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  • jazzgard93 15h

    We're all a little broken
    Broken hearted
    Broken mind

    We're all a little broken
    A good start
    Is to be kind

    We're all a little broken
    Even this poem
    And my pen

    We're all a little broken
    But we can sew them
    And pretend

    We're all a little broken
    Broken memories
    And regrets

    We're all a little broken
    Dont dwell
    Dont forget

    That we are all a little broken
    Even time
    And messages sent

    We are all a little broken
    This rhymes
    A little bent

  • jazzgard93 3d

    Together alone

    Smoking kills
    So does self will
    In my case

    Thoughts provoke
    Each toke
    I toke

    Choking on words
    I've said too much
    Out of touch
    With your

    I'm forever
    Biding time
    With what I gave
    To the grave of our
    You're condemned
    To pretending

    I wish on stars
    I could reach
    As far
    As our mistakes
    Took us

    Above wonder
    And lust

    Replace each part
    With gold
    Or platinum
    Never to say
    I told you so

    What's happened
    Has happened

    For we are
    But mere
    Of the beautiful
    By a wave
    Placed beneath
    Grave stones

    Together we're alone

  • jazzgard93 1w

    Between sheets

    It kills me to be asked to give a second thought

    My minds made up of rattles and diamonds

    I will pass the time recognizing i am caught

    Between sheets I greet monsters I am finding

    Combined, I am layered, skin and bone. Making mistakes. I am frail

    Never to engage with the mask behind the cage. I was not created for a veil

  • jazzgard93 1w

    This treasured chest

    I am forever finding
    Treasures in a chest
    Carried in my best

    Between two lungs
    I am a part of
    The pit
    I once
    Wallowed with

    Then I became open
    A framed mind
    The token
    To unlock
    This treasured chest

    Carried in a mess
    I once made
    Myself depressed
    So I
    Dressed down
    Afraid of thorn crowns

    Now I splash myself
    In colour
    With bows
    I'll buy another
    I am pleased
    To be part
    Of this disease

  • jazzgard93 1w

    The empty picture frame

    4 walls
    Closed doors
    I couldnt see
    The bigger picture
    Crystal balls
    Fragile flaws
    I couldnt be
    With ya

    Fallen ash
    Broken past
    I couldnt carry
    Myself alone
    Thoughts fast
    Curst cast
    I couldnt
    Raise the tone

    Nothing lasts
    Four walls
    Everything framed
    Carring this
    disease alone
    I am bound
    to stumble

  • jazzgard93 1w

    I lay beside grass blades
    All I hear is the breeze
    Against the trees
    Like steady waves
    On an empty beach
    The clouds are still
    Yet I'm for ever moving

    My ear to the soil
    A heart beating against the ground
    The sound of being alive
    Thoughts dive onto pages
    Like birds from cliff tops
    Each beat one less, I am closer to death
    Each beat one less, I am closer to death

    I did not come here on my own accord
    But here is far from boring
    I have no choice when I leave
    Just constantly creating and breathing
    I gave up asking why I'm here
    From what I've learnt it's to become fearless
    Each breath one less, I am closer to death
    Each breath one less, I am closer to death

  • jazzgard93 2w

    The reality of me

    Yes I confess I'm obsessive
    If I'm not dancing I'm shopping
    If I'm not shopping I'm writing
    Constantly fighting
    A battle that's mine
    Called "escape"
    Once drowned in wine
    I'd say "I'm fine"
    Whilst tapes played in my mind
    Of all that was behind me
    Filling a void
    I try to avoid
    With art
    Dressing up for no one
    other then the world
    And I'm not done yet
    I'll twirl for my history
    Write stories for the world to see
    Prance in a living room
    That doesnt belong to me
    I'll write until my fingers hurt
    Blurt our words absurd to strangers
    Because once I was afraid of
    Now I'm buying
    Easy peeler oranges to gain time
    Because I am fallin in love
    With what we call life

  • jazzgard93 2w

    In your arms

    Feels like forever ago you were by my side

    Yet i remember it like yesterday, the fights and how I cried

    I was Curled up on the rug, the moonlight kissed my skin,

    You tugged at my wrist. That night I felt so thin.

    Then you scooped me up and cradled me as if I were a child

    Rocking me like a baby , the wind blew in so mild

    I fell apart in your arms yet began to feel safe

    There I was away from harm, I started to gain faith

    So when you walked away that day, I became scared and breathless

    Because believe me I understood how you could leave the mess I was

  • jazzgard93 2w

    Somethings not right

    I'm in freeze of flight mode

    My compass has broken

    No humble abode

    Tears are soaking

    My satin dress

    My mind is floating

    A complex mess

    The colour of the flowers

    Seem dull and grey

    It's hard for me to shower

    When I'm feeling this way

  • jazzgard93 2w

    She floated upon discussion

    Like a lotus on a lake

    Coated in sweet sugar

    She made no mistake

    His body ached

    For her eyes to dance across his shirt

    Tied to his lies

    His feet buried in the dirt

    She gently brushed his chiseled chest

    Then put his words to the test

    As he fell to his knees sharp shackles released