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  • jaysights 10w

    I know a rapist...such a hideous monster
    He calls in little girls and gives them cookies "Feel at home" he says "I'm like your uncle" he says
    Little drop in the cup "drink up sweetie" and off to sleep they go
    He rapes them there despite their age and sometimes even worse
    I know a rapist a hideous monster
    He lives just across, in the middle of the street
    An exemplary citizen, everyone loves him
    The parents say "I lost a child!" He call everyone! search party!! He feigns concern and even cries...a hideous monster he truly is
    I know a rapist... this one's a good looking monster
    He's called "boyfriend" but with the look in his eyes he is not even a friend
    He spends the dough but he has his aim
    He makes you smile but he has a game
    So when the lights go off you're either down or you're forced down
    I know a rapist ....a hideous monster
    He's the guy whose name I don't even know
    The one that nods his head as I cross the street "Holier than thou" he smirks with his friends "That girls is mine" and right there a trap is set
    What do I do ? Where do I go? How do I speak?
    Who will understand these things that av seen?
    Who won't lecture me " it's kind of your fault"? When can I express this hurt and disgrace...this blatant disregard?! Nothing much for me to do
    No more tears for me to shed
    Now I'm left with just a choice
    Shut your mouth and then move on
    But No!! I will make my choice
    I won't still my tears! I will cry a river until there's flood
    Then I will wipe my eyes and wash my face and tell the whole world
    I KNOW A RAPIST!!! #PointARapist #StopRape #RapeIsNotOkay
    #JusticeForUwa #JusticeForJennifer #JusticeForTina

    P.s Before you tell someone to open up on rape, be sure you are ready to support. Our society has to be ready to help!
    Prepare your minds to fight so this can end!


  • jaysights 10w

    #writersnetwork #mirakee
    ✍️ This is for all the kids suffering from the effects of domestic violence.
    May you never loose the hope of a better tomorrow!
    #ViolenceIsNotTheWay #DomesticViolenceIsEvil

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    I want to change the story
    I want to draw a line
    Reality is a pain
    And my bum already hurts

    The lashes got my back
    And spread out to my legs
    My knees buckle against the tears
    I want my mommy now

    Never have I seen days as dark as these
    There's a fire burning
    I want to run a mile and breath
    I want a ride to freedom

    Panting! Danger! The night is right behind me
    Beside Mee! Before me! I swear I think it in me!

    Daddy never broke a sweat
    A tear is mere formality
    Mommy always chewed her lips
    The dark was her's before me

    The night it took her away from me
    It turned and met me staring
    Oh now I saw the demon
    The one that always ate her face
    And gave her shades of purple

    It took me long enough
    Too long I regret
    Now I'm all alone
    Journeying to nowhere
    But at least now I know



  • jaysights 13w

    Can i just say

    You brighten my day

  • jaysights 13w

    #writersnetwork #fate #home
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

    With every stroke of the paddle
    The uneasy tapping of my foot
    The distance drawing farther
    My heart a hole engulfs

    With every passing wave
    The noisy chirping of the birds
    The wailings slowly fading off
    Am further thrust from home

    The ripples in the ocean
    Their dancing bid me leave
    Their silent whispers seek me out
    As though my pain they feel

    "Your journey is one borne of fate
    You keep away you keep your life
    For look behind your hometown burns
    And in these ruins no hope lies

    But right ahead i see a future
    Peace and healing for the wounded
    In a land so rich with choices
    The sky above tells of its glory

    Promises lying in wait
    Destiny playing its tune
    Dance to it my child dance
    For hitherto your life awaits

    Away from home

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  • jaysights 13w

    So she darkened
    Mirroring the hue of her heart
    Pierced by the traitor's point
    Thick dark lava trickled from her
    Not blood... Not even water
    "NO going back now" she thought
    As she turned her back to the light
    Evil beckons


  • jaysights 13w

    The walls are so high
    The light is so dim
    The door is too thin
    My breath is too short

    Its closing in on me
    The box of my fears
    I can feel it now
    That sweet taste of terror
    Embrace me tight and stay

    Right before the world goes dark
    Right before my light fades out


  • jaysights 14w


    That unreliable feeling
    Fleeting by seconds
    Destroyed by the slightest

    There's no anchor
    No stronghold
    No safespot
    The world is onto you

    Have at it!