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  • jazzyrampras 5h

    Child brides in India

    Flowers that blossomed just yesterday
    were plucked and thrown into a
    grossly decorated cage and asked
    to roll on a mattress while their
    gardeners finally feel unburdened,
    washing their hands off the flowers.

    (Each year, 1.5 million children get sold off
    with Bihar, UP, Rajasthan lead the honours)

  • jazzyrampras 22h

    'Poor' husband goes unpunished

    The wife in a toxic abusive relationship says

    "My husband is innocent but it's
    his mom who makes my life hell.
    Poor thing, 'stuck' between me and
    his manipulative mother"

    ✓ A man is NOT a man who keeps
    mum when his wife gets ill-treated.

  • jazzyrampras 1d

    Hey! You got a 'loud' reply..

    You can't cut your wrist and
    ask blood to stay shut and quiet;

    You can't get high on weed and
    ask your mind to stay sober;

    You can't have unprotected sex and
    ask science to sleep with your prayers;

    You can't sow a seed in soil and
    ask life not to show up.

  • jazzyrampras 1d

    Premature departure

    Accident victim to God

    "What do you mean 'my time is up'?"
    Who will drop my kid to school tomo?
    Who will take my dad to a check up?
    Who will wake up next to my wife?

    I have to go back to my unfinished coffee
    I have to go back to my incomplete dreams
    I have to go back to my semi-closed fridge
    I have to go back to my half-baked dreams"

    (I have to go back to my home. Let me...)

  • jazzyrampras 1d

    Let's keep it private, shall we?

    My faith or my underwear is very intimate and personal;
    Let's not flaunt it when we walk out in public

    (I don't need your azaan or your pooja in my ears)

  • jazzyrampras 1d

    Dear God,

    Why is my movie's background music slow violin?

    ✓ It's your movie(life).
    I can't provide flute/sax/drums for sad stories.

  • jazzyrampras 1d

    Hima Das is my feminism

    swara aunty is your feminism.

    Sania Mirza is my feminism;
    neha dupia is your feminism

    Anne Frank is my feminism;
    greta thunbug is your feminism.

    ✓ Agents jack, KP, High heels and Weed
    may be your definition of feminism, not mine.

  • jazzyrampras 2d

    'That' headache, husband

    A headache that runs deep into my pelvic region;
    A headache that lasts through out the night;
    A headache that renders me cold to any touch;
    A headache that most men fail to understand.

    (A headache that doesn't give into your hormones)

  • jazzyrampras 2d

    Female orgasm and Indian men

    A monologue in bed with only one happy ending.

  • jazzyrampras 2d

    What are you proud of?

    Are you proud to be an Indian?

    Are you proud to be a Maharashtrian?

    Are you proud of your father?

    ✓ Are you proud of your academic achievements?
    Bloody yes. I worked my ass off.