I find words and then the emotions:)

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  • jazzy_rampras 11h

    Now I believe 2020 is a crazy year

    I didn't believe 2020 was the craziest year

    When MSD pulled the plug.
    When SSR's life was snatched away.
    When my Muslim friend rooted for Modi.
    When Djokovic got defaulted.
    When Rafa bit the dust on clay.

    ✓ But when RCB wins its opening match,
    no way 2020 is normal.

  • jazzy_rampras 13h

    Same old story - RCB

    A Kohli/AB fifty.
    An average score btw 150-165 runs.
    Poor opening bowling.
    Chahal contains the middle.
    Abysmal death bowling.

    ✓ Lose by 12-14 runs.

    If batting second, AB/VK carries the show.
    Sometimes they win, most times they lose.

  • jazzy_rampras 13h

    IPL scrapbook

    The team you love the most - CSK
    The team you hate the most - MI
    The team you ignore the most - DD

    ✓ The team you pity the most - RCB

  • jazzy_rampras 15h

    Who makes batting look easy?

    a. V Kohli
    b. J Root
    c. K Williamson
    d. S Smith
    e. R Sharma

    ✓ AB De Villiers - Not just easy, ridiculously easy

  • jazzy_rampras 18h

    Google knows better

    One of the reasons man gets into marriage
    is his loneliness on friday/sat nights

    ✓ Google: You mean his "horni-ness"?

  • jazzy_rampras 22h

    'Shameless' creatures

    You stand all day naked and undressed,
    You allow anyone to absorb your fragrance,
    You dance to the tunes of wind and breeze,
    You flaunt your genitals with gay abandon,
    You make love with any passing 'visitor'.

    - Flowers in a forest.

  • jazzy_rampras 1d

    Condition of Opposition in India

    Modi: Sun rises in the east.

    ✓ Opposition: I oppose this bill as this bill is


  • jazzy_rampras 1d

    If you don't love me at my worst

    You don't deserve me at my best.

    ✓ If you don't love me on Adhar card,
    You don't deserve me on Instagram.

  • jazzy_rampras 1d

    Farmers' bill 2020

    Mamta: It's anti-farmer's bill.
    Congress: It's anti-farmer's bill.
    Arm-chair activist: It's anti-farmer's bill.
    Rubbish kumar: It's anti-farmer's bill.
    JNU student: It's anti-farmer's bill.

    ✓ Modi: It's not against farmers, rather
    against middlemen who milk farmers
    by giving them peanuts in exchange of
    gold, the Draconian APMC hegemony.

  • jazzy_rampras 1d

    Can Rafa win the FRENCH OPEN?

    Can marwadis be separated from kirana shops?