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  • jdthsanti 35w

    Thoughts of the day #1

    When I was younger I thought the things we wanna attain are those who can buy in money or gold.
    But now I realized that the things I wanna have now is only on the simplest word whose money or gold can't buy --- Happiness.

  • jdthsanti 35w


    I am truly inlove with a man
    A man who can't stop talking,
    How badly inlove
    How the happy memories keeping him alive,
    On how he explain what his lover look like
    And what they were doing
    In the past.

    I am inlove with a man
    Who showing his love to me
    If he meants is for another woman
    A woman who I can't be

    How am I supposed to feel that love
    Even were together
    I know
    I truly feel
    That his 'I love you' means 'I love her'.