24w

    They salted your wounds
    And envied your scars
    When serenity bloomed
    Through your flaws.