Fading in the dark in my own imaginations ��

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  • jb_patty 12w

    Let's raise our voice

  • jb_patty 16w


    To have peace we need a calming gentle breeze ,
    The tingling smell from leaves makes our nose sneeze ,
    For sweetest honey to the nectar sucking bees ,
    When I see the trees tremble my heart freezes .

    Trees are banished for a lane ,
    Treed are used even for a paper plane ,
    Trees are smashed like a running train ,
    The pain in my heart won't refrain .

    Trees are used as raw materials ,
    Even for a cure of bacterials ,
    Trees are transformed to papers ,
    I would tear myself apart like scrapers .

    Tea cups are made of paper ,
    Shopping bags are made of paper ,
    Lampshades are made of paper ,
    Till the bathroom used tissue paper .

    Papers are useful ,
    Do you think humans to trees are truthful ?
    Trees are precious ,
    Do we think humans to trees are cautious ?

    Trees give us life ,
    We harm them life you're ex wife ,
    Trees are nature ,
    We all are in grave danger .

    Let's save trees ,
    Then the trees will solve lots of mysteries.

  • jb_patty 16w


    Books I read are torn and messy ,
    Pen I write with is broken and empty ,
    Thought's in my brain are plenty ,
    Words I ink on the paper are old but trendy ,
    Paper's scattered around is shabby and trembly ,
    The cover on my book is judgeable with envy ,
    My book in the market might make a splendorous entry ,
    My book might be old and shabby ,
    The words in my book is lively ,
    Lively yet old and shabby .

  • jb_patty 16w



    Music is chords of emotions ,
    Our hearts explodes like explosions ,
    When I'm sad I listen to music alone as ocean ,
    When I'm happy I listen to music in motion ,
    When we're happy we listen to music just as music ,
    When we're sad each line of music feels to be written for you ,
    Music is the only way to escape corrosion of thought's ,
    Music is man's best friend for reason ,
    They know none will help in their sad times ,
    But music is always available for you're rescue .

  • jb_patty 16w


    You had a toxic communication ,
    Wanted us to be a chemical heart formation ,
    All you do is give me caution ,
    Our hearts had a volcanic connection ,
    And you had a very nasty interpretation .
    I don't care if you used me for you're publication ,
    I don't cry if you hate me for you're gratification ,
    I don't loose if you betray me for you're examination ,
    But please never gift me irritation ,
    My extreme irritation can put you in you're grave and put me in prisonization !!!

  • jb_patty 17w

    GIGGLE - laugh gently

    When you're hurt ,
    When you're suffering in pain ,
    When you feel lonely ,
    When you have none to love ,
    When you feel worthless ,
    When you have ruthless thoughts ,
    When you want to end up you're life ,
    Just imagine you're parents , And laugh gently ,
    You'll understand that you're life is one precious gem !!!

  • jb_patty 17w

    AMIABLE ZEPHYR - gentle wind

    My hair flows in the night breeze ,
    My body starts to freeze ,
    Wishing for each sneeze ,
    I wish I had someone beside me ,
    Sharing feelings keeps me warm ,
    I had none than my own self ,
    Left for a ride to find an elf ,
    My thoughts went dark ,
    Now I'm with peace ,
    Because the gentle wind flowed through my heart !!!

  • jb_patty 17w

    HUES - colours of life

    Have a soft heart as violet ,
    Be a dematerialize as indigo ,
    Stay calm with peace as blue ,
    Rise with harmony as green ,
    Have a golden personality as yellow ,
    Spread fragrant vibes as orange ,
    Strike with brave as red ,
    Life is idiosyncratic ,
    Life is colourful when u become rainbow ,
    Mixture of jovial and agony is a flawless combination ,
    These are the colours of life .

  • jb_patty 17w


    It's night ,
    Out in the dark in fright ,
    Wandering in the ghost town ,
    Kid's in tears are frown ,
    Ghost's haunt humans ,
    I'm out here to haunt the ghost ,
    Evil can't slip from my hands ,
    I live in the darkness ,
    And ghost's are my worshippers ,
    Because I'm ghost hunter .

  • jb_patty 17w

    I am put into this world as light . Those who trust me , will never be vanished in the darkness !!!